Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A Mission Cyclops: Sarath F. the man who consumed by anger, resulting in Amnesia (Dimentia)

“Anger is a sort of madness and the noblest causes have been damaged by advocates effected with temporary lunacy...” - Mahatma Gandhi.

However, Gen. Fonseka seems to be consumed by anger, resulting in amnesia (dementia?), he comes out like a man driven by wrath and nothing else. The reasons (excuses) given in his letter of resignation from the post of Chief of Defense Staff (CDS), are actually not reasons for a person of his stature, to resign. It would have been better for him to resign without giving any reasons, especially those reasons, because then we would not have known his egoistic inclinations, which was the only note worthy information that came out from his letter of resignation.

He has based his political campaign on anger arising from these same so called injustices done to him. His main lamentation is the lack of “power” in the newly created position of the CDS

Sarath Fonseka himself is playing the Cyclops role pretty well even before it’s officially born by letting his anger and hatred get the better of him in the political stage and in the press interviews he is giving. He is betraying and slighting the very people he gloated about right after the war. A good example is the much publicized interview given to the Sunday Leader of 13th December 2009, in which he categorically alleges that Defense Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksha of giving orders to Maj. Gen. Shavindra Silva to shoot anybody who tries to cross over to the government side, even with ‘white flags’, during the last few days of the war. This statement was definitely given to the papers in a bid to win over the minority votes and with revenge in mind, however, it infuriated the Southern voter and most except a few in the South cried foul. SF didn’t think for a moment the damage he is doing to the country by making such grave statements. This statement is not only treacherous, but also the international implications could be overwhelming. He has put everything in second place, including the good name of our motherland, in a bid to gain power.

A constant in the SF campaign statements has been their inconsistency, Fonseka says and his minders try to unsay them, but by that time a sizeable damage has been done. The government has been quick to pick on his contradictory statements.

I am amazed at the hatred he carries around, and how quickly this hatred has turned a respected war hero into a mud slinging politician with no ethics. His whole campaign up to now has been devoid of substance or policy or a vision for the country. It has been based on elementary political promises like increasing the government servants’ salary by Rs.10,000.00 or giving an unemployment allowance of Rs.2000.00 to the unemployed graduates and so forth. Where is a strategy and a vision for the development, reconstruction and reconciliation of post-war Sri Lanka?

There is very little the voter can gather from his speeches, of his future design for Sri Lanka, hence, it can be said of his speeches that they are a collection of hurriedly gathered-up ad-hoc facts delivered amidst barrages of mud.

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