Monday, January 18, 2010

Pawnseka should throw in the towel ‘now’ to save himself and the nation

Ajit Randeniya
The US and Norwegian sponsored anti-corruption brigade’s attempt to bribe National Freedom Front (NFF) MP Mohamed Muzzamil is polemicist’s dream. It provides more ‘I told you so’ opportunities than a drunken gambler’s wife would get in a casino!

However, avenues available for the honest expression of contempt and indignation over this dastardly act are narrower than one would expect. In March 2004, when Tony Blair went to Tripoli to apologise to Colonel Muammar Gadaffi for past bombings of Libya including the murder of his little daughter, Gadaffi resorted to the traditional Arabic way of expressing extreme contempt by pointing at bare feet and loudly breaking wind; he did so with gusto, according to John Simpson of the BBC who stood in the breeze!

But this method is simply out of the question for a lad bearing the seal of Sri Lankan middle class upbringing. Starting with a witticism of some obscure western pundit is also out of the question because goody two-shoes polemicists like Tisaranee Gunasekara have put this once useful writer’s tool in to disrepute through sheer, meaningless, overuse.

So we are left with no option but to bear the facts of the situation plainly and simply.

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