Thursday, January 21, 2010

A survey indicates 60 per cent votes for President

According to a survey conducted by the Kelaniya University, President Mahinda Rajapakse will emerge victorious in the presidential election with a percentage of more than 60 percent of votes. Senior lecturer at the Kelaniya University Dr. Rohana Lakshman Piyadasa said this survey has been conducted covering all the districts in the country.

It has been conducted according to employment and unemployed basis as well as on urban, suburban and rural levels.

It has been pointed out that more people in urban areas speak on the candidate of the new democratic front. Participating in the Subarathi discussion programme of the Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation, Dr. Piyadasa further said that the threatening of the Lankadeepa media person, who revealed facts on the agreement reached with the Tamil National Alliance, could be regarded as an attempt to prevent the disclosure of truth to the masses.

Lawyer Ali Sabir said it was the responsibility of the people to elect a leader who listen to their opinion. It has become clear that Sarath Fonseka is a person who does not heed the opinions of others, by the manner he abused a person recently.
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