Thursday, January 14, 2010

Nation's Stability again in Peril!

Sri Lanka has spent almost 30 out of 60 years of her independence in a turmoil that brought horrendous sufferings to her people. The country has failed to achieve the development that has been achieved by some of her fellow nations in the region. Interestingly, Sri Lanka never had dictators, communist regimes, or rulers belonging to religious or racial extremist groups in her history. Yet, we have failed to achieve stability to bolster sustainable development. The reasons for our inability to do so, if looked at closely were partly internal and partly external.

Our political leaders and of course the people who elected them had made serious mistakes that were ultimately detrimental to the country. Also, there is ample evidence how external interlopers have capitalized on our mistakes to keep us under their jackboots. The recently ended terrorist war is the best example.

The focus of this article is not to dig the past and conduct a post-mortem. It is to understand what is happening around us now, comparing to what had happened in the past. Now, the war has been won against terrorism, and we are located in a region where the economy is rapidly growing. The opportunity is certainly there for us to achieve prosperity in the near future. What can deny us of that achievement is the instability of our nation.

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