Monday, January 11, 2010

I will make this country among the best - President

President Mahinda Rajapaksa on Saturday said the Government is dedicated to place the country among the most developed countries in the world in the ensuing years under his leadership.

The President was speaking at an election rally at the Vavuniya Urban Council grounds on Saturday. The people are facing the first Presidential election after the country was totally freed from the scourge of terrorism, he said. He added that all parts of the country were brought under a development drive while massive funds were allocated to eradicate terrorism.

He said the Government kept its promise by bringing all communities in the country under one flag. Meanwhile, addressing parents of the newly released LTTE cadres who left rehabilitation centres in Zone II of Manik Farm in Vavuniya on Friday President Rajapaksa said while children in the South used to carry school bags on their shoulders, their counterparts in the North carried T56 weapons.

However, no children in any part of the country in the future will be allowed to carry any other thing in their shoulders other than school bags.

President Rajapaksa said that he was highly pleased to see the reunion of these misguided former LTTE members with their parents.

We must love our liberated Motherland which underwent a turbulent period for 30 years. Children born during this period only heard the sounds of guns. They saw only a gun culture. I do not want to emphasise the need to live under one banner in the country. We don’t want to see a gun culture nor wounded people in the country. It is our responsibility to give a good education and a job to our children and thus make them useful and law-abiding citizens in the country.

It is also an objective to create a younger generation which respects the country. Its culture, parents and religious leaders. Towards this end, I will not allow these children to carry any other thing on their shoulders than school bags, President Rajapaksa said amidst applause.

“Doctors, engineers and scholars should be produced from these areas.

“We also want to see sportsmen and sportswomen emerging from this area and creating world records. Therefore, it is high time that we all are united as one nation and as Sri Lankans. “There are 70 million Tamil speaking people in India. But the Sri Lankan leader was the only person who spoke in Tamil at the UN session. It was Mahinda Rajapaksa.”

President Rajapaksa handed back 15 rehabilitated children to their parents on this occasion amidst tears of joy from the parents.

President Rajapaksa on arrival at the Manik Farm was received and garlanded by the children at the relief centre. Rehabilitated youth Chandralingam Mohan Raja made the welcome speech. Commissioner General of Rehabilitation Major General Daya Ratnayake said steps would be taken to provide these rehabilitated youth with a good education, vocational training and employment opportunities and expressed his appreciation of the role played by the Government and the UN.

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