Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Island - Editorial Jan 05, 2010

While addressing the media last November to announce his decision to run for the presidency, unable to field a query from a journalist, a not-so-confident Fonseka admitted that he lacked sufficient political experience to give an exact answer; he claimed that he was not the only brain in the Opposition alliance and he could always count on other brains in tackling vital issues. Those brains around him have proved that they cannot even handle his propaganda without bungling. With such friends, he needs no enemies!

Fonseka may have been attractive to the public as a battle-hardened, plain-spoken and unwavering military officer capable of standing his ground and grasping the nettle but he has failed the first test of intestinal fortitude and sangfroid in politics. He has proved he is naïve, malleable, weak-kneed and lily-livered.

Meanwhile, the SL indictment is sure to aggravate the JVP's woes in that its trade union chief K. D. Lal Kantha has struck a discordant note over the war crimes issue; he has said, in public, that Fonseka is being branded as a traitor for allegedly having made war crimes charges against the army and if Fonseka has actually said what is being attributed to him, that description fits him! It will be interesting to know Lal Kantha's position on the SL expose.

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