Wednesday, January 20, 2010

If Ranil

President Mahinda Rajapaksa is the only patriotic national leader who had the strength , determination, self- confidence and valour to go ahead with the war to liberate the country from terrorism that rocked the country for three long decades, causing destruction of thousands of lives, properties and economic deterioration. Prompted by his love for Mother Lanka and all her children, he made all possible and reasonable efforts to reach a negotiated settlement of the long festering ethnic problem which all his predecessors failed to resolve, including Opposition Leader Ranil Wickramasinghe. After all his efforts, including foreign mediations and talks at several world capitals, failed obviously due to the uncompromising attitude of the LTTE, who were hell bent on causing any amount of destructions with the ulterior motive of achieving 'Eelam', he, in his capacity as Commander-in-Chief of the armed Forces, resolutely went ahead with military onslaughts against the LTTE terrorists to liberate the country. He achieved it in spite of pressures from many Western countries who tried to dissuade him for their own ends. While fighting the most ruthless, well-established and powerful terrorist outwit in the world, he also implemented massive development projects in his four year term as Executive President, the fruits of which have reached people in every nook and corner of the country.

Opposition leader Ranil Wickramasinghe who willfully or otherwise contributed towards the re-grouping and strengthening of the LTTE through his infamous Ceasefire Agreement (CFA) of 02.02.2002 has now joined hands with his arch rival, JVP leader Somawansa Amarasinghe, a small SLFP breakaway group led by Mangala Samaraweera, the Sri Lanka Muslim Congress (SLMC) led by Rauff Hakeem who has lost all his credibility and vote base in the Eastern province and the pro-LTTE Western People's Front led by Mano Ganeshan ,with ulterior and mean political ambitions.

Let us, in our imagination, try to portray the fate of the country with Ranil Wickrerasinghe as Executive President and General Sarath Fonseka as Army Commander during the last four years ! Would the total annihilation of the LTTE , the apprehension of all its hardcore elements and uncovering all its international networks and fund bases been possible? Could the liberation of the North and East and restoration of communal harmony and peace become a reality? Could the de-merger of the North and East and creation of an environment conducive to holding Provincial Council elections in the East been possible? Above all , the Chief Minister of the Eastern PC is a former LTTE frontliner who returned to the democratic mainstream and contested polls to become CM! Would that become possible? Would holding of MC elections in Jaffna and UC elections in Vavuniya been possible? More important is the current process of rehabilitating the LTTE child soldiers, the admission of a large number of them in popular schools in Colombo and elsewhere for them to pursue their studies. Many of them have been reunited with their families. Nearly 12,000 LTTE ex-combatants are also under rehabilitation, housed at over 15 welfare camps.

Any person with common sense will agree that nothing of the like would have happened but on the contrary the country would have been led to the very verge of instability, insecurity and poverty with the LTTE having grown more powerful with most of the areas of the North and East under their control and administration, posing constant threats and problems to the Southern areas. The infamous Ceasefire Agreement (CFA) of February 02, 2002 would have remained in force under dictates from Norway. With support from their Western allies, the LTTE would have grown from strength to strength so as to be able to forcibly carve out separate 'Eelam'. Ranil being the stooge of Western powers would have enforced every word of the US, European Union, Norway and other countries. He would never have thought of waging a war to eliminate LTTE terrorism but instead would have fostered the terrorist outfit. And Army Commander Sarath Fonseka also being a US stooge and their pet with no sincerity to the motherland would have followed the footsteps of the impotent Ranil and the dictates of his Western superiors.

Foreign powers would have had a hey day in the country , having successfully enforced their 'divide and rule' policy segregating the country and putting lives of the people in total misery and disarray. Ranil, Sarath and all their Government colleagues, with their US Green Cards, would be constant visitors to the US, for consultations and other personal and family benefits.

This is what Ranil would have achieved had he been the President of the country during the last four years with Sarath Fonseka as Army Commander and this is what he is now conspiring to achieve in connivance with Sarath Fonseka and his other political allies. Full Story