Monday, February 15, 2010

Venerable Mahanayakas, Stop Meddling in Law & Order and Keep Out of Politics

Dilrook Kannangara

Citing the Dutugemunu-Saddhatissa feud in relation to the present crisis is hilarious. When the two brothers disagreed, they knew their boundaries. They never betrayed the nation or its national interests. However, Fonseka has betrayed national interests. The Fonseka affair is more akin to the Dhatusena-Senpathi Migara affair. Senpathi Migara was Great King Dhatusena's army commander. After successfully vanquishing enemies of the nation, the two fell out. Senpathi Migara engaged himself in anti-national and anti-government business and was duly punished. Therefore Fonseka must be punished for his crimes too.

In the past the Mahasangha took the lead in defending the nation from both foreign and local conspirators. Unfortunately some members of the Mahasangha today do the exact opposite just because party politics has taken the better of them.

There is an enacted law in Sri Lanka made by elected lawmakers. No one is above the law, certainly not the Mahanayakas. It is deplorable when they make public their opinions that are not inline with the law of the land. Upholding the law is the responsibility of everyone and the Mahanayakas must set a good example. Given their influence on the society and power, they must conduct themselves in a manner that justifies their responsible position.
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