Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Jeyaraj’s elephantine fabrications reveal a plot-Dr Nalin De Silva

Dr Nalin de Silva’s questions to DBSJ

In keeping with the well known Sinhala adage “the more interesting dances will come on stage towards the wee hours” D.B. S.J ( David Buell Sabapathy ) Jeyaraj, a Tamil racist journalist has written what can be called a preliminary report about the ‘white flag incident in his website. This report is now on the email circuit too. Based on this report, one can expect DBSJ to come out with more ‘details’ in the coming days. Before, we analyse his report, it is necessary to have an introduction to this journalist. He is a Tamil Christian and he used to write to the Island sometime ago. It is not a secret that he was a supporter of the LTTE. Subsequently, he went to Canada. It was said that he was preparing for his post-graduate studies. We also heard that DBSJ had been threatened by the Tamil Tigers. The cause of the conflict between DBSJ and the Tamil Tigers is not clear but, DBSJ represents Tamil racism.

He is one of the leaders of the English speaking Tamil racists who are spread over many Western countries. We have analysed and discussed on many occasions how Tamil racism was bred by the Dutch and the English. They used English speaking Tamils against the ‘Sinhalatava’, the Sinhala identity. After the death of Prabahkaran The Western Nations interested in Sri Lankan issue were left only with the English Speaking Tamils for their agenda for Lanka. The consistent, yet, futile attempts by the Western nations to direct war crimes charges to Sri Lanka government are to create instability in Sri Lanka and help the dispersed Tamil racists (so called diaspora) to form a Eelam away from the shores of Sri Lanka. These Westerners will use Presidential elections for this purpose through the JVP and Sarath Fonseka.

According to DBSJ, Nadesan and Pullidevan had discussions with the high officials in the Government and infamous Nambiyyar to surrender to the defence forces. According to him Ok was received to surrender and the terrorists have selected to go to the 58th Brigade for this purpose. On 18th May, Nadesan, his wife ( Even though she was born to Sinhalese parents as per her choice she was of Tamil culture) Pulidevan and 15 others forming a team and another team with Ramesh have arrived to surrender. According to DBSJ, the Defence Secretary had advised the Army Commander to be ready to receive them at 3.30 am.

According to DBSJ on 18th morning Nadesan and Pullidevan had come with the white flags. But, the party had not gone towards the 58th brigade but, to the Special Forces. When the Tamil Tiger party had said that they have come to surrender the Special Forces members have asked them to kneel down and have started to question Nadesan and Pullidevan separately. When Nadesan‘s wife saw that the uneasy and excited forces were going to gun them down, she started to cry loudly. Then, the soldiers have blackguarded them in filth and simultaneously Nadesan, Pulidevan and others were fired at. The officers had intervened and stopped the gunfire and taken a few into the custody. According to DBSJ, Ramesh and others have run towards the LTTE sector. Ramesh and Elango had given leadership to the others and
died a heroes’ death while fighting, according to DBSJ.

DBSJ’s elephantine fabrications will be acceptable to the slavish counterfeit Sinhala intelligentsia For them DBSJ is an unbiased journalist and his report is truthful. But, for us there are many contradictions in his report. Before we proceed to pinpoint the inaccuracies in DBSJ report let us focus on the statement that Ramesh and Elango died a heroes’ death. DBSJ’s words prove that he is still a Tamil racist. and still venerates Tamil Tigers. He is resolved to some way
or other, someday to take officers of the Sri Lanka army to the international war crimes courts. What is more dangerous is that this type of fabricators (classical fibs) have a chance of getting places in the President’s government after he will be relected.

First, it is not clear at all why Nadesan and Pulidevan failed to make use of similar opportunities given to Daya Master and Prabahkaran’s parents to surrender by the President. According to DBSJ the government was ready to accept the surrenderees , but not the SF. Did Nadesan and others came on 18th with white flags to surrender? Were the white flags visible in the early morning? DBSJ accepts that around 18th the LTTE cadres have come under the guise of civilians and fought with Army. This party, according to DBSJ was given the approval to surrender to 58th Brigade but why did they go to SF? Were SF advised by the authorities to accept the surrender? How did DBSJ know that Nadesan’s wife had been blackguarded by the forces in filth? The people who were in the part are either dead or in the custody of the Army. Ramesh and his people could not have heard this. It is only DBSJ who is uttering filth and no one else. The most important thing is to ascertain how Ramesh, Elango who are said to have come without arms managed to run back and fight with the army. Was the army unable to gun down Ramesh and his people before they went towards the LTTE sector? Even according to DBSJ’s elephantine fabrications can one surmise that what happened was completely different?

Nadesan and Pulidevan were not members of the LTTE armed wing. Pulidevan was so called peace boss and Nadesan was calling himself the Police boss. Even though DBSJ says that Nadesan’s wife went as a translator there were officers in the army who knew Tamil and also there had been no need of the assistance of a terrorist for this purpose by the Army.

Ramesh was the leader of the LTTE’s Eastern armed wing. DBSJ cannot hide the fact that Ramesh came armed to the site. DBSJ‘s fibs reveal clearly that his plot misfired and he had to fight at the site and die. Ramesh ,Elnago and a team of about 50 had gone with Nadesan and Pulidevan for some other purpose. LTTE have acted many ways to take the whole world for a ride with the help of Westerners.
Was this another act manipulated with the West’s advise which misfired? Going on DBSJ’s fibs we can also come to the conclusion that this was an enactment to frame war crimes against Sri Lanka.

Did Ramesh and his team come to fight the army? Their mission may be to frame charges against Sri Lanla and not to engage in a fight and win. Did these armed cadres who followed Nadesan and Pullideven go towards the SF - not the 58 Brigade -to fight or surrender? Did Ramesh volunteer to die in this process by taking part in the dramatic episode written and managed by the West? Did Pulidevan
and Nadesan know about this ? May be Nadesan and Pulidevan were not armed but, we cannot be definite about it. DBSJ report is clear that Ramesh and his group was armed. Was the SF able to gauge the situation and avert possible damage to themselves? Or, did Ramesh and the group fire at the SF from a distance? But, everything had been planned if the party could not surrender to confirm to the world that the army had fired at a party coming to surrender with white flags. Did the Westerners plan this surrender if it was successful to make use of Nadesan and Pulidevan to save Prabhakaran so that they could help to announce the formation of the Eelam overseas? If the surrender was unsuccessful, was the plan envisaged Ramesh to fire at the surrenderees and level crimes charges at SL Government? More details will be exposed in time to come. DBSJ‘s future writing in this book of elephantine fabrications will be very useful to us.

(translated by Ranjith Soysa)

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