Saturday, January 9, 2010

‘Scars of Unnatural Lust’: Fonseka shadows Yakandawala’s heroics

If it was not for the heroics of Corporal Chaminda Yakandawala of the Sri Lankan Army Military Police corps (MP), Mr. Fonseka would have had to bear more scars than he is left to cherish today.

Having to blame himself and non-other for an almost ‘suicidal’ attempt that started from a just bed-side lingering to a longtime mutual relationship with an LTTE ploy (Anoja Kugantthirasa), Mr. Fonseka seems to have forgotten to pay homage to the very brave individual who sacrificed himself obliging to the military’s highest standards for the formers sins.

Now he(Fonseka) through his media mafia in an embarrassing effort is making fullest to gain popular sympathy through image flashes of his scarred body and no mention of the true hero Yakandawala. Following suite like the bandit-queen Chandrika Kumaranathunge who merely escaped death and forgotten those dead in her personal security guard, Fonseka is due to pay even a courtesy visit to the soldier’s house.

Yakandawala in a daring dash at the LTTE woman suicide bomber ( Fonseka’s bed partner for two months) saved Fonseka and minimizing the loss of lives at the Army headquarters on 25th April, 2006. Ironically, it was the first time the LTTE had been successful in exploding a suicide cadre in a military HQ in Sri Lanka. Yakandawala on motor cycle raised his left foot and dealt a tremendous kick on the tiger woman thrusting her away from the vehicle while the bomb concealed under her dress exploded with a thunderous noise killing nine persons including Chaminda Yakandawala.

The life of Mr.Fonseka was saved by hair's breadth. If not for this timely kick by Corporal Yakandawala, the explosion would have blasted the Army Commander's vehicle into a mass of debris charring all those who were in it.

Later, investigations made by the military intelligence transpired that the responsible to bare fault on the security breach the Army Commander himself and thus the findings were sent into a dark cellar, if not which could have rattled the entire Army. In fear of a possible revelation into the true story, Fonseka through his sleuths spinned and twisted the report directing accusation towards Corporal Yakandawala. He was posthumously denied of any award or medal for his heroics while his wife was denied any compensation from the Army.

Yakandawala was portrayed as a traitor and news reports were dispersed by Fonseka’s media mafia on alleged sexual relationship between the suicide cadre and Yakandawala.

Meanwhile, Secretary Defence in reply to a redress made by Mrs. Yakandawala immediately restored Yakandawala with gallantry and followed suit to give total military courtesy and compensation for the widow, despite constant opposition from Fonseka.

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