Monday, January 4, 2010

In transition: Steamy General Side up in public view -Who is this Wild Vulgar Army Officer?

Colombo, 03 January, (
There is an element of hesitation in writing the following few points that concern a top general of the Sri Lanka army since retired. Who he is and what he did to earn notoriety is something we leave to the readers to discern and appreciate.

There is no originality in this column. It was simply borrowed from a pamphlet that is making rounds for a while. Our contribution is limited to translating what was originally in Sinhala and bring it to the notice of a wider audience inside and outside the shores of our country.

The issues that are kicked up in the pamphlet and the questions that are brought upfront do sound vulgar here and there. What can we do? We are helpless. That is what is written in the original Sinhala and that is what is being circulated.

1. Who became the last of 16 participants of the 3rd Cadet Batch Course in 1970?

2. Who raped the domestic servant named Dhanawathie, then employed by Major General G P Kulatunge of the Sinha Regiment inside a room at the training camp in Diyathalawa and then got punished for the crime at that time and later was lucky enough to be the Head of the Army? Dhanawathie went mad later and the charge sheet can be produced.

3. Who is the only commander in any army in the world who got disqualified to receive the highest honour for the best conduct and discipline in the army?

4. Who is the senior officer with a history of homosexual relationships with poor barmen who served in the officers’ bungalows?

5. Who loves the company of lesbian army soldiers?

6. Who is the army officer who bites the breasts of women soldiers until they bleed while they are in bed with him?

7. Who is the army officer who frowns upon the junior men while fancying the women soldiers so much?

8. Who loves to inspect the hostels of women soldiers so much and then leave the personal mobile number on a notice board to contact him if they have any issue to be resolved – and then laying traps to get them to bed?

9. Who protected Captain Lakshmi Denagama, the woman with bad breath who used to rob innocent parents of soldiers while being in charge of the section of entering their children to schools? Who provided her with a luxury car, a driver and unlimited fuel something even very senior officers were denied of?

10. Who used to sleep with the two notorious women soldiers – Priyangani and Sakalasuriya – with an enviable reputation of a pair of whores who could even sleep with three wheel drivers and later promoted them in the rank while enjoying with both of them in bed at the same time?

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