Monday, January 18, 2010

Angry Anura spits trash at press briefing: mocks on National Intelligence Chief

Questions role of intelligence circles while belittling efforts made to hunt down LTTE international activists and assets…
In an absurd propaganda effort to belittle National Intelligence Chief Gen. Hendawitharana, JVP MP cum Fonseka care-taker Anura Kumara Dissanayake on Sunday (Jan 17), said that it was a right of the public to be informed on every detail pertaining to confiscation of LTTE agents and overseas assets.

“LTTE assets confiscated and details into accounts is a necessity that the public had to be constantly informed of MP Anura said sarcastically, adding that it is the General who himself furnished information on 14 LTTE vessels and 600 bank accounts.

Meanwhile, a UNP official present at the briefing speaking with SFB sources declared disgust over MP Anura’s comments as irresponsible also questioning the latter’s intellect. “What knowledge does Anura has on matters of vital security interest? Such will only result in the growing public condemnations against the Fonseka campaign”, the official had further said.

National intelligence Chief called-on a media briefing this morning to clarify controversial issues raised by both JVP and UNP for propaganda mileage spinning doubt on the arrest of LTTE international kingpin KP and the confiscated LTTE vessel. Earlier, SFB following information received through its well informed sources declared a malicious pact between Fonseka and Norway to release Kumaran Pathmanathan alias KP, in the event of a much distanced Fonseka 'victory'.

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