Thursday, January 21, 2010

Look Homeward Mr Not So Clean now, and melt with ruth

by Ranjith Soysa

Mr Clean, as the Presidential candidate Retd Gen Fonseka expects him to be known because of his crusade against corruption and nepotism in Sri Lanka has become the centre of many alleged unsavoury episodes.

The information now in the media including the internet makes one wonder his proclamations and rhetoric are similar to the older crabs attempting to teach the younger ones to travel straight while the older ones continue their winding ways.

Since the clean up of the veritable Aegean stables is Mr Clean’s major platform as many of his vocal Colombians followers also agree, it is of utmost importance for Mr Clean to prove that he is indeed is clean as a white lily.

Here are some key questions which should be answered urgently by Mr Clean.
1. Did Mr Clean had to face an inquiry into a act of grave misconduct when he was a Major in the Army? What was the outcome of the inquiry?

2. Were there any victims who had to suffer immensely because of Mr Clean’s above stated misconduct? Were the victims compensated?

3. Was Mr Clean involved in any financial embezzlement or misuse of funds when he was a member of Sri Lanka Army? If so, indicate the details.

4. Is there any truth to the stories that Mr Clean misused his office and harassed a number of female members of the army?

5. Did Mr Clean confer upon himself any Army honours which he is not entitled according to the Army procedures?

6. Were there any irregular, unlawful payments made by the Army to Mr Clean’s family members?

7. Did Mr Clean or his family members derive any irregular, illegal benefits from the Army through contacts etc?

8. Did Mr Clean know about the business run by his son-in –law, Mr Tillekeratne and did he allow his son –in-law to derive any undue benefits? Did Mr Clean declare that there was no conflict of interest vis a vis his son-in-law’s supply of arms and Mr Clean’s position in the Army?

If Mr Clean is really interested to strengthen his ONLY VIABLE and POSITIVR claim in the coming Presidential contest he should come out with a statement with acceptable clarifications soon as, the Sri Lankan people have now come to know that there are dark spots in the lily which is marketed by him and his supporters of Ranil- Mangala-Mano Ganeshan- Hakkem-Somawansa-Sambandan clans.

Over to you, Retd General.

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