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Lessons from Kosovo for the Tamil Eelam lobbyists

Tamils account for 76million the world over. The British transported Tamils all round the world as indentured labor during colonial times. The Tamils functioned as loyal slaves of the British.  Disproportionate opportunities and privileges paved the way for Tamils to mentally believe they were superior and above all others and from this has sprouted the notion for the Tamils to have a separate state. While there are hardly 2million Tamils physically living in Sri Lanka, 72million Tamils actually live in an Indian State that is referred to as State of the Tamils (Tamil Nadu) where Tamils are over 99% of the population, where Tamil language is the state language, where Tamil culture dominates, where Hinduism prevails – virtually all ingredients need for self-determination in a state that was amalgamated by the British to be called India. It is these arguments that the Tamils of Tamil Nadu started using to demand separatism from India but with India passing the pillow to Sri Lanka by creating Tamil militancy/LTTE Sri Lanka has become saddled with India’s headache. Nonetheless, carving out separate states being the newest norm of the capitalist West outcome of which Kosovo came about in 2008 the latest attempt is Tamil Eelam but there are serious lessons for Tamils themselves to learn from. They first need to come down a peg or two from cheering an eelam to wondering if Eelam will become a nightmare as the Kosovars are now discovering with no return too!

Yugoslavia was broken into 7 states : Croatia, Montenegro, Serbia, Slovenia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Macedonia and Kosovo.
Kosovo independence came in 2008. Kosovo Prime Minister Hashim Thaci is part of a criminal syndicate. The PDK, led by Hashim Thaci was a former Kosovan Liberation Army commander. US, the EU and the UN supported him and continue to do so. The Heritage Foundation and similar other global thinktanks support the KLA-KDP, despite its criminal connections. According to Serbian Justice Minister Vladan Batic, “the prosecution at the Hague war crimes tribunal has over 40,000 pages of evidence against former Kosovo Liberation Army leader Hashim Thaci,  (quoted by Radio B92, Belgrade, 3 July 2003). 
In April 2000, US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright “ordered The Hague chief prosecutor Carla del Ponte to omit from the list of war crime suspects Hashim Thaci” (Tanjug, 6 May 2000). Carla del Ponte subsequently claimed that there was not enough evidence to indict Thaci on war crimes. .
Inline image 1
Madeline Albright and KLA leader Thaci

Just as in the case of Sri Lanka a well planned and funded set of lies enabled the disintegration of Yugoslavia and the creation of independent states that were perfect for the West to advance their agendas and get their hands on resources that would make a handful rich.

It is only after the damage is one and when there is no chances to reverse that the lies are coming out in a self-boasting by the villains!
A documentary by Jonathan Dimbleby in 2000 confirms MEDIA LIED on behalf of the US/NATO. Media lied that there were ‘ethnic cleansing’ of the Kosovar Albanians creating the public opinion that NATO had the right to bomb and militarily intervene (doesn’t it question the lies by MEDIA on behalf of West with regard to Sri Lanka!)

US/NATO used MEDIA to led the world to believe ethnic cleansing took place. So far only 2000 bodies have been recovered. Doesn’t that question the chorus of 40,000 to 125,000 claimed to be dead & missing in Sri Lanka without giving so much as a single name.

Rambouillet Accords were drafted with the hidden intention of creating separate states & questions the present plethora of bogus resolutions against Sri Lanka by the same players that created Kosovo. What kind of Accord inserts provision allowing NATO freedom of movement not only in Kosovo but throughout Serbia with complete immunity from all Yugoslav laws (watch out for such an inclusion in Sri Lanka’s case for the same US/NATO forces)

Ninety per cent of Kosovo's population is made up of ethnic Albanians. At the end of the conflict in 1999 many ethnic Serbs were pushed out of Kosovo, but not all of them left. About 100,000 remained behind (recall the thousands of Sinhalese & Muslims chased out of the North by the LTTE – why was the world silence on the ethnic cleansing by Tamils)
Current situation of independent Kosovo
  • Half of Kosovo's 1.8 million people are 25 or younger. More than 30,000 enter the job market yearly but only 8000 find work.
  • Only 75 out of 192 states have recognized Kosovo independence
  • Russia claims it will not allow the cancelation of UN Resolution 1244, which confirms Serbia's territorial integrity
  • International isolation : Afghani passport holders can cross 22 borders without restrictions, while Kosovars can only travel to five countries visa-free: Turkey, Albania, Montenegro, Macedonia, and Haiti.
  • Unemployment in Kosovo highest in Europe – 45%
  • half of Kosovo's citizens struggle to survive on social benefits of less than $2 per day.
  • Kosovo economy in shambles : Domestic commerce documents are not recognized overseas due to the lack of diplomatic relations.
  • Kosovo imports goods and services worth around $200 million from neighboring countries such as Serbia and Bosnia-Herzegovina, it is impossible for Kosovo to reciprocate exports because Kosovo is not recognized.
  • West is no longer nice guy : Goods from Kosovo brought into the market of the European Union will be subject to extra tariffs. Kosovo’s once friends are now only concerned about business & profit!
  • Kosovo has no international postal or telephone code. Mobile phone calls are channeled through Slovenia or Monaco at considerable expense.
  • Kosovo cannot receive its own web IP address, inhibiting online purchasing, Internet banking, and national cybersecurity.
  • Kosovo athletes cannot even join international sports associations.
  • Kosovo is being slowly privatized. Properties were being offered for sale as if they were the holdings of politicians, rather than the resources of all Kosovo residents. Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright is attempting to buy Kosovo Telecom.
  • Kosovo has become a prostitute/smuggling and human trafficking hub (both areas that LTTE and Sri Lanka’s North has been notorious for)
  • U.S. military base in Kosovo was constructed in 1999 without consulting with the government of Serbia and is the largest U.S. military base built outside of the U.S. If Kosovo has been given independence why is there need for 17,000 UN ‘peacekeepers’ to remain?
If Kosovo is the EU’s Iraq, Eelam will become West’s gateway to balkanize the 3 giants of Asia. To bring this initiative to its grand conclusion is the inclusion of the man responsible for Kosovo Independence who is now one of the 3 members of the UNHRC panel
Who wanted Kosovo liberation, who got it and who is benefitting from it and was it really worth it in the end are questions that the Tamils living in Sri Lanka need to ask themselves in particular those living in the North. A separate state in the North means that they will not be welcome in the rest of Sri Lanka. Just as Kosovars are now isolated internationally economically disabled, internationally cut off and even those that helped them get independence giving a cold shoulder the exact same is likely to happen to the Tamils. More dangerous is the realization of the vision of the current Sri Lankan Prime Minister for a road/rail link to India which will mean the end of Sri Lankan Tamils in phase 1 and thereafter a total invasion colonization of Sri Lanka by India and end of the Sinhalese race in Sri Lanka.
With the West’s use of Islamic terrorism, the seeds are already planted for scores of future conflicts all of which will fill the purses of westerners and the local bastards enjoying making profits from facilitating the killing of their own people.
Do we really need to walk into such dismal times when we should be learning from the mistakes and manipulations taking place under our very own eyes.
Kosovo’s liberators were identical as the LTTE. The political party that holds reign in independent Kosovo is no different to the LTTE representatives the TNA. While Kosovars are now in a state of shock, vulnerable, fearful and in poverty the Tamils are continuing to vote for the TNA despite so many warnings given to them. Should Tamils listen or take instructions from the Tamil Diaspora all of whom hold foreign passports and are not citizens of Sri Lanka?
Let the Tamils of Sri Lanka realize at least now the mistake they are making in stubbornly pursuing a separate state when they should realize that the state to be declared independent is to advance the West’s geopolitical designs and have nothing to do with wanting to help Tamils. Tamils should also realize that they have used the discrimination and genocide themes beyond any level of tolerance.
by Shenali Waduge

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Christianizing of Sri Lanka – UNP’s Betrayal of Buddhism

Andrew Sparkes the British envoy to Nepal sparked controversy in demanding the right to convert be included into Nepals new constitution. The Pope has vowed to convert 100million non-Christians to Christianity by 2025. Both West’s & the Vaticans objectives compliment a ‘Look East Policy’ mirroring colonial rule with gun in one hand and Bible in the other. Do non-Christians have a right to worry when Theravada Buddhist Asia is now targeted? Yes but slogans of reconciliation, multiculturalism, multi-faith using international agencies/envoys shoot down these concerns. However secularism is no license for conversion. The statistics are alarming. The Centre for the Study of Global Christianity declares Nepal to be the fastest Christianity growing country in the world, followed by China, UAE, Saudi Arabia & Qatar. How has the UNP contributed to realization of Christianizing/Evangelizing Sri Lanka?

The role of the Church in Sri Lanka

From the time the Portuguese landed in Sinhale in 1505 the Church’s mission was anti-Sinhala Buddhist and anti-national. The Church together with the Portuguese, Dutch and the British set out to oppress indigenous religions – Buddhism and Hinduism. Compulsory conversions was a form of terrorism used that led to converting or facing death and destructions to kovils and temples. Portuguese historian Queroyz lists down the temples that were destroyed and on top of which Churches are erected. Colonialism and conversions became trojan horses to plunder continents of Asia, Africa, Middle East and Latin America with the goal to indoctrinate followers to look down on local traditions, values, national heritage, indigenous religion and look at history from the prism of the benefits that the West delivered. Indigenous heroes and patriots were taught to be despised.

The Church succeeded in alienating a chunk of the native populace away from their heritage steering them to function as surrogates & fifth columnists and not showing the qualities of kshatriyas (patriotic warriors). They have been turned into sepoys or mercenaries of the Church/West. The question of where the allegiance of these converted Catholics lies whether to the State or to the wishes of the Vatican is often shrouded in controversy.

In China, local Catholics are debarred from dealing with the Vatican to ensure Chinese Catholics integrate with Chinese culture/nationalism. In Sri Lanka we can recall the Catholic Action that led to the failed military coup by Christian military officers in 1962. The allegations of the Church links to the LTTE on behalf of the West through Christian NGOs as well as LTTE front heads who are Fathers and have openly compared Prabakaran with Jesus without any objections from the Vatican.

The US Govt through the USAID allocates billions to over 50,000 faith-based organizations with the specific task to convert.
UK-linked Wahhabi Islam uses $100billon to export extremist Wahhabi Islam to purposely cause disharmony and give West a foothold.

UNP – anti-Sinhala/anti-Buddhist

The oldest national political party in Sri Lanka is the United National Party. Its leader D S Senanayake is fondly known as the Father of the Nation. Immediate post-independent leaders of Sri Lanka were virtually all Christian/Catholic. English education was only for the converted and missionary education was able to create natives loyal to Western dogma/ideology/values and even dress! Thus the absence of calls to reverse discrimination to the Sinhale nation/Sinhala Buddhists.

The UK’s unwritten constitution follows a political tradition that makes the Queen the Head of the Church of England who appoints 15 representatives of the Church of England to the House of Lords. If so, why are efforts being made to subtly remove the foremost place given to Buddhism and right to reclaim Sri Lanka as a Buddhist nation? When Tony Blair a Catholic became Prime Minister the first thing he did was to convert to Protestant which is moreorless what the Catholic UNP leaders did in converting or pretending to be Buddhists for political relevance. One month before he left office Blair reconverted to Catholicism again and questions the ceremonial Buddhist politicians of Sri Lanka! Bands of pirith nool tied around wrists do not make politicians Buddhists.          

Evidence of UNP’s pro-Christian links

  • UNP leader unchallenged since 1994 is a Christian and only a Buddhist for cosmetic purposes.
  • His preferred advisors and close friends are all evangelists and pro-Christians
  • Ranil Wickremasinghe is the Vice Chairmen of the IDU and Chairman of the Asia Pacific Democratic Union. The International Democrat Union(IDU) is an international grouping of conservative and Christian democratic political parties. Formed in 1983, the IDU provides a forum in which political parties holding similar beliefs can come together and exchange views on matters of policy and organizational interest, in order that they might act cooperatively, establish contacts, and present a unified voice toward the promotion of center-right policies across the globe
  • No sooner the UNP Leader became Prime Minister in 2001 the Buddha Statue that was placed in front of Sirikotha from the time of the late Senanayakes was relocated.
  • His first achievement after taking office was to sign a ceasefire agreement on 22 Feb 2002 drafted by Evangelical Norway endorsed by LTTE placing these terrorists on par with a legitimate elected Government and giving territory to these terrorists and claiming he had done a wonderful achievement!
  • When Ranil Wickramasinghe became Prime Minister in 2001 he appointed a Cabinet of Ministers of whom over 60% were Christians by faith in a country where over 70% were Buddhists and by the same equation how he came into power!
  • In 2001 for the 7.5% Christians and 8% Muslims, Ministry of Christian Affairs & Ministry for Muslim Affairs was created. The same has been done in his 2015 manifesto. No country in the world has such Ministries for such numbers!
  • In 2001 he appointed John Amaratunga as Minister in charge of Interior Affairs under whom Public Security and Police, as well as the Dept of Immigration & Emigration came so Visas were freely granted to inbound Evangelists to spread the faith. He was also made the Minister of Christian Affairs.
  • Under this Minister, the Police were instructed to ensure that the whole month of December was celebrated for Christmas with lighting. The same portfolio has been given in 2015.
  • Under Ranil’s rule in 2001 Buddhist ceremonies were given step-motherly treatment and in some cases directives were given not to issue permits for loudspeakers even for important Buddhist functions like Wesak and Poson
  • In 2001 illegal prayer centers around the country were given police protection in residential areas - Police were instructed to ignore complaints made by Buddhists when they complained about illegal religious activities
  • During this same period no attention was paid to excavation thefts of Buddhist artifacts and destruction of Buddhist archaeological sites as the Minister of Christian Affairs was also in charge of Public Security and no surprise fast forward to 2015 the UNP leader has appointed the same person as Minister for both portfolios once again!
  • The pattern continued with the appointments to the State Rupavahini & Radio station to ensure Buddhist opinion and voice was drowned in 2001 with the same occurring now in 2015 and with each year the incursions gained a success to the Christian bloc and a loss to the Buddhists! Enumerate that into future and lack of opposition to foretell what the ultimate outcome is targeted to be!
  • In 2002 the Prime Minister, the Media Minister and the Lakehouse had to extend an apology to the Maha Sangha for a mischievous attempt to challenge the authenticity of the relics enshrined in the sacred Temple of the Tooth with a group of non-Buddhist writers preparing an article issued under a Muslim writer who was fired from his post later. numerous attempts have been made using Christian/Muslim writers to denigrate Buddhists/Buddhism in both state & private print & electronic media. Virtually all editors are non-Buddhists and regular columnists are non-Buddhists as well. None of the published news is in proportion to the 70% Buddhist populace.
  • The present editor of the Sunday Observer was the same editor in 2002 that published the article under a Muslim journalist! Present editors ofSunday Observer and Daily News are Christians. We can previously recall another editor who forced Lakehouse staff to attend Bible classes!
  • Catholic Archbishop Rt.Rev. Oswild Gomis was appointed Chancellor of Colombo University; permission was granted for Christian Evangelical groups to conduct "Open Air Prayer Healing " sessions in close proximity to Buddhist temples so that Buddhist ceremonies would be drowned by the loudspeaker noises of the healing sessions
  • In 2005 possibly to prop up his vote, the UNP Leader launched a book on Buddhism which was challenged to a debate by JHU Ven. Omalpe Sobhitha Thero which the UNP leader did not accept and not surprisingly for someone who does not know what ‘pasdun korale’ is!
  • Then in 2005, the Archbishop of Colombo Rev. Oswald Gomis and the Golden Key crook Lalith Kotelawala inserted an advertisement titled ‘Christians Awake’ making a veiled request for Christians and Catholics not to vote for Mahinda Rajapakse at the Presidential Election. This same Mahinda Rajapakse inspite of requests not to, invited the Pope to bless Sri Lanka but was not President to accept the invitee because the Catholics/Christians did not vote for him! The Church has come out again subtly telling Christians/Catholics who to vote!
  • Numerous other Catholic priests openly side with the LTTE and have joined LTTE supporters to write to UN to press for war crimes charges against those who liberated the nation from terrorism.
  • Ranils selected Minister of Women & Children’s Affairs wasdistributing Bibles to a school in Maligakanda where the students were almost entirely Buddhist and Muslim The same minister is soliciting funds to convert as ‘Born Again’ many
  • UNP Leader visited Portugal and personally invited the Prime Minister to  to visit Sri Lanka in 2005 to celebrate the 500th Anniversary of Portuguese colonization of Sri Lanka (and entry of Christianity to this country); totally ignoring the murders  committed by the Portuguese in Sri Lanka and the destruction of temples & kovils on top of which churches are today erected.
  • In 2007 Jeyraj Fernandopulle said “Like me, Ranil Wickremesinghe and Ravi karunanayaka were born Christians. It is wrong for them to use the accusing finger at a priest of a different religion and call him names.” When Ranil attacked Venerable Ellawela Medhananda over a vehicle registration.
  • In 2010 the All Island Monks Organisation accused Ranil W of insulting Buddhism
  • In 2012 Ranil Wickremasinghe claimed that the Kapilavasthu relics were those of Sariputta and Moggallana (the 2 disciples of Buddha) though Buddhists believe the relics are those of Buddha!
  • Key UNP MPs openly denounce Buddhism going so far as to publicly declare that the Buddhist identity of Sri Lanka needs to be replaced.
  • UNP has paid only lip service to occasions where Buddhists have faced attack ex: Bangladesh, Thailand, Myanmar and even in India
  • UNP has never been the voice for the Buddhist heritage/history of Sri Lanka though majority of UNP supporters are Sinhala Buddhists
  • Sri Lanka media is in the hands of pro-Christian editors who all take pains to promote UNP policies and politicians and denigrate Buddhists/Buddhism (content analysis of editorials / selected writers and their writings / themes etc will reveal this clearly though examples have been given in the Press Commission Report of 1964 and warrants a fresh commission)
  • Majority of influential middle class Catholics extend support to UNP whatever policies it holds in view of their allegiance to the Church neglecting the risk
  • The Christian Law & Order Minister seeking Rs.300m from China in exchange for review of Port City to renovate the Thewatte Church that has been long accused of distorting history.

This cartoon sealed the fate of the UNP in 1956
It depicted Sir John Kotelawala riding an elephant (the symbol of the UNP) pointing a spear at the Buddha statue. Accompanying Sir John was people dressed in western garb drinking and dancing (Western Liberalism slowly attempting to remove the Buddhist cultural heritage of Sri Lanka) in the foreground was a calf killed and ready to be barbecued...(Buddhists have been appealing against animal slaughter in keeping with Buddhas preaching to treat Man and Animal equally) – the characters can easily be replaced by present day UNP leaders and the message hasn’t changed much! This cartoon shook the Sinhala Buddhists

The West are now using UNP to evangelize Sri Lanka in a larger Asian plan that is targeting the Theravada Buddhist nations that are covering China. This requires that Sri Lanka be alert as well as project the plans in place and expose the West-Church links and their puppets in Sri Lanka. What Buddhists and converted Christians must understand is that these imperialistic efforts have nothing to do with teachings of Christianity (in whatever form) but Christianity is being used as a tool to firstly enrich the Church and create loyal Asian/African foot soldiers loyal to Western Christian hegemony out of the Third World.

Not many countries can boast of a civilizational history as long as Sri Lanka. The glorious past seen in monumental ancient relics/artefacts/archaeological sites cannot be allowed to be destroyed or its history distorted because other faiths do not have such rich past to be proud of and a religion not based on myths but scientifically proven. For jealousy and spite our country cannot become victim for ethno-religious demographic change or become the ground to destroy fellow nations!

Devo vassatu kalena – May gods give rain in due season
Sasa sampatti hotuca  – May the crops be bountiful
Pito bhavatu lokoca – May the people be happy
Raja bhavatu dhammiko – May the king be righteous

Only those who value & wish to preserve the nations historical past will foresee the dangers and endeavour to protect it from destruction

Shenali D Waduge

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Sri Lanka’s future & voter fault lines

Sri Lanka’s geopolitical positioning has been both a blessing and a curse. Despite 17 invasions from South India, 3 Christian Western colonial occupations over 410 years at no time did Sri Lanka fall except to be handed over to the enemy by local traitors – Alas the same appears to be unfolding exactly 200 years later. It is the lessons from these past histories that beckon citizens to be cautious of history not been repeated given that within the political establishment there are parties & politicians ever ready to divide the nation if it enables them to remain in power. If the voters vote thinking within the parameters of their personal needs overlooking the bigger ramifications for the country the entire nation is likely to suffer and fall. While we need to accept that there is no 100% perfect leader, policies must always be nationalistic and ensuring the sovereignty and national security of the country comes first. We do not elect people to office to advance the agendas of other countries and these aspects must be working on the minds of all voters.

Let us look at how the voters think:

The Tamil voters (Hindu, Christian/Catholic, High caste/class, low caste & poor)
  • Victims of Tamil politicians (some by choice some without choice) tapping into getting Tamils to vote for ‘our own people’ thus leading Tamils to self-alienate themselves from thinking nationally.
  • Self-alienation by such actions negates claims to want to live in peaceful co-existence when Tamils align with separatist political parties and do not take a stand
  • Apart from a small fraction the majority of Tamil voters do not think nationally, statistically proven by the manner they continue to vote for separatist political parties and give preferential votes to politicians promoting separatism.
  • Giving credibility to racist/extremist Tamil politicians by continuing to vote for them
  • Fixated by a mythical notion of a Tamil homeland propagated for political agendas without realizing that Tamils came from Tamil Nadu as migrants and settled down in Sri Lanka over different periods in time. 
  • Majority of Tamils hold an emotional gratitude to LTTE for enabling them to settle in western climes using the ‘discrimination’ tag which continues to be used as a battering ram. Many will not understand that it is the desire to live in the West not so much any hatred for Sinhalese that makes Tamils seek asylum. Sinhalese discrimination is only used as a tool to get a foothold into the West and enable better living and education for their children – these realities are being manipulated by India, the West and Tamil politicians
  • It is suggested that Tamils come out of thinking themselves as the aggrieved party and become  a stakeholder to developing the country instead of eternally complaining about what they have not been given ignoring what they have got in just a handful of years when for 3 decades under LTTE they did not even get a paved road!
  • The nation cannot rise if a handful of people want to bring the country down because their aspirations are not realized. When constitutionally, legally, legislatively all people are treated equal before the law it is unfair to be promoting false notions.

     Christian/Catholic voters (Sinhalese & Tamil)

  • Divided between putting religion or nation first since the headquarters of both religions are found and connected to Western imperialism and it was by converting Sinhala Buddhists and Tamil Hindus after 1505 that the spread of Christianity took place via colonial policies and rule creating a group of people who were aligned to and loyal to Western dogmas and values. This notion continues to be nurtured through various modus operandi orchestrated by the West.
  • The conversion of natives to Christianity remains part of divide & rule policy and associated with increasing Christian foot soldiers in Asia facilitated by Christian NGOs & faith organizations operating as aid workers & humanitarian assistance providers.
  • The links of certain church leaders throughout LTTE rule and even post-LTTE elimination questions the nature of the Church’s involvement with LTTE and LTTE fronts overseas.
  • The Sunday congregation has been often used to influence Church goers and determine who their allegiance should be with in particular during election times. This is subtly done.
  • It is only a handful of Christian/Catholic Sinhalese & Tamils who realize the global picture, the ramifications and foreign agendas and place country first understanding the gameplan to divide the country and the people.

    Muslim voters
  • Unlike in the case of Sinhalese & Tamils who are subdivided as Sinhalese Buddhists/Christians and Tamil Hindus/Christians – Muslims follow Islam, a religion foreign to Sri Lanka and came with traders who were allowed to settle in Sri Lanka by the Sinhale kings.
  • The influence upon Muslims through the mosques is seen by the manner that Wahhabi Islam has penetrated into society raising alarm bells with a Muslim joining the Wahhabi ISIS movement and getting killed recently.
  • Though Muslims had been warned not to fall prey to the Wahhabi slogans of halal/Shariah banking/burka showcasing that these were not part of real Islam, Muslims took these warnings negatively and now in connecting the dots it is easy to understand that the Wilpattu, Kattankudy, attacks on Sufis all align to US-Saudi infiltration to slowly build another battlefront in Sri Lanka using Muslims in order for the West to secure the East of Sri Lanka. An endeavour the West can easily penetrate using the War on Terror against Jihadists! It is still not too late for the Muslims to disassociate themselves from these slogans pushed by Wahhabi mosques.
  • While numerous Muslim politicians prevail they generally align to political parties promoting only Muslim will and have nothing to offer nationally.
  • Muslims in voting for such ethno-religious parties statistically proven show that they too are not thinking nationally however much they claim to want to live in peaceful co-existence.
  • The party that majority of Muslims end up voting for at all elections end up crossing over for personal gains and destabalizing the country. The Muslims that vote for such political parties are knowingly contributing to the destabalizing of the country knowing the behaviour of these parties and in particular the politicians who have a record of crossing over for personal gains only.

    Sinhalese Buddhist voters
  • The majority votebase in Sri Lanka are the Sinhala Buddhists and it is these voters that all political parties try to win over (but only during election time – after that they are generally forgotten until the next election)
  • The stability of the country is held together by the Sinhala Buddhist voters who look for how the trend is flowing and then use their votes to ensure the country is not compromised. Since ancient times the quest has been to break or divide the Sinhala Buddhists then only the country’s protective layer is exposed for those that wish to control or manipulate it. Therefore the strength and foundation of the country rests with the Sinhala Buddhists and their will to keep the nation together.
  • However, Sinhalese voters are divided by religion, by political party, by class, by those that look at safeguarding the nation whatever party comes to power and those that prefer foreign rule.
  • While the 2 main national political parties are not much separated in general ideologies the UNP leadership falling into the hands of one person for a distinct time period has projected the notion that the party stands for the rights of the minority totally ignoring the wrongs taking place to the majority. Moreover, allegiance to always running to the West for guidance and support has diminished the sovereign aspect of governance by natives. The SLFP while attempting to strike a balance has erred in not taking decisions when people have crossed boundaries and not communicating plans properly to the public. SLFP has also erred in siding with minority leaders who have being pushing for anti-national themes which is what has greatly contributed to the majority Buddhist voters feeling disappointed with the SLFP/UPFA policies. This area needs attention. Minority politicians representing ethnic-based political parties should not be given strategic portfolios (defense, education, economic, heritage – as they are funded to carry out different agendas and the damage done will only be seen years later).
  • The Sinhala Buddhist voters remain disgruntled in view of incursions to their heritage sites, cultural genocide unaddressed, poverty among Sinhala Buddhists unaddressed and the lack of any Sinhala politician to publicly claim he/she stands for the rights and grievances of the Sinhala Buddhists when Tamil and Muslim politicians openly do so. A lacuna has been created because even internationally there is no one to list out the grievances of the Sinhalese Buddhists for the world to understand the other side of the story.
  • Then we have the kolambian voters though statistically an unimportant number. Yet in view of their influence over business and social circles the notion they project about Sri Lanka affects the overall country’s image. Historically, the Kolambians have been aligned to a pro-Western liberal value system ignoring the ramifications for the history and heritage of Sri Lanka especially given the West’s agenda of changing the demography of continents (culturally, religiously. Note the Church’s orders to priests to increase flocks and Christianize Asia. This endeavour requires conversion and converting people by numerous covert means to Christianity/Catholicism). When these facts are pointed out the immediate response is to find fault with the messenger overlooking the dangers in the message! The targets for conversions are generally those who are poor and those who are stressed/mentally disturbed. Buddhists and Hindus do not have the wherewithal financially to compete with the billions the Church and Islam uses to convert people except to highlight the subtle ways continents are being changed and politicians are made to keep silent!

There is much that Sri Lankan voters need to think of far more than casting a vote because the price of petrol or gas is reduced or salaries are increased. The people need to ask who can provide stability to the nation while not undermining and compromising the country to foreign elements waiting to use Sri Lanka for their own geopolitical interests. As a sovereign country we must act as one. We do not vote politicians to advance the agendas of other nations. We must think always on the lines of how safe and secure the country is and which party will ensure the country is not divided or separated.

by Shenali Waduge

2015 General Elections : Saving Sri Lanka’s Sovereignty

Sri Lanka is at a crucial juncture. The situation is far more dangerous than the 3 decades of terror that prevailed. It is such an intense situation that calls for all politicians to set aside their self-centred political ideologies and cunning to realize the thin line we are treading on and the abysmal outcome likely to result unless we all rise to the occasion as one nation protecting the nation from division or separation. This election is about voting to divide or secure the sovereignty of the country.

Let us take incidents and put them in perspective to understand the plot.

Firstly we need to realize that with the implementation of the 13th amendment via the India forced Indo-Lanka Accord in 1987 and the introduction of the provincial council system, Sri Lanka is in structure federal. However the Centre holds the powers to dismantle the provinces if they do not function to the countrys laws. The best example was the annulment of the merged North-East Provincial Council in 1990 when its Chief Minister Varatharaja Perumal declared Unilateral Declaration of Independence and thereafter ran off to India.

Additionally it must also be stated that 36 of the 37 subjects have been devolved to the provinces barring police and land powers which have not been devolved to ANY of the provinces. Why should only the North seek it. The NPC cannot behave as spoilt children throwing tantrums without proving they are capable of governing the 36 powers under their purview! Obviously they are least interested in serving the people of the North proven by the simple example of utilization of the budget. TNA Provincial Administration requested Rs.5,831million for 2014 but had only utilized 25.17% for the entire 9months whereas the GOSL had spent Rs.290,271 million from the National budget for the same period. Who provided a service to the North – the GOSL or the NPC?

Ever since the Northern Provincial Council was established in 2012 with a former Supreme Court judge leaving Colombo where he lived for over 70 years to live for the first time in the North there has been nothing but a harangue of complaints and whining with little done to serve the people of the North. The TNA MPs had been travelling overseas campaigning together with LTTE diaspora among foreign leaders and UN officials.

The packaged list of complaints have included demanding the closure of military camps and removal of military personnel, accusations of rape, claims of vices, colonization of Sinhalese. Taken together what the obvious intention is to remove military presence, nullify security blanket over the North and ensure that no Sinhalese was given entry to North. This high-handed initiative overlooked the fact that 10% of the population in the North in 1977 were Sinhalese and some Sinhalese had been living in the North well before 1940s while sufficient archaeological and historical artefacts serve to prove the Sinhalese occupied the entire island before Tamil migrants came from Tamil Nadu! Thus all mythical notions can be statistically & historically proven wrong though cultural genocide of Sinhala Buddhist artefacts need to now be showcased against both Tamil politicians and LTTE/supporters.

To give oxygen to these demands by the TNA and the North Chief Minister in comes the usual culprits the human rights activists all of whom secure their monthly salaries from Western governments  plotting the outcome for Sri Lanka in Washington & London. Thus, we have C4, Sooka, Amnesty, HRW and their local paid stooges all coming out with reports, panel discussions, statements which are then quoted as if from the Bible by the UN and foreign envoys and leaders which suffice to establish grounds for resolutions totally ignoring the legalities involved. The global systems function in such a way that there is not a soul to question how the very players that labored to prevent the elimination of the LTTE militarily were the one’s bringing the resolutions against Sri Lanka for war crimes/crimes against humanity partnered by internationally proscribed LTTE’s handlers abroad! No one came forward to question how investigation calls for the last phase ended up making allegations on everything that could be packaged to bring their enemies to trial and put them out of the way of disturbing their plans for Sri Lanka.

It was the same coalition that put together a common candidate and canvassed for the regime change in January 2015. The players were the same. The stakeholders the same.

Now imagine where these developments will gradually lead to:
  • Unelected Prime Minister assuring full autonomy to the North in an interview to Indian media immediately after the January 2015 Presidential elections
  • Applauds and bouquets pouring in from Western governments going so far as to even produce state reports praising improved human rights within months of the change in government.
  • Virtually buying over key local entities like media / SL Bar even academia and steering the thought process of the people via a well constructed media campaign feeding lies and distortions that people were ready to believe and accept.
  • Northern Chief Minister demanding direct foreign aid and direct diplomatic ties.
  • Northern Chief Minister leaving for US without permission for ‘tuition’
  • Major slip of the tongue revealing the real intentions came when UNDP head referred to the Northern Provincial council as a ‘Government’  a perfect example of ‘kata boru kiwuwath diva boru kiyanne netha”
  • UNDP and other INGOs offering only Northern Province direct aid and other assistance specifically in areas that are required in the event of running a separate state.
Reiteration of a separate state through the TNA election manifesto while simultaneously the Muslims are also claiming that unelected PM had given to them in an unwritten election pledge. (these all call to mind how the unelected PM signed the 2002 cease fire agreement giving territory to terrorists without so much as even informing his own cabinet and thereafter promoting himself for his wessanthara gesture).

What we need to take home from these developments is the realization that while LTTE was a creation of India & Britain that drafted the 13th amendment & the provincial council system keeping in mind Sri Lanka’s geopolitical positioning and the Trinco natural harbour. It was with the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi that LTTE became directly controlled by the West via the Church and explains why Church leaders were the mouthpieces for both Tamils and the LTTE over the years inspite of over 98% Tamils being Hindus. The 3 decades of terror that kept Sri Lanka destabalized and curtailed to firefighting and damage control enabled the West’s covert operators the NGOs/INGOs and the UN entities to penetrate to Sri Lankan society and key structures that could be influenced – falling immediate victims were the SL media, handful of journalists, SL Bar Association and other key state structures.

When the decision to militarily defeat the LTTE was taken the West did their best to prevent the LTTE loss and when the elimination looked inevitable the West had a backup plan already in place and thus by bringing down the curtain on LTTE terrorism the next modus operandi was to resurrect the political arm of the LTTE via the TNA. This explains the manner in which significant attention was shown by the West towards the TNA. The GOSL erred in not initiating action to investigate TNA’s links to LTTE prior to holding elections in the North.

With the West realizing that in the TNA they have an easy partner ready to allow them to use North/East so long as Tamils were granted access to live in the West, the next stage was to secure a puppet down south. RanilW fitted the bill to perfection. With the powerful position of the Presidency diluted for the next 5 years by installing a rainbow multicultural President not knowing where his allegiance is, the overall security and stability of the country is now in a volatile position. Neutralizing the enemy comes via the UN and through the illegal mechanisms now in force to subject the national leaders for bogus war crimes and remove them from the picture.

So what does the picture now look like? With elections just weeks away the TNA manifesto and open declaration that UNP Leader has promised them a separate state fits perfectly with the slip of the tongue by the UNDP head referring to the Northern Provincial Council as the Northern Government! This is the ultimate outcome pursued.

So what is the danger in TNA asking for autonomy? TNA is an unregistered coalition. It is the ITAK party that is the key party in this coalition. The ITAK – Illankai Tamil Arasu Katchchi has fooled the people by referring to itself as the Federal Party. Its Constitution has been challenged and ITAK is reluctant to reveal what ITAK’s constitution aims & objectives are. If ITAK claims ‘Shamasthi" stood for 'federalism' why did they substitute the word ‘shamasthi’ with ‘innaipachchi’ in August 2008 months before LTTE was eliminated? The allegation is that the new word stood for ITAK’s aim for a confederacy. A confederacy is a union of independent and sovereign States.  A confederacy is formed with an intention to create independent and sovereign States. The government of a confederation can withdraw from the Union and explains why TNA is making a strong bid for self-determination a quest that satisfies age-long mental preparation that will leave them in the same abysmal situation that the people of Kosovo finds themselves though only a handful of Tamils are now beginning to realize that the West is pursuing their ‘cause’ not for any love of them but because that ‘cause’ fits well into their overall plan. If we look deeper we can realize the ‘cause’ was actually created by the West and promoted using selfish Tamil politicians who viewed it as an opportunity to rule over their own people!

Be that as it may the West has been playing politics with the minds of people creating slogans to pitch the minorities against the majority in the time-tested successful divide & rule initiative.

It is in connecting the dots that we can put the puzzle together to understand why Mahinda Rajapakse is not the preferred choice but Ranil Wickremasinghe is while the dots should also reveal that these preferences are only until the job is done and thereafter it is cheerio darling… as Saddam, Osama, Gaddafi and even Mubarak found out too late.

What we as citizens need to now realize is that in allowing various foreign entities to interfere and dictate how a sovereign country should run itself we have invited the enemy and now that enemy is slowing closing in and disturbing the structure of the country. Though Sri Lankans are poor at comparing Sri Lanka’s case with the other countries that ‘democracy’ has been delivered to we are blindly walking into a trap that is destined to ruin the nation and our people.

Nationalist leaders will be imprisoned for concocted crimes while puppets who will be used to remove all legislative, constitutional and other legal barriers and thereafter once there of no use any more they too would be removed. Where does that leave the rest of the country’s citizens?

That answer merits some serious thinking in the next couple of days by Sri Lankan citizens to realize that this election should not be to vote because parties promise to reduce the price of essential goods, promises the sun and the moon or increasing salaries. This election is very much about voting to safeguard the sovereignty of the country or to blindly vote for parties that are willing to give the nation to foreign powers so long as they will be kept in power irrespective of what is good for the nation or people.