Saturday, January 9, 2010

Investigate Possible Corruption and Collusion - Part 4 - Danuna’s Tidal Trading Company

It is upto a competent court to make a conviction based on corruption allegations. The task of journalists is to highlight possible corruption so that investigations can proceed until the process of the law takes over from there. Danuna Tillakaratne started a business in USA in 2001. This is his first company. Its name is Tidal Trading. It stated with exporting used computers, monitors, laptops to Sri Lanka. Its address is the same as Danuna’s other businesses including the notorious HiCorp. It’s 17545 Gold Dr, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States. Interestingly he has stated the name of the legal representative as “Dan” and contact person as “Dan Til”. It is not rocket science to see that it is none other than Danuna Tillakaratne!

In describing their business, they had this to say, “We Export used computers, monitors, laptops to Sri Lanka. We will be interested in purchasing used computers from USA, in quantities of 40Ft containers. Used computers should be tested and working. We have a company branch located in USA. Please send us your company details, information and price quotation for bulk orders”.

However, in 2005 Tidal Trading changes its business from a low profit used computer business to a weapons trading company. This is what they had to say then. “We are from a company that supplies military equipment to the Military (Army, Navy, Air force) in Sri Lanka. IWe are in the process of fining new military suppliers from Russia/china/USA/Ukraine/etc.”

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