Sunday, January 24, 2010

Rajapaksa's sure victory at coming election

Government of Sri Lanka warn the public about possible post election violence stage managed by the opposition to belittle the sure victory of president Mahinda Rajapaksa at the presidential election on 27 Jan.

According to the police sources, strict security measures have been implemented to prevent such situations. With the available information, likely violent situations are expected in Colombo suburbs, the sources added

According to government authorities, the opposition have specifically planned their attacks in Kelaniya and Gampaha areas in order to exploit the prevailing tense political atmosphere in the areas. The ease of putting blame on the government for violence is the reason for opposition to select these areas, said the sources.

Police Special Task Force (STF) personnel yesterday found two T-56 riffles , 54 hand grenades , a pistol, and large number of live ammunition from a Buddhist Temple , at Maligawatte, Colombo. The head monk, who is also a strong supporter of opposition candidate S. Fonseka was taken to custody. Propaganda materials in support of Fonseka, such as posters, handbills, caps and also few cyanide capsules used by LTTE cadres were among the other things found by the STF personnel during the raid.

Meanwhile, state owned media today exposed about a letter sent to the United National Party (UNP) members asking them to do whatever they want to ensure victory for the party. According to the sources, a letter signed by Mr. Themiya Hurulle distributed among district managers and electorate organizers has carried this message
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