Friday, January 15, 2010

Fonseka Promised Self-governing Powers -TNA

Two parliamentarians of LTTE proxy Tamil National Alliance (TNA) today (Jan 14) confirmed that joint UNF-JVP candidate Sarath Fonseka has agreed to provide a separate self governing unit for their party. Speaking to the government owned Independent Television Network (ITN); the two parliamentarians also stated that Sarath Fonseka as well as Ranil Wickramasinghe has accepted all conditions proposed by the TNA including their demand to remerge the North and East Provinces .

According to Thangeshwari Kadiraman MP, Sarath Fonseka has even accepted TNA's political ideology based on tribalism.

"We need self governing powers to Tamil nation. It is the most important demand of ours that we put forward to Sarath Fonseka" she said.

Speaking further she said that remerge of the North and East provinces is the second most important demand of their party that Sarath Fonseka promised to deliver .

"We must be given all powers under our regime. We make these demands because we are a separate nation. One country, one nation, one flag is not an acceptable theory for us, we need a separate system with powers", she added.

Finally, she revealed that both Sarath Fonseka and Ranil Wickramasinghe have agreed to the list of conditions including the above, forwarded by their party.

"Our party leader, R. Sambanthan submitted our demands to Sarath Fonseka and Ranil Wickramasinghe. They agreed to all of our demands without questioning. That is why we decided to support Fonseka in this election ", she said .

Shivashakthi Anandan MP speaking to ITN also confirmed of having a pact between Sarath Fonseka and TNA.

"We submitted our demands to the government and Sarath Fonseka. The government rejected giving in to any of our demands. Yet, Sarath Fonseka , Ranil Wickramasinghe and the UNP accepted all of them . Once Fonskea becomes the president, he promised to deliver all our demands", he said.

During an earlier interview with the same TV channel, TNA parliamentarian S. Thurairajasingham said that Sarath Fonseka had actually signed a written agreement with TNA on the above mentioned demands.

The issue about a pact between Sarath Fonseka and TNA first surfaced as TNA leader, R. Sambanthan exposed the fact at a newspaper interview with Sinhalese newspaper, the Lakbima recently.

However, Sarath Fonseka denied of having any pact between him and TNA for the election. He behaved in the same fashion when weekend newspaper quoted him accusing Defence Secretary and General Shvendra Silva for committing war crimes. Like in this case, the newspaper editor stood by his story.

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