Saturday, January 16, 2010

Indian opinion poll predicts Sri Lanka President an easy win

Jan 15, Colombo: Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa is predicted to score an easy win at the upcoming presidential election on January 26th over his main contender common opposition candidate general Sarath Fonseka, Indo Asian News Service (IANS) said.

According to the poll the incumbent President is enjoying a 12 percent lead over Fonseka all over the island except in the Tamil-dominated North and the multi-racial East.

The opinion poll, conducted by India's Viplav Communications Pvt. Ltd., a pioneer in the voter relationships management which has provided its services to Indian political parties, has shown that the President is holding a dominant lead among the majority Sinhalese and a narrow lead among the Muslim voters.

The President also enjoys the majority support among the Tamils of Indian origin living in the tea plantation areas, the poll results have shown. However, the President closely follows the opposition candidate among the Tamil population, the IANS reported.

The Jan 6-13 survey with 10,225 participants has graded the President very high on the skills and experience needed to run the next government. The poll report said the opposition candidate's inexperience as a political administrator combined with the President's popularity is the main factor.

According to the poll results the President is expected to do very well North Central, Southern and Sabargamuwa provinces while Fonseka has a good support base from the Tamils in Eastern and Northern Provinces and also from the Tamils in Colombo.

Rajapaksa has a slight edge over Fonseka among Muslim voters, the IANS reported. The survey also concluded that the President has the support of the Sinhalese Christians while Tamil Christians favor Fonseka.

The survey also found that a majority of respondents fear that the Tamil ethnic problem had not been solved fully. The credit for winning the war against the LTTE is largely credited to the President, the survey reported.

According to the survey findings, although the people appreciated the General's contribution the credit was given to the President due to his leadership qualities during the war.

Most people see the president as a strong leader who did not bow to international pressure to stop the punishing military campaign against the LTTE, the report said.

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