Friday, January 8, 2010


Warna Hettiarachchi Canada

Dear Rtd Gen Sarath Fonseka,

You shared the victory and responsibility of winning the 30-year terrorist war in Sri Lanka along with three other service commanders, the victorious President who provided political stability and leadership determined to destroy LTTE terror in order to bring economic prosperity to people and a Strategic & brilliant Defence Minister. Among those deserve partial credibility for this victory are the SL Police, STF and its intelligence operatives for capturing LTTE suicide-bombers to save innocent civilians from being cold-bloodedly blasted into bits.

After all this, you have become a self-promoting traitor to assert that Minister of Defence had ordered shooting of surrendering LTTE leaders. YOU ARE A TRAITOR! YOU HAVE PROVEN THIS on the newspaper partial to your campaign, the Sunday Leader a few weeks ago, causing much controversy worldwide. If shooting LTTE leadership and finishing this war off once and for all and destroying the threats posed by world’s most ruthless terrorists was a bad idea, WHAT WERE YOUR ALTERNATE PLANS FOR THOSE COLD-BLOODED LTTE LEADERS AKA MURDERERS WHEN THEY SURRENDERED?????

In case you have forgotten since your retirement and also to remind the forgetful opposition coalition whom you represent at the presidential election, Let me remind you that LTTE was the mass-murderers that killed thousands of innocent civilians (Sinhalese, Tamil, Muslim, Burgher, Malay and all else) with C4+PETN plastic explosives strapped to the innocent girls, Young women and blasted with a switch in their hands with the INTENT of incurring the MAXIMUM number killed as planned. These LTTE are also the terrorists who killed most of the intelligent political leaders of yester years (Lalith Athulathmudali, Gamini Dissanayake, Ranjan Wijeratne and Lakshman Kadirgamar, et al) without whom our country is bankrupt of real statesmen, and also responsible for killing brilliant Army Commanders like Gen Denzil Kobbakaduwa, Maj Gen Wijaya Wimalasiri, et al, and more). These ruthless LTTE murderers haunted and hunted Sri Lanka’s civilian’s and robbed & destroyed its ethnic harmony, economic prosperity and its civility. The same ruthless LTTE barbarians NEVER EVER respected nor practiced human rights of any international conventions, nor any ethical standards of war – Never spared civilians, killed pregnant mothers and cut opened their wombs to jab foetuses with daggers and swords (Dollar and Kent Farm, Kebithigollawa and other massacres in Sinhalse frontier villages in the hypothetical Eelam areas). The same LTTE who abducted innocent Tamil underage children – dragging them from parents under gunpoint to be trained as suicide cadres and child soldiers, despite ALL calls from the “International Community”. (See the attachment with credible sources)

Come on out and let the people know what you and your senile UNP Leader Ranil Wickramasingle had planned for the surrendering LTTE leaders…. did you have a better plan? Perhaps to load them off to a ship sent by Eric Solheim + Robert Blake & Co and provide safe passage to Norway? And then allow for those terrorists to regroup within Tamil Diaspora in Norway, UK, France, Switzerland, Germany, Canada, USA, Australia with funds and support from those countries and then to attack Sri Lanka once again in the future, perhaps??

If you complain about our valiant troops having finishing off the war and destroying the enemy of ALL SRI LANKANS (Sinhalese, Tamils and Muslims and Malays and Burghers) as an international War crime, then you are not fit to contest on this Presidential election. What has the international community done for Sri Lanka in order to protect Sri Lanka’s territorial integrity and the democratic fabric of its society?

Here is the crux of the problem, if it matters to you (read you, UNF and the International Community):

Who says was the SOLE person responsible for winning the war against LTTE? Rtd Gen Sarath Fonseka (his claim on the Sunday Leader and in public, following his retirement)

Who shot the surrendering LTTE Leaders? – The SL Army did.

And Who was the leader (AKA the Commander) of the SL Army? – You, Rtd Gen Sarath Fonseka

If SL Army was responsible for a war crime (according to the International Liberal Politicians), who is ultimately responsible? - The SL Army Commander at the time of incident.

Who should be court marshalled and sent to war crimes tribunal? – Rtd Gen Sarath Fonseka

(when he crossed the political side, the fact that he was responsible for this act cannot be changed or assigned to someone else).

US President Back Obama has categorically stated during his Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech in Oslo Norway that sometimes, in order to bring lasting peace, WAR is necessary!

Last time when Sri Lanka did this, the US and whole of western-Europe vehemently denounced it and completely went out of their ways to corner Sri Lanka and black-mark it permanently.

When the US and allied troops INVADED other countries and killed hundreds of civilians and terrorists alike, the successive leader of the USA gets the Nobel Peace Prize.

Ironical, categorically hypocritical and contradictory these western policies and strategies are. Tiny island of Sri Lanka with its indomitable but determined people, forces and political leadership

Fights the world’s most ruthless terrorist organization with the most organized crime rings around the world (magnitudes of order larger and deadlier than Al-Qaida) and destroys them once and for all!!

All this with the determination, sacrifices and perseverance of Sri Lanka’s valiant soldiers, sailors, airmen, policemen, special-forces men, field commanders+brigadiers, commanders, minister of Defence and the president of this Island nation with clear political backing to destroy the LTTE menace that has deprived citizens of economic prosperity and caused them to live in fear. The rest of benefits

to the people are subsequent and consequent to the absence of a common enemy (read LTTE). All this was achieved without stealth aircraft, stealth marine craft or sophisticated guided missile technology available to western Nations! Moreover, the US, the UK, Canada and other NATO countries could not avoid any civilian casualties during their invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq, nor could they completely destroy the Al-Qaida nor could they capture the world’s most wanted terrorist, Osama Bin Laden with all that sophisticated military hardware, including satellite tracking and ground imagery.

To top it all, unlike Al-Qaida’s ground-based-only fighting arm, LTTE had 4-dimensional (ground, air, naval and under-water) modes of fighting mechanisms that Sri Lanka effectively destroyed without much help from Western “Friends” who only supported Sri Lanka’s enemy towards the final phases of the war.

It is a crying shame that Sri Lankans are now fighting amongst themselves to claim a sole ownership for victory of winning the war against terror, fought with multiple forces and field/operational/political commanders and leadership. We have braved the world’s most ruthless terrorists. Not a single terror attack occured in Sri Lanka, after LTTE was annihilated. That said, and considering Sri Lanka’s deep history, we shall never override the divide-and-rule mentality inculcated by the dirty British colonial rulers in Sri Lankans’ mindset. We shall always want to claim sole ownership to collective efforts/accomplishments.

Arjuna Ranatunga claimed sole victory of winning the World Cup Championship title, rather than sharing it with the rest of the team, both in media, in public and in person.

You, Rtd Maj Sarath Fonseka, seems to be doing the same.

JVP’s founder-leader Rohana Wijeweera (another traitor of people) and JVP’s most subversive membership were destroyed by UNP regime in the late 80’s (Remember Bheeshanaya during President R. Premadasa’s time?). Today JVP’s current leadership is supporting the very UNP that destroyed them and killed much of its comrades. Mano Ganesan and Ranil Wickramasinghe were outspoken critics of Gen Sarath Fonseka for “Shelling innocent civilians trapped in the No-Fire zones” during ht e final phase of war against LTTE terror. This same shameless Ranil today is desperate down on his knees to get you, Sarath Fonseka to be turned to a traitor and then to run for presidency on his behalf, as no one with an ounce of brains will ever cast a vote for his senility, insanity, record of losing elections and lack of knowledge on common man’s needs. This same Ranil Wickramasinghe tried to destroy our education system in the late-70’s and early 80’s with his White Paper (Dhawala Patrikawa) to make a population of idiots in Sri Lanka during his tenure as minister of Education at the time.

Sri Lankans MUST NOT forget which leaders facilitated you to travel to every part of Sri Lanka as well as work & live in any part of Sri Lanka without fear of getting blown up in to bits by an LTTE bomb or suicide bomber. It was accomplished by a large number of dedicated people of Sri Lanka’s three Military forces, its commanders, the Police and its IGP and the currently existing political leadership. These people sweated years, months, days and hours in the field, sweating, little to eat, no fresh-water to drink, braving thick jungles, without knowing if they will get killed in the moment, braving LTTE bullets, bombs, suicide attacks, mortars, explosives… many, many of our sons, fathers, husbands, brothers, friends dying and severely wounded. These brave sons of Mother Lanka travelled through thick jungle in pouring monsoon rains and dry spells with no drinking water for many miles. They were driven by the courage churned and supplied in plenty by the field-commanders, the commanders, the assertive minister of defence who would not take nothing but victory, and a political president who wanted to provide all the support to finish the war and protect the citizens, including you. When these brave sons were trapped and surrounded by LTTE brigades, our Air Force came to their rescue and took the targets to shoot and dropped bombs to facilitate our valiant ground troops to further forge ahead to take enemy frontlines. Our Naval command destroyed all of LTTE’s arms supplies and sunk over ten ships in deep seas with the military cargo bound for loading mid-sea into LTTE’s submarines. Our brave Navy also deployed FAC’s to destroy LTTE’s sea-tiger fast crafts and their arsenals and suicide sea-tiger brigands. Our Police intelligence nabbed most of the LTTE’s suicide bombers hiding in lodges around Colombo and suburbs awaiting orders to destroy civilian targets. They were all driven by one and only one goal: destroy the Terrorists and bring peace and prosperity to their families and fellow citizens. To make our country a safe place for everyone to live. For Sinhalese, Tamil, Muslim, Burghers, Malays and all others. For all our brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, sons, daughters and friends, colleagues and neighbours, all of them to live in harmony.

Also, the US and Canadian soldiers have raped, abused and killed innocent young Iraqi girl and her family and hundreds of such innocent civilians including school children during the Iraqi and Afghan wars. Yet you have not cited these to the international community as to why such incidents never received their or human rights activists’ attention? Perhaps if you did point it out, your Green Card status in the USA might have been compromised, right?

Sri Lankans must choose their vote very wisely during this decisive election. You, Rtd. Maj Sarath Fonseka, have gone on record saying you have neither experience nor knowledge of Sri Lanka’s economy, but pointed to novices like Mangala Samaraweera and Ranil Wickramasinghe with same iota of economic knowledge identified as your backups in governance, should you get elected.

Please do not play with the Sri Lankan people’s future anymore. They have suffered more than enough for over 30 years due to LTTE’s terror. Now that they are gone, you need to step back and

ask the puppeteers (aka Ranil et al, and International community) to leave Sri Lankans alone, to show your true concern for your country’s Citizens. If you lose this vote, you will have a Green card to

truly retire in the US and live well with the millions you and your son-in-law commissioned from every bullet that was fired into the LTTE enemy. The rest of Sri Lankan Citizens cannot afford such luxuries.

And remember, Sri Lanka belongs to all Sinhalese, Tamil, Muslim, Burgher, Malay and all else who are citizens there, unlike and contrary to what you have claimed that Sri Lanka is a land only for Sinhalese!!

So, if you make the wrongs right, apologize to the people who deserve, make a statement of your policies and plans for the nation and then drop the UNF desperate-goons altogether and contest on your own, the real people who think you are a true Hero and a candidate capable of running our blessed country WILL vote for you for your actions, promises and credibility.

Thank You.

Warna Hettiarachchi


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