Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Canadian backers of Tigers may get longer penalties

U.S. prosecutors are seeking tougher sentences for three Tamil-Canadians who were caught by the FBI trying to buy anti-aircraft missiles and other weapons for the Tamil Tigers three years ago.

Toronto residents Suhil Sabaratnam and Thiruthanikan (Thani) Thanigasalam were due in court for a sentencing hearing in New York on Monday. Both have pleaded guilty to conspiracy and material support for terrorism and were facing possible sentences of 25 years to life. Two others — Nadarasa Yogarasa, also a Canadian resident, and Sathajhan Sarachandran — have pleaded guilty in connection with the undercover FBI sting operation.

The proceedings were postponed until Jan. 22. because the prosecutors want heavier sentences. They're arguing that in addition to the current charges, the men's plan to buy the weapons constituted an act of domestic terrorism.

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