Wednesday, January 20, 2010

TNA Ally

The UNP has forged an unholy alliance with the ultra-nationalist JVP , the Sri Lanka Muslim Congress  (SLMC), the  pro-LTTE Western People's Front , the single member  SLFP (M) and a minor plantation TU the National Workers' Alliance (NWA) and has fielded General Sarath Fonsekara, retired Army Commander, as their common candidate to contest the  January 26 Presidential Poll. Their alliance known as United National Alliance (UNA) has also entered into an agreement, in writing or otherwise,  with the TNA whose parliamentarians are well-known LTTE proxies

While the details of the agreement they have entered into with the TNA has not been disclosed, speculations have been  rife in the recent days that the agreement recognizes the Tamil motherland concept of the TNA and also their right to self-determination which were demands on which the now defunct LTTE waged its three decade long terrorist struggle. The TNA parliamentarians are persons who carried out propaganda and disinformation campaigns throughout  the world on behalf of the ruthless LTTE terrorists , saying that the Sri Lankan Government was in the process of annihilating the Tamils under a mass genocide program, torturing the Tamils, kidnapping them, keeping them in detention incommunicado and snatching away lands of their homeland for colonized settlements of the Sinhalese. They propagated that the LTTE was only waging a ' freedom struggle' . Every time the LTTE exploded bombs in the Southern areas killing hundreds of innocent civilians,  belonging  to all three communities, they kept mum without expressing any word of concern or protest. But when Government took steps to tighten  security in the capital city and elsewhere in the Southern areas they made a hue and cry saying  Tamils were being harassed, tortured and their HR were being violated.  Being parliamentarians of the Sri Lankan Government and enjoying all perks and benefits, including  housing and vehicles, they worked to turn the whole international community against their own motherland and their own brothers of the South, the residues of  the campaigns are still remaining. There is no history that they ever  expressed and appreciation to the good works done by the Government to protect the sovereignty, territorial integrity and pluralistic nature of the country. They have always sought to establish a rapport with the ultra-nationalist politicians across the Palk Strait in Tamil Nadu,  in total betrayal of their motherland. No doubt, they are capable of doing it in the future as well. Is Presidential candidate General Fonseka (retd.) going to be a party to that?  

President Mahinda Rajapaksa did not compromise on the demands of the LTTE because he, as great national leader who loved his motherland more then anything else,  knew that it would be their stepping stone towards carving out their much sought after 'Tamil Eelam'. He resolutely spearheaded the war to defeat and completely annihilate the LTTE. Consequently the country emerged as a multi-racial unitary state with restoration of peace, communal amity in all parts of the country and every  hope of future prosperity.

It was the UNP that introduced the Executive Presidential system and it was under the regime of  its then  leader President J.R.Jayardena that communal violence was let loose on an unprecedented massive scale on the  Tamil brothers of  this country  that portrayed the majority community as barbarians in the eyes of the international community. The growth of the LTTE as a strong  terrorist outfit with monetary and other support to it were sequence to that  'Black July'. Ranil Wickramasinghe is also partly responsible for the growth of the LTTE because he signed the February 22, 2002 Ceasefire Agreement (CFA) with them giving them all opportunities to re-group themselves, purchase arms, ammunition, military hardware and other military equipment. President R.Premadasa also supplied them with everything from funds to cement and weapons to fight against the Indian Peace Keeping Force that had come to enforce the Indo-Ceylon Peace Agreement of July '87. The rest of the history of the UNP is known to the people of this country.

The constituents of the UNA, with their  history of  unpatriotic, jeopardize this historic achievement and no doubt would reverse the country back to the former state of chaos and misery for their own narrow political ambitions. If we carefully analyze the past history of the constituents of the UNA and also that of the TNA, which has pledged support to them, their unpatriotic characteristic and their traitorous nature 0could be understood.

The SLMC led Rauff Hakeem is a political party founded by political icon of the Eastern Muslims M.H.M.Ashraff. The founder leader later founded the National Unity Alliance  (NUA) considering the fact that a communal-based political party would be detrimental to national unity and communal harmony. His intention was to completely disband the SLMC . After his untimely tragic death his widow Mrs. Ferial Ashraff ,  took over the leadership of the NUA. She is a cabinet minister in the UPFA Government and  is an ardent supporter of  President Mahinda Rajapaksa and his policies incorporated in 'Mahinda Chintana'. Whereas Rauff Hakeem, who is not a representative of the Eastern Muslims but hails from Kandy, unscrupulously became leader of the SLMC and was successful in getting the support of

others of his caliber in the Eastern province.  His political ideologies are , apparently, detrimental to national interests. During the period of the infamous Ceasefire Agreement (CFA) of  02.02.2002 that was entered into between LTTE leader Velupillai Prabhakaran and UNP leader Ranil Wickramasinghe, through the connivance of certain foreign powers with vested interests, Rauff Hakeem undertook  several visits to LTTE hide-outs in Kilinochchi for meetings with Prabhakaran and other LTTE hierarchy. Speculations were rife that he had then also entered into a secret agreement with Prabhakaran on extending support to self-autonomy to the Northeast people under the leadership of the LTTE, on the pre-condition of being offered a unit of devolution for the Muslims of the North and East, annexing all areas of their non-contiguous domicile. Even recently Hakeem was reported to have stated that the TNA should take advantage of the current opportunity to get the right of the Tamils of the North and East for self-determination, going beyond the unitary characteristic of the Government. Although the Eastern province was de-merged from the North under a SC order and a Provincial Council administration was established through democratic elections after driving away the LTTE from the province, Hakeem is continuing to reiterate on his stance of re-unification of the Northern and Eastern provinces. Many of the parliamentarians belonging to the SLMC quit the party, formed their own national political parties and joined the UPFA Government, including leaders and ministers Rishad Bathuideen, Ameer Ali, Hisbulla (Eastern PC)leaders of the All Ceylon Muslim Congress (ACMC) ,  A.L.M.Athaullah, leader of  the  National Congress  and  Puttalam  ex-SLMC chief organizer and present non-cabinet Minister K.A.Baiz. The SLMC that was an ally of the UPFA Government quit during a no-confidence motion late 2008 hoping to overthrow the Government in connivance with Late. Anura Bandaranaike and the UNP but  miserably failed in that conspiracy. It is a party with out any lofty ideologies and principles and would be willing to betray the country for its own ends.

The other constituent party , JVP led by Somawanse Amarasinghe is not a fully committed leftist party with socialist ideologies, unlike the CP or the LSSP which are allies of the UPFA Government. It has no clear policies or aspiring goals on crucial national issues , including on economic matters and resolution of the ethnic problem. The JVP leaders including Somawansa Amarasinghe fled the country and were in hiding after  sacrificing  the lives thousands and thousands of our youths in  their futile rebellion five decades ago and  returned with their blood-stained hands to do politics. Their hands are not clean and their minds are not clear on which path to tread.  The little political support that they had among the people has steadily deteriorated and, with no other alternative to ensure their political existence, they have joined hands with the pro-capitalist UNP. Their political allies call it their 'political transformation' instead of calling it their political opportunism. It has been evident from many events of the past that they are not patriots. Strangely enough they have also endorsed the TNA support to the UNA because their ultimate motive is to return to power by some hook or crook. The All Party Representative Committee  (APRC) of which Minister Tissa Vitharana is the chairman held over 110 meetings in an effort to work out a  political solution to the long festering ethnic problem. The APRC meetings were attended by  political parties represented in the parliament but the JVP did not attend the meeting while the UNP stopped attending after a few meetings.                

Western People's Front leader Mano Ganeshan is another well-known LTTE supporter who had paid numerous visits to former LTTE strong-holds and their de-factor capital in Kilinochchi while disguising himself as a human rights activities and a proponent  of Tamils' rights. He is a businessman by profession inheriting businesses owned by his father with ambitions of self-aggrandizement but with no political ideologies, principles or policies. He has brought many of his family members into politics in the Central Hill Country unscrupulously rousing the communal sentiments of the plantation community.

The other constituent is the minor TU-based political party led by Sathasivam who was, until the last PC elections in the Central Province, was advisor to the President on problems of the plantation community. With no support base in the Central hill country he has been jumping from one party to the other and now he calls himself the supporter of the UNP and Presidential candidate Gen. Fonseka (retd.)

And their Common candidate Gen. Sarath Fonseka is a US Green holder and actually he is a common candidate of  a certain western power and no doubt he will dance to the tunes of  powers that are all out to bring about instability in our motherland because we don't cow down to their dictates. It is no secret that  Gen. Fonseka is being funded by those countries for his election campaigns and other related activities.

These political parties and groups have  no common political ideologies or  policies.  They have united only as part of a conspiracy to overthrow the people's government by giving hundreds of   impracticable  election promises and putting a man in front who was Army Commander and who acted on the timely and strategic decisions of President Mahinda Rajapaksa and his advisors.  All these unpatriotic elements together will bring nothing but disaster to the country and will ruin the  freedom, communal harmony and hopes of a bring future that have been won after the defeat of terrorism.  Full Story