Saturday, January 2, 2010

Oklahoma MidFirst Bank is in trouble for sponsoring Fonseka’s daughter Apsara & son- in- law Danuna for Green Card

Oklahoma, 02 January, (

Danuna Tillakeratne has already fled USA to hide from USA authorities and Sri Lankan authorities

It has been brought to light that the MidFirst bank in Oklahoma is involved in sponsoring Gen (retired) Sarath Fonseka’s daughter Apsara Fonseka & son- in- law Danuna Tillakeratne for the Green Card.

The hard working staff at MidFirst bank is very much distressed at the moment, because of the fact that MidFirst Bank and the immigration lawyer (Douglas Stump) handling the green card process for the Fonseka’s have not conducted an investigation or taken any legal action of the illegal activities of Danuna Tilakeratne, in spite of being well informed of Danuna Tilakeratne’s direct involvement in such illegal activities. They also have failed to provide information to Law enforcement authorities.

Two H1 Visas extensions were granted to Danuna Tilakeratne by submitting false information to Home land Security as well as to the Immigration in USA through a company called Satpro Communication.

In 2005, Satpro H1B visa for one Network Consultant/Specialist, salary $17.05 hourly good from 10/2005 - 9/30/2008. Address 5850 NW 50th St, Oklahoma City.

In 2008, Satpro H1B visa for one IT/Network Administrator, salary $33,696 good from 9/29/2008 - 9/28/2011. Address 5850 NW 50th St, Oklahoma City.

Danuna Tilakeratne has given information stating that he is still employed at Satpro communication in Oklahoma City to his lawyer and the home land security.

When we requested Satpro Communications and Danuna Tilakeratne to show us the banks details with salary information from satpro communication both parties failed to provide the requested documents.

Danuna Tilakeratnes passport records from Sri Lankan immigration shows that he has spent over 10 months in Sri Lanka, while holding the H1 visa through Satpro communication. He had filed the H1 visa through (But provided false information to the lawyer) –
William Velie,
Attorney at Law,
210 East Main Street, Norman
(405) 364-2525

Apsara Fonseka (Wife of Danuna Tilakeratne and an employee of MidFirst bank) well aware of the fact that Danuna Tilakeratne was involved in illegal activities, as well as violated USA immigration law included Danuna Tilakeratne’s name in the Green card application sponsored by MidFirst bank as her spouse.

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