Saturday, January 9, 2010

Dayasiri collapse on TV debate on Fonseka’s Corruptions

UNP parliamentarian Dayasiri Jayasekara yesterday (Jan 8) almost collapsed and begged for a postponement at the TV debate organized on massive corruption charges brought against presidential candidate Sarath Fonseka. The TV interview was organized by the privately owned TV channel Swarnawahini.

Representing the government, Minister Rajitha Senarathne and Wimal Weerawansa MP came for the interview. UNP representatives agreed to come for the interview were provincial council member Sujeewa Senasinha and MP Dayasiri Jayasekara. However, only Dayasiri Jayasekara was present but soon collapsed before the well prepared government whips.

The debate was first challenged by leader of National Freedom Front, Wimal Weerawansa during a recent media briefing .He confirmed of having substantial evidence against Fonseka and challenged the former military View the Video clipchief now turned politician to defend himself at public debate. Fonseka was quick to refuse the challenge and also threatened to avenge MP Weerawansa once he is elected president. Later, MP Jayasekara was seen on the TV saying that he can defend Fonseka’s integrity at any debate.

Meanwhile, well informed sources confirm that corruption charges against Fonseka are now well substantiated. According to the sources, Fonseka had carried out massive frauds in purchasing arms during his tenure as the Army Chief. While performing as the chairman of the army tender boards, Fonseka had carried out arms deals worth of billions of rupees with a US based company Hicrop , owned b his son in law Danuna Thilakrathne .

The police criminal investigation department (CID) recently arrested one of the directors of Hicrop, Mr. Wellington Tentron . According to informed sources , the suspect has divulged vital information about the fraudulent deals carried out by the company at the behest of then Army Chief, Sarath Fonseka.
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