Tuesday, August 4, 2015

2015 General Elections : Saving Sri Lanka’s Sovereignty

Sri Lanka is at a crucial juncture. The situation is far more dangerous than the 3 decades of terror that prevailed. It is such an intense situation that calls for all politicians to set aside their self-centred political ideologies and cunning to realize the thin line we are treading on and the abysmal outcome likely to result unless we all rise to the occasion as one nation protecting the nation from division or separation. This election is about voting to divide or secure the sovereignty of the country.

Let us take incidents and put them in perspective to understand the plot.

Firstly we need to realize that with the implementation of the 13th amendment via the India forced Indo-Lanka Accord in 1987 and the introduction of the provincial council system, Sri Lanka is in structure federal. However the Centre holds the powers to dismantle the provinces if they do not function to the countrys laws. The best example was the annulment of the merged North-East Provincial Council in 1990 when its Chief Minister Varatharaja Perumal declared Unilateral Declaration of Independence and thereafter ran off to India.

Additionally it must also be stated that 36 of the 37 subjects have been devolved to the provinces barring police and land powers which have not been devolved to ANY of the provinces. Why should only the North seek it. The NPC cannot behave as spoilt children throwing tantrums without proving they are capable of governing the 36 powers under their purview! Obviously they are least interested in serving the people of the North proven by the simple example of utilization of the budget. TNA Provincial Administration requested Rs.5,831million for 2014 but had only utilized 25.17% for the entire 9months whereas the GOSL had spent Rs.290,271 million from the National budget for the same period. Who provided a service to the North – the GOSL or the NPC?

Ever since the Northern Provincial Council was established in 2012 with a former Supreme Court judge leaving Colombo where he lived for over 70 years to live for the first time in the North there has been nothing but a harangue of complaints and whining with little done to serve the people of the North. The TNA MPs had been travelling overseas campaigning together with LTTE diaspora among foreign leaders and UN officials.

The packaged list of complaints have included demanding the closure of military camps and removal of military personnel, accusations of rape, claims of vices, colonization of Sinhalese. Taken together what the obvious intention is to remove military presence, nullify security blanket over the North and ensure that no Sinhalese was given entry to North. This high-handed initiative overlooked the fact that 10% of the population in the North in 1977 were Sinhalese and some Sinhalese had been living in the North well before 1940s while sufficient archaeological and historical artefacts serve to prove the Sinhalese occupied the entire island before Tamil migrants came from Tamil Nadu! Thus all mythical notions can be statistically & historically proven wrong though cultural genocide of Sinhala Buddhist artefacts need to now be showcased against both Tamil politicians and LTTE/supporters.

To give oxygen to these demands by the TNA and the North Chief Minister in comes the usual culprits the human rights activists all of whom secure their monthly salaries from Western governments  plotting the outcome for Sri Lanka in Washington & London. Thus, we have C4, Sooka, Amnesty, HRW and their local paid stooges all coming out with reports, panel discussions, statements which are then quoted as if from the Bible by the UN and foreign envoys and leaders which suffice to establish grounds for resolutions totally ignoring the legalities involved. The global systems function in such a way that there is not a soul to question how the very players that labored to prevent the elimination of the LTTE militarily were the one’s bringing the resolutions against Sri Lanka for war crimes/crimes against humanity partnered by internationally proscribed LTTE’s handlers abroad! No one came forward to question how investigation calls for the last phase ended up making allegations on everything that could be packaged to bring their enemies to trial and put them out of the way of disturbing their plans for Sri Lanka.

It was the same coalition that put together a common candidate and canvassed for the regime change in January 2015. The players were the same. The stakeholders the same.

Now imagine where these developments will gradually lead to:
  • Unelected Prime Minister assuring full autonomy to the North in an interview to Indian media immediately after the January 2015 Presidential elections
  • Applauds and bouquets pouring in from Western governments going so far as to even produce state reports praising improved human rights within months of the change in government.
  • Virtually buying over key local entities like media / SL Bar even academia and steering the thought process of the people via a well constructed media campaign feeding lies and distortions that people were ready to believe and accept.
  • Northern Chief Minister demanding direct foreign aid and direct diplomatic ties.
  • Northern Chief Minister leaving for US without permission for ‘tuition’
  • Major slip of the tongue revealing the real intentions came when UNDP head referred to the Northern Provincial council as a ‘Government’  a perfect example of ‘kata boru kiwuwath diva boru kiyanne netha” http://www.lankaweb.com/news/items/2015/06/11/use-of-the-term-northern-provincial-government/
  • UNDP and other INGOs offering only Northern Province direct aid and other assistance specifically in areas that are required in the event of running a separate state.
Reiteration of a separate state through the TNA election manifesto while simultaneously the Muslims are also claiming that unelected PM had given to them in an unwritten election pledge. (these all call to mind how the unelected PM signed the 2002 cease fire agreement giving territory to terrorists without so much as even informing his own cabinet and thereafter promoting himself for his wessanthara gesture).

What we need to take home from these developments is the realization that while LTTE was a creation of India & Britain that drafted the 13th amendment & the provincial council system keeping in mind Sri Lanka’s geopolitical positioning and the Trinco natural harbour. It was with the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi that LTTE became directly controlled by the West via the Church and explains why Church leaders were the mouthpieces for both Tamils and the LTTE over the years inspite of over 98% Tamils being Hindus. The 3 decades of terror that kept Sri Lanka destabalized and curtailed to firefighting and damage control enabled the West’s covert operators the NGOs/INGOs and the UN entities to penetrate to Sri Lankan society and key structures that could be influenced – falling immediate victims were the SL media, handful of journalists, SL Bar Association and other key state structures.

When the decision to militarily defeat the LTTE was taken the West did their best to prevent the LTTE loss and when the elimination looked inevitable the West had a backup plan already in place and thus by bringing down the curtain on LTTE terrorism the next modus operandi was to resurrect the political arm of the LTTE via the TNA. This explains the manner in which significant attention was shown by the West towards the TNA. The GOSL erred in not initiating action to investigate TNA’s links to LTTE prior to holding elections in the North.

With the West realizing that in the TNA they have an easy partner ready to allow them to use North/East so long as Tamils were granted access to live in the West, the next stage was to secure a puppet down south. RanilW fitted the bill to perfection. With the powerful position of the Presidency diluted for the next 5 years by installing a rainbow multicultural President not knowing where his allegiance is, the overall security and stability of the country is now in a volatile position. Neutralizing the enemy comes via the UN and through the illegal mechanisms now in force to subject the national leaders for bogus war crimes and remove them from the picture.

So what does the picture now look like? With elections just weeks away the TNA manifesto and open declaration that UNP Leader has promised them a separate state fits perfectly with the slip of the tongue by the UNDP head referring to the Northern Provincial Council as the Northern Government! This is the ultimate outcome pursued.

So what is the danger in TNA asking for autonomy? TNA is an unregistered coalition. It is the ITAK party that is the key party in this coalition. The ITAK – Illankai Tamil Arasu Katchchi has fooled the people by referring to itself as the Federal Party. Its Constitution has been challenged and ITAK is reluctant to reveal what ITAK’s constitution aims & objectives are. If ITAK claims ‘Shamasthi" stood for 'federalism' why did they substitute the word ‘shamasthi’ with ‘innaipachchi’ in August 2008 months before LTTE was eliminated? The allegation is that the new word stood for ITAK’s aim for a confederacy. A confederacy is a union of independent and sovereign States.  A confederacy is formed with an intention to create independent and sovereign States. The government of a confederation can withdraw from the Union and explains why TNA is making a strong bid for self-determination a quest that satisfies age-long mental preparation that will leave them in the same abysmal situation that the people of Kosovo finds themselves though only a handful of Tamils are now beginning to realize that the West is pursuing their ‘cause’ not for any love of them but because that ‘cause’ fits well into their overall plan. If we look deeper we can realize the ‘cause’ was actually created by the West and promoted using selfish Tamil politicians who viewed it as an opportunity to rule over their own people!

Be that as it may the West has been playing politics with the minds of people creating slogans to pitch the minorities against the majority in the time-tested successful divide & rule initiative.

It is in connecting the dots that we can put the puzzle together to understand why Mahinda Rajapakse is not the preferred choice but Ranil Wickremasinghe is while the dots should also reveal that these preferences are only until the job is done and thereafter it is cheerio darling… as Saddam, Osama, Gaddafi and even Mubarak found out too late.

What we as citizens need to now realize is that in allowing various foreign entities to interfere and dictate how a sovereign country should run itself we have invited the enemy and now that enemy is slowing closing in and disturbing the structure of the country. Though Sri Lankans are poor at comparing Sri Lanka’s case with the other countries that ‘democracy’ has been delivered to we are blindly walking into a trap that is destined to ruin the nation and our people.

Nationalist leaders will be imprisoned for concocted crimes while puppets who will be used to remove all legislative, constitutional and other legal barriers and thereafter once there of no use any more they too would be removed. Where does that leave the rest of the country’s citizens?

That answer merits some serious thinking in the next couple of days by Sri Lankan citizens to realize that this election should not be to vote because parties promise to reduce the price of essential goods, promises the sun and the moon or increasing salaries. This election is very much about voting to safeguard the sovereignty of the country or to blindly vote for parties that are willing to give the nation to foreign powers so long as they will be kept in power irrespective of what is good for the nation or people.