Sunday, January 17, 2010

National Intelligence Chief condemns false claims regarding LTTE assets

National Intelligence Chief, Major General Kapila Hendawitharne at a media briefing presided by the Military Spokesman, Brigadier Udhaya Nanayakkara held at the Media Center for National Security (MCNS) this morning (Jan. 17) condemned the false campaign in the print and electronic media which are encouraged by some with personal interests alleging the Government misuse of LTTE assets was baseless and untrue.

He added that such allegations were not only demoralizing to those involved in intelligence but also affected the ongoing investigations which ultimately benefit the country. Earlier, similar acts of betrayal resulted in harming not only the lives of the Officers involved in Intelligence work but also the entire nation.

Major General Hendawitharne told the media that there is also a valuable foreign intelligence input regarding the assets of the LTTE which finally resulted in success. However, such baseless allegations are only damaging and unhelpful. He added that the ability to finally seize the LTTE vessel was the result of a long term intelligence effort conducted by committed Intelligence Officers and such false allegations will be only a hindrance to successful investigations in the future. – (Courtesy: MCNS)

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