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Tamil refugee camp horror stories ‘wrong’ - Malcolm Bruce

Horror stories in Britain about conditions in Sri Lanka camps housing hundreds of thousands of Tamil refugees are wrong, a north-east MP said last night

Gordon Liberal Democrat Malcolm Bruce, chairman of the Commons overseas development committee, said there may be shortages but refugees he spoke to were happy to have escaped the fighting in the north of the island state.

Back from a two-day flying visit, he said his delegation, led by ex-Scottish secretary Des Brown, was the first international group to have reached the war-torn area near Vavuniya, where 123,000 men, women and children are surviving in primitive conditions in government camps.

The delegation faced an angry tirade from President Mahinda Rajapaksa when they arrived in the capital of Colombo asking questions about what had happened.

The president was “aggressively defensive” about the campaign against the rebels, who have conducted a terrorist campaign for decades – including the earliest suicide bombers – in support of the fight for independence.

“The president lost his temper with us and accused us of treating Ceylon like a colony,” said Mr Bruce. “He categorically denied the Sri Lanka army has bombarded civilians and said we had been killing civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan and we should not be lecturing him.”

The mood calmed after the MPs said they had no previous links with Sri Lanka and were not there to support the Tamil rebels but to see what help could be offered coping with the refugees.

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LTTE Jail Cells Found - Wanni Operation - 8 May 2009


Delusional Politicos of India

Firstly, as delusional as they are in Indian political theatrics, BJP leader Advani and AIADMK Jayalalitha asking for an intervention of Sri Lanka followed by DMK knucklehead Karunanidhi starting a fast, which ended “lightning fast” and now profess the need to create a state of EELAM for their brotherhood in Sri Lanka. Now ask yourselves a question. “Aren’t these the very same people they refused to accept back to Tamil Nadu that we are trying to protect?” or is it the case of a rich man’s self centered son (Tamil Nadu) who would rather prefer his prodigal brother settled in someone else’s land than having him share the land his Papa (Thaththa) provided. It certainly is the case isn’t it. Reportedly, now the members of Congress and their Charismatic Premier are rushing to Tamil Nadu this weekend trying to assist Karunanidhi get through his mental relapse. While we all know that Jayalalitha is facing a severe case of Menopause, could someone explain to these two men, that although it is so often believed that only women can get them, many men with hot flashes suffer secretly and do not get treatment for the condition. Changing with age, their bodies may be adjusting to low hormone levels by hitting them with hot flashes for a few weeks or even months. Scientific features indicate, a flushed, bright Red Face typifies Hot flashes. Facial sweating may also occur. This episode is usually followed by severe chills, and finally a return to relative "normal." May be a doctor in Tamil Nadu should look into this for the sake of their health and Prostate for their own constituents who have been ignored, at a time, the world is facing a recession including India and their constituents are facing enormous hardships, job losses, lost homes, lost business etc., these three jacks are trying to climb a beanstalk together to look into the internal affairs of another sovereign nation across the Palk Strait. Additionally, the effect that Prabhakaran has on their psyche, they have even forgotten, they are fighting for their own political lives. To our own President, Hon. Mahinda Rajapaksa, please sir, we love you excessively much, please inform our own politicians not to follow this idiotic path, as our country is too important. We appreciate your gutsy stand as a son of Sri Lanka who never wavered or blinked to get this mess cleaned up. I thank you personally, for bringing us to world recognition and pride. The people you have placed to look after the affairs of this clean up are commendable including the generals of our forces and our ever loving “RANAVIRU”, men and women who have sacrificed, so that we can live a better life. Thank you.

The Tamil Net, (Gosh! I hope we can locate this office and blow it to smithereens for the tainted blood on their hands). Our President and the Government deciding to call off the use of heavy artillery at this juncture was merely to protect the unfortunate Tamil people we call family who are trapped in the NFZ with cold blooded killers. Now with all the input of our neighbors India including the Prime Minister of India and distinguished members of the Lok Sabah and the world over who wants this criminal so badly, the loose cannon Mental JAYALALITHA has repeatedly threatened to invade Sri Lanka with the Indian Army to create a separate state for the Tamils. Great! Just what the doctor ordered for our government, our forces, and our people who is waiting to show the world that they did not know before about the Sinhalese and our resolve.

These three clowns, envision Prabhakaran in the modern day “ELARA" a South Indian Tamil invader who ruled "Pihiti Rata", i.e., Sri Lanka north of the Mahaweli, after killing King Asela. DUTU GEMUNU (GAMINI) – Eldest son of King Kavan Tissa, who was a young man 25 years of age, defeated the South Indian Tamil Invader Elara (over 64 years of age) in single combat, described in the Mahavansa. King Dutu Gemunu is also depicted as a Sinhala "Asoka". The Ruwanwelisaya, built by this king is to this date, considered as a Dagaba of pyramid-like proportions. It was an engineering marvel. In other words, Elara himself got his butt kicked. As anyone can see, Prabhakaran was not the only terrorist we had to deal with in our dynasty when it came to culture and warfare and securing our nation of Sri Lanka called the “Holy Land”.

Prabhakaran in reality is a self-professed Psychopath and a Sociopath listed in the Interpol as “WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE”. His allegiance was only to himself and immediate family and not for the Tamil people he was supposed to represent. By robbing the innocent lives of their futures, he decided to butcher them and now these three crack heads of Tamil Nadu suffering from a Menopausal attack, wants the Indian government to protect him? Gosh! These people don’t realize that, meddling with the internal affairs of a foreign nation is a crime.

To the three of you, (Jayalalitha, Advani and Karunanidhi) does it ever occur to you that Sri Lanka is not a state of India nor does the Lok Sabah govern us. The BJP as in the case of DMK and AIADMK or MADD (as in Mothers against drunk drivers), “Where in the world, does the Sinhalese fit into your lifestyle”? We are Aryans by nature that happened to put up with your people the British brought in to our country that worked our land, we learned to accept and love! Why are you getting involved with an issue we have to deal with and if so, why don’t you take Prabhakaran and the likes back to Tamil Nadu and offer then an EELAM State. May be you can change State of Tamil Nadu to read State of EELAM and if you cannot do that, just learn to “Shut the hell Up”. Advani, Karunanidhi and Jayalalitha, learn our etymology right.


The Sinhalese are also known as "Hela" or "Sinhala". These synonyms find their origins in the two words Sinha (meaning "lion") and Hela (meaning "pristine"). The name Sinhala translates to "lion people" and refers to the myths regarding the descent of the legendary founder of the Sinhalese people, the incomparable Prince Vijaya. The last royal dynasty on the island was the Sinha (Lion) royal dynasty and the word Sinha finds its origins here. Linguistics or the study of languages is a particularly interesting subject. It is also a very romantic subject, and the more one gets involved with it, the more one becomes enamored of it. This is especially so with regard to the origin of words. Words have evolved with time, passing through various phases before assuming their present form. Sinhala is no exception. That the Sinhala language is an Aryan one and is related to other Indo-Aryan speeches such as Hindi and Bengali is generally well known. Less known, however, is the fact that Sinhala is distantly related to other major languages such as German, French, English, Russian, Persian, and Lithuanian. The fact is that Sinhala is not only a member of the Aryan group of languages, but also of a larger linguistic group, the Indo-European family, which includes all the major languages of Europe, Iran, and Southern Asia. History reveals, the parent indo-European speech from which all these languages derive, was evidently spoken somewhere in Europe, probably Southern Russia, over 5000 years ago.


Now the majority of the British people are decent folks but let us face it, would we the Sinhalese be facing this dilemma had it not been for the British Monarchy and the then Governor who brought shiploads of your people to Sri Lanka to work when the Sinhalese refused to. When they left the Island finally, as it is said around the world including the Caribbean, didn’t they leave a lump of crap for some else to clean up, wherever they went. The communal divide left by the Brits left a daunting task even on young Jawaharlal Nehru of India (The son of the wealthy Indian barrister and politician Motilal Nehru) to bring that country together.

Sri Lanka and India are separate countries and sovereign nations. Our connection is not by any umbilical cord by a long shot. We the Sinhalese are Aryans by nature who unfortunately happens to be your neighbours. If you Tamil Nadu nitwits read the history right our KINGS annihilated and chased any Indian presence within our country and handily. We are a proud BUDDHIST nation, accepting of all cultures and religions, truly caring, and a vibrant nation who will accept even a stranger at mid night and offer a cup of TEA. Advani, Jayalalitha, and Karunanidhi do not think that this LION NATION is weak and scared of your tomfoolery! For your sake, mental health is serious business at your age, so, please get yourself a proper doctor, and get your heads checked before you become a liability to your state and taxpayers. Look, my friends, Prabhakaran’s game is up. We have a government of the people for the people and the backing and support of world leaders starting with China and Russia. Our democracy speaks for itself and our people totally united behind our charismatic president Hon, Mahinda Rajapaksa. Our forces have risen to the task and to the world stage to clean a mess your own Indira Gandhi created by providing training to your Malayali Psychopath Prabhakaran to emulate Hitler. He is reaping the seeds he has sown and thanks to the Tamil Diaspora. If you go back to the very first speech Prabhakaran made and the subsequent speeches made to the Tamil Diaspora, one could understand the Hitler Type mentality he processed. Among the many economic refugees who reached the shores of the west, he also dispatched LTTE cadres with them who today are involved in the racketeering and conducting criminal activity around the world. Those Tamils who left the shores for a better life are also victims of Prabhakaran’s path of destruction. It is absolute sad for the Nehru family lost a grandson in Rajiv and for India to lose a SON because of the madness Indira created. Have fun doing what you are doing right now for the Sri Lankan people who suffered way more than your body has, is not going to lose sleep. You will never bring back the children we lost as soldiers, resultant of this lunatic. You will never change the way we stand by our country or our cultures. We are Sri Lankans, a vibrant nation and live in a country known to the rest of the world as the “Pearl of the Indian Ocean”. OH! Advani, Karunanidhi’s & Jayalalitha…”Just grow up will ya?”

To Our Fellow Sri Lankans in Sri Lanka and the world over….This is a time for unity and to show strength and patriotism to our land, our leaders, our president unlike any other before him, his chosen staff, the forces, and our Ranaviru. As a country, we have endured and lost too many children to sheer nonsense. As a nation, I ask of you to rise and show your allegiance to your country and your loved ones. As a son of two remarkable parents, I feel for the Amma’s, Thaththa’s, Akka’s, Aiya’s, Nangi’s and malli’s, Mama’s and Nanda’s not forgetting Archchi’s and seeya’s who have given us a sense of self to be proud of as Sri Lankans. We are very proud of our heritage. Rise and shine Sri Lanka, for what the government under its pristine government has done is exemplary, stand by your “Alma Mater”. To the politicians of all races cultures and religions in Sri Lanka, we are at a time of cross roads, and require your allegiance as one family as “TRUE SRI LANKANS” to bring “PEACE” to our land regardless of your differences. Send a message loud and clear to India and the the WEST that we are united as one family when it comes to beating "TERRORISM" off "SRI LANKA". Let's capture this moment as a mark of respect for those who have sacrificed for our country, for they are your children too.

At this time we celebrate VESAK, I wish you all very Happy Vesak celebrations and may the blessings of the Thripitaka be amongst you, our President, and family, his loving Staff, our Generals and our Ranaviru and their families, always. May the Good Lord, His beloved son Jesus, The Holy Spirit, Mother Mary and Allah keep you safe and proud to be a Sri Lankans. Your input is invaluable. To our President, Sir, "Get the job done". For our allies and who believe in us including China and Russia will always stand by us.

by Nissanka Wickramasekera

Earth has not anything to show more unfair - Island Editorial

"Earth has not anything to show more fair," wrote Wordsworth of the breathtaking view of the mist clad London from the Westminster Bridge way back in 1802. But today the earth has nothing to show more dreadful and unfair than what is unfolding at the British Parliamentary Square, where terrorism is being advocated openly.

On Wednesday, LTTE activists launched a mob attack on the Chinese Embassy in London in full view of the British police. Only three of the perpetrators were arrested and others went scot free. Last month, LTTE mobs attacked the Indian and Sri Lankan High Commissions with stones and only a handful of attackers were nabbed. Terror backers also 'beheaded' the Nehru statue near the Indian High Commission recently and as usual got away with it.

The LTTE seems to be carrying out a 'ceaseless wave' of attacks on embassies and diplomats perceived to be hostile to its ghoulish cause. In August 2006, the LTTE bombed Pakistan High Commissioner to Sri Lanka Bashir Wali Mohammed's motorcade in Colombo. He escaped death by the skin of his teeth. In Sep. 2007, LTTE activists forced themselves into the Sri Lankan Embassy premises in Paris and desecrated Sri Lanka's national flag. In January this year, LTTE gangsters in Toronto stormed the Sri Lankan Consul General's Office. In March, LTTE activists tried to attack the office of Deputy Sri Lanka High Commissioner in Chennai and have the mission closed down. Much to the embarrassment of the Norwegian government sponsoring the LTTE, Tiger backers smashed the Sri Lankan embassy in Oslo last month.

The LTTE seems to be 'more equal than' other terrorist outfits in the West; it can commit any acts of violence against diplomats and diplomatic missions with the police looking the other way.

An American intelligence team which visited India prior to President Bill Clinton's visit identified the LTTE as the main source of threats to the American leader and warned of, among other things, possible unmanned aircraft attacks. On Feb. 27, 2007, the LTTE carried out a shell attack on two helicopters carrying a group of diplomats from Canada, the US, Japan and EU and the UN head of mission in Sri Lanka, in Batticaloa. Two envoys sustained minor injuries. But those diplomatic bigwigs given to firing from both hips at the drop of a hat took it all lying down both literally and figuratively. They returned to Colombo the worse for wear but strangely refrained from condemning the LTTE! Today, most of those countries are doing their damnedest to bail out the LTTE trapped in the Vanni!

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And now Congress and BJP join Eelam chorus

NEW DELHI, May 8: With voting in Tamil Nadu barely five days away, India's ruling Congress Party and main opposition Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) have also joined the "Eelam" chorus.

The Congress Party said here on Thursday that it is in favour of "a permanent peaceful political solution" to the Sri Lankan Tamil issue, but remained silent on whether it should be within or outside the framework of an united Sri Lanka.

The party's media in-charge M Veerappa Moily simply declared: "We want a permanent peaceful political solution."

Sources in the Congress Party said this is a carefully calibrated statement aimed at partially synchronizing the party's position with the other political parties in Tamil Nadu.

The Sri Lankan Tamil issue is being seen as a possible "game-changer" in the crucial parliamentary election in Tamil Nadu, where polling is due on May 13.

The Congress Party has an alliance with the Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK), the ruling party in Tamil Nadu. On Wednesday, DMK President and Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Muthuvel Karunanidhi gave a call for a separate Eelam state for Tamils in Sri Lanka.

Speaking to his party channel Kalaignar TV from his hospital bed, the 85-year-old Karunanidhi declared: "The Tamils should get their own homeland (Eelam). I have assumed responsibility of taking all possible efforts to ensure that."

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Of humanitarians and bullies

"If you let a bully come in your front yard, he'll be on your porch the next day and the day after that he'll rape your wife in your own bed." Lyndon B. Johnson-

Sri Lanka is a sovereign territory that is now being fundamentally battered by two major forces in their bid to save the LTTE leadership. One the UK, USA, EU, India led western strategic alliance within and outside the UN system. The other is the local NGO and INGO groups working hand in glove with the above forces.

One of their main gripes is about INGOs, NGOs and the media not being given full access to the few square kilometres in which Prabhakaran and his remaining cadres are trapped. It is not an easy demand for any self-respecting Government to concede given the long and considerable history of overt and covert support that INGOs, NGOs and personnel therein have given the LTTE. It is natural, therefore, for the Government of Sri Lanka to err on the side of caution, for there is no telling what these individuals may do and because there is reason to believe that their activities may very well compromise national security interests.

One will recall that Sri Lankan armed forces were able to sweep through vast tracks of territory decimating the enemy once NGO’s/INGO’s were banned from these area. One of the primary reasons for the success was that the LTTE lost one of their main sources of logistical and fuel supply. Military sources also now wonder, after studying some of the sophisticated weaponry that has been recovered from the LTTE, why they did not use such in combat.

One of the primary reasons could be that the main source of training in handling some of those weapons which were the expatriate staff of the NGO’s/INGO’s and other foreigners who come in as ‘independent’ observers or with media accreditation. Perhaps they never got the chance to share the knowhow.

We learn reliably that Dr Pakyasothi Saranavanamuttu of the Centre for Policy Alternatives (CPA) has called for a "Closed Door" discussion with the Diplomatic Community on the Trincomalee High Security Zone (HSZ)/ Special Economic Zone (SEZ) at JIAC Hilton on the 11th May 2009 at 18:30 hours. The issue of the Trincomalee HSZ/SEZ requires public and international discussion, he believes.

The CPA no doubt is hoping the diplomatic community can generate greater discussion on the Trincomalee HSZ/SEZ. Although basically the strategic port of Trincomalee is under the control of India for all intents and purposes, Sri Lanka’s largest and most important Naval and Air Force bases which are of vital importance for anti-LTTE operations are also located here. Furthermore the Eastern Naval Fleet which has created an effective naval blockade off the No Fire Zone (NFZ) preventing the LTTE leadership escaping also operates from the Trincomalee base.

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It’s now New Safety Zone: Colombo - Hindu

COLOMBO: The Sri Lankan government on Friday renamed the remaining area under occupation by the LTTE inside the No-Fire Zone (NFZ) as New Safety Zone (NSZ).

The Defence Ministry said here the Army now is in full control of more than two-third of the existing Puthumathlan “Safety Zone” and declared that the re-christened NSZ is confined to south of Karayamullivaikkal including Vellamullivaikkal — two km in length and 1.5 km in width — along the Mullathivu sea coast.

“This has been modified to match with the present situation and after considering the concentration of civilians in the area,” it said. An unknown number of Tiger leaders and cadre including LTTE chief Velupillai Prabakaran are believed to be holding an estimated 20,000 civilians as hostage inside the NSZ.

The announcement over re-demarcation of the “New Safety Zone” came hours after Army troops captured a Tiger earth-bund after pitched confrontations.

The military said the troops collected several bodies of Tiger cadre and a large cache of arms and ammunition.

The pro-LTTE TamilNet was silent on Friday on the situation inside the NSZ. The website for some days now has been focusing on the activities of Tamil Diaspora and carrying articles urging the international community in general and the U.S. in particular to intervene.

The military said the troops recovered six T-56 weapons, one binocular, three I-com sets, six rounds of 81 mm mortar booby traps, 500 rounds of Multi-Purpose Machine Gun (MPMG) ammunition, eight mine fields, 27 hand grenades, 163 anti-personnel mines, 12 Rocket Propelled Grenade (RPG) bombs, 3,450 rounds of T-56 ammunition, three claymore mines, 10 anti-personnel fuses, five 81 mm mortar bombs, 81 mortar chargers (106), three 120 mm mortar bombs and 120 mm mortar chargers (10).

Meanwhile, the Navy said on directions given by President Mahinda Rajapaksa, the MV Green Ocean carried a consignment of essential items for the use of Tamil civilians forcibly held hostage by the LTTE in the government declared No-Fire Zone (NFZ).

The consignment includes 25 tonnes food, 600 litres kerosene and medical items. Further 617 civilians including 123 patients onboard MV Green Ocean were brought to Pulmudai in the east with the help of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC).

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Wanni Operation Big News GOSL Declares A New No Fire Zone


Friday, May 8, 2009

British MPs debunk Tiger propaganda -Tamils in camps better off than in the hands of Tigers:

In a statement issued by the British High Commission ( Colombo , Sri Lanka ) yesterday (May 6, 2009) the visiting group of British Parliamentarians led by Des Browne MP said:

·“We saw the considerable efforts the Government is making to accommodate and assist IDPs who have left the conflict zone.

·“We spoke to a number of people in the camps who expressed their genuine relief at having escaped the LTTE and reached a place of safety.

·“It is clear that IDPs in camps are much better off than their friends and relatives who remain in the conflict zone,”

· “We recognize the scale of the challenge facing the Government in delivering humanitarian relief to all civilians in the north, including those in IDP camps, those in screening centres and rehabilitation camps and those in the conflict zone itself,” said Des Browne, the delegation’s chairman

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Canada: Let’s not be a foreign meddler in Sri Lanka’s internal affairs

ASOKA WEERASINGHE COMMUNIQUÉ Ottawa-Vanier Riding For Canadian Parliamentarians interested in Sri Lanka

Aid Agencies Make Appeals for Displaced in Sri Lanka. International Aid Agencies say conditions for Tamils displaced by fighting in Sri Lanka are improving, but food, water, sanitation and shelter are needed. The government is appealing for $50 million in foreign aid. With the population in displacement centers tripling within a period of two weeks, relief workers are struggling to provide shelter, water and food. (Comment: Here’s where the international focus should be rather than harping on a ‘ceasefire which is not in the cards with the Sri Lankan Government, for good reasons. If the Sri Lankan Armed Forces got 120,000 Tamil civilians out without a ‘ceasefire’, then it makes sense that they will get the other 30,000 held hostage by the Tamil Tigers without a ‘ceasefire’. Their focus is getting the Tamil Tiger leader, dead or alive, to finish off the most ruthless terrorist outfit in the world, which 32 countries have banned, including Canada. After all it is Sri Lanka that has to live with this terrorist menace and not Canada.)

Instead of these stupid requests that any fool can see would be a springboard for the Tamil Tiger leaders to get back into business, why don’t Western leaders provide an actual tool for the Sri Lankan Army to eliminate Prabhakaran, Pottu Aman, Charles Anthony and Soosai causing a minimum of civilian casualties? Surely it is to protect these poor hostages of the Tamil Tigers that Miliband and Gang are tying themselves into knots. Then why not immediately provide armed flying drones that would overfly the strip of land where the Tiger leadership is holed up; these craft could send a lethal missile to eliminate the four worthies when they show up on the scopes. Hardly any collateral damage! Israel does it routinely against Hamas leaders in Gaza and the Americans have fleets of drones overflying the Afghanistan-Pakistan border hunting for al Qaeda rebels and Taliban insurgents. It will be easy for the West to put their money where their mouths are! Ok, foreign meddlers, let us see whether you are merely playing a sick joke and a rotten bluff.

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BBC reported this evening (6/5/2009) that American forces have killed 30 civilians in Afghanistan including women and children. The number of civilians injured is yet to be known. This killing of civilians has not occurred with direct confrontation between the American forces and the Talibans. This is a result of random searches by American forces hunting for Taliban leaders and Osama bin Laden. This is not the first time that civilians got killed (previously 75 civilians in a wedding ceremony including the bride and the groom were killed by air bombing) and there will be many more civilian deaths in Afghanistan at the hands of the NATO until Osama bin Laden is captured dead or alive but it is pardonable according to western standards. Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International will conveniently ignore these civilians deaths.

Whilst American forces are killing civilians in Afghanistan and in Iraq, USA Secretary of State Hillary Clinton says that America is very much concerned of the civilians being killed in the North of Sri Lanka by Government forces parroting what’s in LTTE websites. Here, a democratically elected Government is fighting against LTTE the most brutal terrorist organization in the world to save the civilians held as human shield by LTTE and her Government is calling the GoSL for a ceasefire. What’s the rationale of her attitude? Isn’t it double standard one for America and one for Sri Lanka when it comes to dealing with two terrorist outfits?

There is a humanitarian crisis developing in Pakistan/Swat Valley borders where civilians are fleeing in thousands to escape from Talibans just like in the NFZ in the north of Sri Lanka. It is expected around half a million civilians will flee from Talibans and aids have already started pouring into Pakistan from States. What have they given us? May be a few thousands of dollars worth of food items to the IDPs like handing out a few candies to a crying baby. Instead of such petty donations with demand for ceasefire, Sri Lanka would appreciate if they keep their mouth shut and also keep away from our internal affairs until the Government conclusively decimates the last LTTE terrorist.

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Batticaloa celebrates Vesak after 30 years

After 20 years, Batticaloa Buddhists celebrate Vesak commemorating the birth of Buddha, his attaining Enlightenment and his passing away into Nirvana. “Colourful lanterns made from bamboo frames, Buddhist flags and other decorations are displayed everywhere,” Information Department roving correspondent reported.

Arrangements have already been made for Buddhists to participate in ‘bakthi gee’, sil campaigns, bodhi poojas, dansalas, and pandal competitions as Buddhists in the other parts of island celebrate Vesak. “The entire town is decorated with Buddhist flags by the only temple in the city. The Buddhist temple, Sri Managalaramaya has organized all the above activities to celebrate this year's Vesak festivities,” our correspondent said.

With the dawn of peace into North, this seems a significant development towards the government's effort to unite the country, a Batticaloa resident said.

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Northern shoreline will be of great attraction to investors

"We are fighting the last battles of a costly 30-year war against the world’s brutal terrorist organization, and it’s high time for the government to focus on the economic sector,” Deputy Minister of Tourism Faiszer Musthapha said today (08).

The Deputy Minister said that Sri Lanka was in talks with Middle Eastern investors to develop resorts in the country, and, especially, the northern shoreline will be of great attraction to investors it will be big boost for tourism after war ends.

“With peace dawning, there's a lot of interest in the investment side and early-stage negotiations with investors for hotel resort developments will be taken place soon,” Faiszer Musthapha said.

"The number of tourists from the Middle East will definitely increase as that region is least affected by the global economic meltdown," Musthapha said.

However, we don’t expect a major increase in revenues or in numbers from the other side of the world in these adverse global conditions. But we expect to clinch resort deals with Middle Eastern investors within the next six months, and the apparent near end to the 30-year-old conflict drove Colombo Stock Exchange to a record high on Wednesday, Faiszer Musthapha said.

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A journey of pledges and sacrifices….

Twenty months ago, Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa made a firm pledge to the nation when he addressed a passing out parade at Galkiriyagama. He assured the nation that the war would not be passed onto the future generations. Rajapaksa, a battle hardened soldier who encountered the treacherous LTTE during his military career, told the soldiers at that passing out parade that the Government had a firm determination to eliminate terrorism to establish permanent peace. Those were sincere thoughts and heart rending sentiments of the Defence Secretary made in the expression of patriotism.

In a similar notion, President Mahinda Rajapaksa addressing the ‘Maubima Lanka Foundation’ in the tail end of 2007 stressed the need to crush LTTE terrorism and repeatedly urged the LTTE to give up violence and return to the negotiating table to resolve issues. Unfortunately, all those calls fell on the deaf ears of Velupillai Prabakaran. Instead, Prabakaran forced the Government into another war, which he (Prabakaran) code named Eelam War VI. The Government was left with no alternative but to counter the escalating violence perpetrated by the LTTE. Prabakaran began to explode bombs in buses and carry out deadly suicide missions. Men, women and children, irrespective of race and color fell victim to those barbaric, inhuman acts.

The battle to combat Prabakaran’s horrendous acme of three decades began from Mavil-Aru in the Eastern sector when the LTTE leader closed the sluice gates thus depriving farmers of water. Government troops were mobilized to face the threat while the masses were told of the perilously brewing situation that was harmful to human existence in a civilized society. The people, with their ingenuity expressed confidence in the establishment and legitimate troops protecting the state to forge ahead to save them and the nation. To the troops, it was an uphill task of a gigantic nature. One cannot deny the fact that the LTTE which took Governments of the past for many rides were in control of one third of this small island nation. It used the 2002 ceasefire to smuggle in the most sophisticated military equipment to strengthen its fighting capabilities.

The people of Sri Lanka pinned their hopes in the political establishment and the brave troops to save them. In a well planned out military process, the valiant troops initially restored normalcy in the Eastern theatre. In a process designed to protect the lives of civilians, the troops with discipline forged ahead to the Northern theatre in a phased out manner to encounter the enemy. It was no cake walk. They were called upon to make supreme sacrifices for their country. The nation must salute those brave soldiers. They would stand as monuments of integrity when the entire country is soon freed from terrorism. They’ve faced the butchery and barbarity of the most dangerous terror outfit in the world. Yet, they continue to brave themselves to liberate this nation.

The Sri Lankan troops are a disciplined entity. They do not believe in revenge and vengeance. They have liberated thousands of Tamil civilians from the grip of the LTTE.

And, those civilians speak proud of the Sri Lankan Forces who treat them with respect and dignity. One of them liberated from the LTTE grip in Wanni praised the brave armed forces and added that they now felt the fear of tyranny was fast sinking with the LTTE made to run.

After three decades of gruesome violence, the deadly sound of mortar shells and the fearsome rhythm of suicide explosions have been silenced to a greater extent. The nation has been saved from being dragged towards the abyss of a violent conflict. The bravery of the troops and the ingenuity of the people have achieved fruitful results. For the gallant armed forces, it is certainly a journey of sacrifices and no cake walk. The Defence Secretary predicted that the war will not be passed onto our future generation. Yes… a correct evaluation of today’s situation would prove that the Defence Secretary has firmly stood to prove his prediction made twenty months ago. Something new has emerged already for the better of Sri Lanka.

Wanni Operation 07 May 2009 ITN


UNICEF sets up temporary Learning Spaces in Vavuniya

A number of Temporary Learning Spaces (TLS) will be set up in IDP welfare centers by the United Nations’ International Children and Education Fund (UNICEF). Two such TLS facilities have already been built, and one center facilitates 550 children while the other is for 600 children from another IDP welfare center.

UNICEF, other international agencies and non-governmental organizations will assist TLS facilities by providing water, sanitation, health care, stationary, text books and uniforms while World Food Programme is supposed to supply meals during learning hours.

According to official government statistics over 190,000 people have crossed over to Government held terrains, and international agencies and non-governmental organizations are in the process of assessing the amount of school going children and their educational needs.

Meanwhile, the United Nations Populations Fund (UNFPA) has attended to the needs of women and girls at the IDP centers. Their main concern is the health and safety of the female population, especially of the pregnant women. In this aspect, UNFPA launched mobile reproductive health clinics offering prenatal care and postnatal care. “Nearly 3000 pregnant women have fled the no-fire-zone relinquishing terror grips,” UNFPA spokesman said.

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Seven million rupees given to assassinate Major General Janaka Perera

May 07, Colombo: The LTTE has given more than seven million rupees to assassinate Major General Janaka Perera, the main suspect of the suicide attack revealed today.

When the case was taken up at the Anuradhapura Court today, the main suspect of the case said that he had received a sum equal to Rs.3.324 million from LTTE.

It was also mentioned at the Courts that all the suspects had received a total of more than seven million rupees through their accounts, from the LTTE.

The Chief Magistrate of Anuradhapura, Ruchira Weliwatte ordered all the six suspects who had been held for a long time by the Criminal Investigation Department for plotting to kill the Chief Ministerial Candidate from the United National Party for the North Central Provincial Council and 30 others to be remanded till May 18.

The suspects had been produced before the court for the first time.

Major General Janaka Perera, his wife and 27 others were killed by a suspected suicide bomb blast on October 6, 2008 at the United National Party office in Anuradhapura. The bombing injured over 90 people.

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Read what LTTE supporters say about of the 'End of the Tamil struggle?'

mwbnr from South Africa on May 07, 2009 17:51:54 GMT

If the world continues to ignore the plight of the Tamils in Sri Lanka and not addressing their legitimate grievances but being supportive of a racist regime they will have to take full resposibility for what follows after the demise of the LTTE's conventional warfare. The IC by its inactivity may create Tamil "terrorists" the world over. Up to this time neither the LTTE nor the Tamils are really "terrorists". They are freedom fighters although at times they are forced to resort to the so- called "ruthless" methods - terms used by the ill-informed international media.


HR Watch official black listed - Well Done ---- Proud to be a Sri Lankan

A top Human Rights Watch official has been ‘black listed’ in Sri Lanka after she allegedly used forged documents to visit the country in February this year.

Anna Neistat, the Senior Emergencies Researcher at Human Rights Watch, had allegedly infiltrated the camps of internally displaced people (IDP) in Vavuniya in February, and interviewed the refugees who had fled the fighting in the north, without obtaining the necessary clearance to carry out such research in the country.

“She has violated Sri Lanka’s immigration and emigration laws, so we have decided not allow her to enter Sri Lanka,” Immigration and Emigration controller P.B.Abeykoon told Daily Mirror yesterday.

He said that she had come to Sri Lanka on a tourist visa and visited Vavuniya: “In her passport she has given forged details. Her name in the passport was also wrong,” said Mr. Abeykoon.

Earlier, the government had launched a probe into to how Ms. Neistat had managed to visit Vavuniya and interview the displaced people without obtaining the necessary clearance.

On her return Ms. Neistat had told the US Senate, during a hearing on Sri Lanka, and later said in a statement to the press, that she had visited Sri Lanka and carried out research on the plight of the displaced people from the Wanni.

This is not the first time that the government has accused the HRW of violating local immigration laws. In 2007, a team from HRW came to Sri Lanka as tourists and carried out similar research -- and also held a press conference before departing.

When contacted in March by Daily Mirror, Ms. Neistat had confirmed that she had visited Vavuniya and interviewed people there: “I was in the hospital and at the camp sites, but not inside the camps. But I did interview IDPs who were outside the camps as well as people who work in the camps,” she told Daily Mirror.

However, when asked at the time if clearance had been given to the HRW to carry out such research in Sri Lanka, Human Rights and Disaster Management Minister Mahinda Samarasingha and the Foreign Ministry said no such clearance had been issued and thata probe into the matter had been launched.

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Terrorists learning from terrorists

The People’s Liberation Army, listed as a terrorist group in India, has told reporters in India that it has learnt lessons from the LTTE experience in Sri Lanka.

“Military strength is not enough for achieving our goal. So we will go all out to internationalise our struggle. We are also mobilising support from people in India,” Vice-president of the outfit Manoharmayum Ngouba told reporters yesterday at training command headquarters of the Revolutionary Peoples Front, the political wing of the People’s Liberation Army, situated along the Manipur-Myanmar border, the Telegraph reported.

Harping on the importance of political dialogue to resolve a conflict Ngouba firmly declared that the RPF/PLA will not sit for talks if the agenda is not sovereignty.

The People’s Liberation Army was established in September 1978 with the aim of restoring Manipur’s sovereignty.

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Foreign aid to provide electricity to North and East

The Iran Aid Project, Asian Development Bank, International Co-operative agency and NORAD have granted loans for the provision of projects to provide electricity to the villages in the North and East under the concept of providing electricity to the villages islandwide, the Power and Energy Ministry said.

Aid has been granted already for 75 Rural Electrification projects have completed under the proposed 114 projects in the North and East. By the conflict Affected Area Rehabilitation Project (CAARP) Rs. 932 million, Asian Development Bank 7.6 million US$, NORAD 8 million US$ and International Co-operative agency Million 32 US$ have granted as Aid.

65 million US$ given under Iran Aid Project will be utilized for electrification of the villages in the North and East. Badulla, Kurunegala, Monaragala, Anuradhapura and other districts too will be brought under this project.

In addition to this project, restoration of destroyed transformers, electricity transmission system and electricity sub-stations also have been commenced in the North and East. Renovation of Electricity Transmission System from Vavuniya to Chunnakam also has been commenced. 30 mega volt capacity power plant has been under construction in the Jaffna peninsula, which will be handed over to the public by the end of his month. According to the anticipation of the Ministry of Power and Energy, once the establishment of the power plant is completed, more than 650,000 people in the North will be benefited, the Ministry said.

The Ministry is electrifying all villages in the Trincomalee District. Rs. 270 million has been allocated for this. 6000 families will benefit.

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Storage capacity in reservoirs below warning level

Due to severe drought and the delay in much anticipated rain in the main reservoirs, the storage capacity in the hydro power catchment areas is less than 18 per cent, senior Ceylon Electricity Board officials warned yesterday.

A senior CEB official said that 18 per cent is well below the warning level and it is high time to take strict decisions to cut down the use of electricity.

However, CEB Chairman E A S K Edirisinghe told The Island yesterday during the Vesak celebrations, the use of electricity comes to the peak, but they will continue to supply electricity without burdening the public.

However, he said if the drought continues after Vesak, they would urge the public to cut down on the use of billboards, neon lights and air conditioners.

He said on an average day electricity consumption is 30 GWh and during the Vesak celebrations it would go up to between 34 and 35 GWh.

He said CEB will be compelled to go for additional thermal power through Independent Power Purchases to cater for the demand.

On an average day CEB spends Rs. 250 million and this would increase to Rs. 350 million.

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New computerized NICs from next year

Chief Government Whip, Urban Development and Sacred Area Development Minister Dinesh Gunawardena yesterday told Parliament that the government will begin issuing the computerised national identity card or e-NIC early next year.

Tenders will be called by July this year to issue the new identity cards, he said.

Minister Gunawardena was answering a question raised by JVP MP Vijitha Herath.

The cost of the new identity card would be Rs. 175 per unit, he said.

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Norway must take Erick Solheim to task

"In respect of Eric Solheim’s relations with the LTTE, renouncing his links and that of his country through him, repudiation of the LTTE and retraction from their stand all these years do not make any impression at this very late hour when the fate of the LTTE is virtually sealed. The monkeys of the forest know when to jump from one tree to another and the so do the rats from a sinking ship."

By Jacinta Cruz in California

(May 07, California, Sri Lanka Guardian) Has the Norwegian Tiger advocate who has contributed immensely to the military strengthening of the LTTE and the unashamed support he gave especially to people like Thamilselvan alias Zoo-Pah, treating the people of Sri Lanka with utter patronizing and condescending attitude, really recanted from his Norwegian-Sri Lankan stands that under ordinary circumstances would be considered traitorous to Sri Lanka?

Under pretext of diplomacy he has behaved nigh on like a spy against Sri Lankan interests and helped not only to give comfort and support to the LTTE but has also assisted to secure armed and military training facilities to this terrorist force.

Even the setting up of the Scandinavian Monitoring Commission was a conspiracy and many members on that were ex-military personnel and at least one of them had his own military supplies firm in Norway. During his term in Sri Lanka he behaved like a consultant to the LTTE.

It is quite possible Norwegian personnel as volunteers in Wanni could have given technical support to the kind of military and communications infrastructures and installations that have been set up in that region. Zoo-Pah Thamilselvan arrived from one his trips to Oslo with bags of equipment and he was cleared through customs without any fuss. Norwegian embassy officials were there to receive him at Bandaranaike International.

There was also the communication tower gifted by Norway to the LTTE which caught the border security at Omantai by surprise and on reference to Colombo was allowed to go through. Who was behind that order?

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Lankan troops just 800 meters from LTTE leadership

Colombo (PTI) Sri Lankan forces on Thursday fought their way to just 800 meters from the area where an estimated 10,000-15,000 Tamil civilians are trapped along with the top LTTE leadership, capturing a Tiger fortification and killing a number of rebels.

The government troops pushed into the rebel-held village of Karayamulliavaikkal, advancing over areas heavily mined by the Tigers and fighting off attacks from their suicide bombers.

A military spokesman said the troops had breached through the last earthen fortification bringing them as close as 800 meters of the area in Mullaitivu, where the LTTE leadership is holed up in the midst of Tamil civilians.

The spokesman said the Tigers are deploying suicide bombers in the large numbers to slow down the Sri Lankan advance from overrunning them. Though estimates are not available, military sources say that between 500 to 1,000 hardcore black Tigers have formed a last wall of defence around Tiger supremo V Prabhakaran and others.

The LTTE has built the earthen fortification to delay the Lankan troops. After the battle, bodies of three LTTE rebels killed during the confrontation were found.

Troops also found a huge cache of arms including assault rifles and radio communication sets.

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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Northern Humanitarian Operation - 7 May 2009


Guess What LTTE was to Do with This Monster !

MULLAITTIVU: EYEBROWS were raised when the troops dominating areas deep down in IRATTAVAIKKAL after terrorists were evicted, came across one more huge monstrous cylindrical metal structure, identical to a device that enables to live underwater. (See photos).Tigers appeared to have been weilding the structure just before the troops rolled in, as all the hallmarks confirmed.

This 360-ft long and 25 ft wide structure, apparently compartmentalized into three major sections, i.e. front (engine), office and the rear (relatively bigger), has been made of strong iron, and set on iron rails, like a railway carriage. In addition, a huge 300 ft-long canal with 30 ft deep water that leads to the seas beyond, has been dug touching this underwater structure, enabling it to float directly into the seas at any given time after induction. A few rotor blades that had been kept dismantled and hidden by terrorists were also found by the troops. The canal for its sailing has been tightly plastered with iron sheets on both sides.

This colossal unit that could be submerged in water and used as a ‘temporary home’ could have been produced on directives given by LTTE leadership, perhaps to be used for an emergency, in case of any troop advance and military domination, military experts maintained. On Wednesday (7), troops, headed by Major General Jagath Jayasuriya, Commander Security Forces, Wanni inspected this unusual structure during a tour he made to the area.

Readers are requested to send in their observations on this latest recovery, made by troops in Wanni.

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Be Vigilant, Says Defence Ministry

THE PUBLIC should remain vigilant as the LTTE may launch sudden attacks in any part of the country during the Vesak festive season, the Defence Ministry warned yesterday.

“There is a possibility that the LTTE which is now desperate in its hour of defeat may launch sudden attacks in any part of the island,” the Media Centre for National Security (MCNS) said.

It said that in this context, is essential that the public be extra vigilant about security.

It is a common sight that large crowds visit Colombo and suburban towns for sightseeing and to engage in meritorious activities organized to mark the Vesak festival.

“Security forces and the police have arranged to implement a programme to intensify the vehicle search to ensure public security. It is expected that the public will extend their fullest cooperation to the members of the security forces and the police in the performance of their duties,” it said.

It further said that the public are requested to contact telephone numbers 118 or 119when they notice any suspicious person or behaviour.

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LTTE in London attack the Chinese embassy and demolish windows

Colombo Lankapuvath May 07) About 150 supporters of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) who arrived at the People's Republic of China Embassy in busy Central London in Portland Place became violent and smashed up many windows of the office building yesterday (06).

The violent demonstrators who arrived at the embassy carrying the official separatist flag of the outfit from the parliament square where they have been allowed to perform a 24 hour vigil unprecedentedly by the British authorities made this their third embassy attack in London having successfully demolished the windows of the Indian High Commission building and the Sri Lanka High Commission building during the last week. On another occasion two days ago they blockaded the Indian high Commission building paralyzing the work of the embassy. On a previous occasion they beheaded the Sri Jawaharlal Nehru statue put up by the Westminster council close to India House.

The LTTE which is a banned organization as a foreign terrorist group in UK regardless act as if they have impunity and every time they break law only few individuals are arrested and others are allowed to go back to the parliamentary square where they fly their Fascist terrorist flag against the backdrop of the mother of all parliaments, the Westminister.

The 150 flag waving and slogan shouting demonstrators first of all tried to enter the Chinese embassy about 11.00 a.m. by force and were pushed back by the police.

Thereafter they became violent and started throwing missiles to smash up dozen windows of the Chinese embassy.
The Metropolitan Police said, three people out of the 150 were arrested , one for causing criminal damage, one for attempting to cause criminal damage and one on suspicion to cause personal injury to a police officers. All were released on bail to retain.

After causing the damage the demonstrators marched back to the parliament square.

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Understand the current realities about SriLanka : Do not to subjugate the aspirations of the Sri Lankan - Mahinda Rajapaksa.

Hilary Rajakarunanayake, Asian Tribune Editor in Sri Lanka

Colombo, 07 May, ( In an appeal to the international Sri Lanka President Mahinda Rajapaksa addressing the Colombo based diplomatic community - (Pix by Sudath Silva)community, Sri lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa categorically said , fully understand the current realities about Sri Lanka and in resolving the problems. He asked not to subjugate the aspirations and aims of the Sri Lankan people. Also in his appeal, he pleaded with the diplomatic community based in Colombo, "to assist in solving the problems of the Sri Lankan people and extend all assistance and cooperation for the building of this country, so that we can together see the end of terrorism in this country and worldwide, too."

Addressing the Diplomatic community today morning at Temple Trees, President Mahinda Rajapaksa stated: "As you are very well aware, the people of Sri Lanka have suffered for nearly three decades. We have suffered too long and our people have witnessed the trauma and agony unleashed by terrorist acts. At long last, we are on a threshold of defeating terrorism and facing a new era of lasting peace and security for all Sri Lankans.

In his address on the current developments in Sri Lanka, President Mahinda Rajapaksa further told the Diplomatic community based in Colombo as follows :

I am pleased to address you this morning at a time when humanitarian operations in the North are coming to an end and the country is about to be salvaged from the scourge of terrorism. The war with the LTTE is rapidly nearing its conclusion and it is my hope that this will create the space for democracy to flourish in the North again.

You are also very well aware that my Government was compelled to take military action against the LTTE only as a last resort. This was after all attempts to engage them in meaningful negotiations but failed. From the day I was elected, we gave priority to peace negotiations. We went to Geneva , we went to Oslo . In all these places, the LTTE made a mockery of the negotiations and left the negotiating table.

Undoubtedly, we have to be indebted to our brave security forces who have fought valiantly to defeat the LTTE, who were thought to be an invincible force. The military has now confined LTTE to an area less than 6 sq kms. in the safe zone created for the civilians. On my instructions, due to the priority given to the policy of zero civilian casualties, the security forces are limiting themselves to rescue operations of the entrapped civilians held hostage as a human shield by the LTTE. My primary and only concern is the well being and safety of the civilian population presently in the No Fire Zone and those displaced persons in the cleared areas.

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Video shows Sri Lanka rebels forcing civilian help

COLOMBO, Sri Lanka – Video footage captured from Sri Lanka's Tamil Tiger rebels showed their fighters forcing civilians to assist their war effort and depicted one insurgent in street clothes firing a heavy machine gun, the military said Thursday.

The government said the footage, posted on the Defense Ministry Web site, proves that the rebels have been putting civilians in the line of fire and have shed their military uniforms so they would be mistaken for noncombatants themselves if killed.

A U.N. report last month said nearly 6,500 civilians had been killed in three months of fighting this year, and health officials in the war zone say many more have been killed since then. Diplomatic pressure has built on the government to temporarily halt its offensive to allow an estimated 50,000 civilians trapped in the war zone to flee.

President Mahinda Rajapaksa, speaking to foreign diplomats Thursday, reiterated his opposition to a cease-fire.

The government says it is on the verge of defeating the rebels and such a pause would allow them to regroup. It has denied the reports of heavy civilian casualties and accused the rebels of holding the civilians as human shields.

The video showed a man, apparently a Tamil Tiger fighter, wearing a white, buttoned shirt, firing a heavy machine gun mounted on an armored vehicle as others in street clothes helped him maneuver.

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Don’t Try to Save the LTTE – White House Urged

Ms Badra Karunarathna handing over the petition to Mr Virgil B Strohmeyer, Political/Consular Officer, Embassy of the United States, Canberra, Australia
A group of almost 3700 Sri Lankans living in various parts of the world urged the United States to support the Sri Lankan government’s fight against LTTE terrorism. In a petition addressed to the US President Barack Obama and the Secretary of State Mrs Hillary Clinton, the 3700 signatories requested the US administration to:
  • provide unequivocal support to Sri Lankan government to fight the war against LTTE terrorism;
  • appeal to the Tamil Diaspora living in the US to influence LTTE not to prevent safe passage of civilians from the no –fire zone and to convince the LTTE to renounce terrorism;
  • not to negotiate or encourage any attempts to save the LTTE terrorism from extinction, especially not to negotiate escape mechanisms for LTTE leaders, which would result in more deaths and agony for hundreds and thousands of Sri Lankans of both present and future generations.

Leaks, errors and improprieties of UN underlings

Prof. Rajiva Wijesinha Secretary General Secretariat for Coordinating the Peace Process (SCOPP)

The Peace Secretariat is disturbed by a recent programme on British Channel 4 TV, which raised issues with regard to sexual violence in welfare camps. The programme is not however surprising, because we were aware that material was being prepared for leaking, as has become all too common recently with some employees of the United Nations in Sri Lanka.

We should note that such employees seem to have taken their superiors for a ride. The number of occasions on which the UN Resident Coordinator has had to apologize for accidents or leaks or fraudulent criticisms of Sri Lanka is steadily mounting.

The attached correspondence indicates that the disease is spreading. The Head of UNHCR claimed, when asked about a press release in Geneva that contained material not previously brought to government attention, that these matters had been discussed, and that there was more that he had kept confidential. It has however been pointed out, in Vavuniya to those responsible for these wild allegations, that the word of the UN as regarded confidentiality was a joke, given how often junior officials seem to have got away with irregularities. We predicted that the story of three dead bodies would soon hit the headlines, so it is not at all surprising that it did so, on British Television.

The detailed response of the Deputy Head of UNHCR as to what actually had been conveyed to the Sri Lankan authorities confirms the view that senior officials of the UN are both utterly decent and easily fooled by their subordinates. The assertion by the UNHCR Head about the body of a woman found in the river with torn clothes was also delivered in good faith, though this was too great a canard for his subordinates to put in writing.

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US air strikes kill dozens of Afghan civilians

By Ewen MacAskill and Mark Tran

LTTE inspires the Taliban to use civilians as human shield

(May 07, London, Sri Lanka Guardian) Note by the Editors of Sri Lanka Guardian: The International Community must recognize the LTTE as a global plague with political interests and far ahead of the Sicilian mafia in its underworld activities. There are signs that this plague has spread to southern India so much that even the Sonia Gandhi, the President of the ruling Congress Party was unable to hold an election rally.

It has begun to take roots in the university campuses of Canada and the United Kingdom and is spreading fast among the Tamil Diaspora in many countries. Even countries like Fiji, Mauritius, Guyana and South Africa have become exposed. Backing the LTTE unashamedly are some international organizations as well as even countries like Norway.

The option open for the International Community is to drum up a spontaneous support and help Sri Lanka to finish off the Tigers by whatever means possible. Sri Lankan Forces are capable of dealing with this problem but Sri Lanka needs help in various ways to ensure a dynamic rehabilitation programme is instituted without delay.

This will also show to the world that the International Community means business in bringing the Tigers to an end and the pro-LTTE Tamil Diaspora understands that reality.

Feature by Ewen MacAskill and Mark Tran

US-led air strikes killed dozens of Afghans, including women and children, the Red Cross said today as the Pentagon launched a joint investigation into what appeared to be one of the heaviest civilian death tolls at the hands of coalition forces.

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A French Sri Lankan victimized by LTTE’s foreign terrorism

(Lanka-e-News, May 06, 2009, 9.35 am) Lasantha, a Sri Lankan youth in France became the latest victim of the LTTE extremism against Sri Lankans in foreign soils.

Two Tamil youths followed Lasantha who was returning from work in a motorcycle Monday (04) and attacked his head with an axe. He survived with severe injuries thanks to the helmet he was wearing although the young man lost two teeth.

The incident took place in Drumcy area in France.

Lasantha the victim of the attack was a popular figure who acted as a compeer in many social activities of Sinhala and Buddhist organizations.

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Wanni Operation - 6 May 2009


Northern Humanitarian Operation - 6 May 2009


Behind Colombo's P.R. Battle Against the Tamil Tigers

By Jyoti Thottam / New Delhi, TIME

The Sri Lankan Army is fighting — and apparently about to win — a 25-year-old war against the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), a brutal ethnic separatist movement. Alongside the conventional war, which is now in its final stages, Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa has been fighting a carefully orchestrated public-relations battle.

The main issue is access. Since the Sri Lankan Army announced on April 20 the "imminent defeat" of the LTTE, both local and international media organizations have been clamoring to get into the combat zone and witness the end of one of the world's longest running conflicts. They have all been denied. The Defense Ministry set up the Media Center for National Security in 2006 specifically to monitor and control coverage of the war, and it has refused to allow journalists into the war zone in northern Sri Lanka since early 2008. That policy has not changed even with the announcement that the end is near. There have been hundreds of news stories written and broadcast about Sri Lanka in the last few weeks, but all of them have been written under tightly controlled conditions. The Army has arranged two recent trips, taking journalists first to the former Tiger political headquarters in Kilinochchi, which has been under Army control since Jan. 1, and then to Putumattalan, just west of the current combat zone. One group had time to speak to with some of the civilians fleeing the fighting. "We need to monitor the entire thing," says Keheliya Rambukwella, a spokesman and minister in the Sri Lankan government, because, he says, media coverage has been biased in favor of the LTTE. (See pictures inside Sri Lanka's rebel-held territory.)

>> Full Story: TIME

Time to Reconcile!

by Venerable Walpola Piyananda, Chief Sangha Nayake of America

After some 30 years of bloodshed, war, and strife; peace is within reach for Sri Lanka.

Now it is time to unite, to forgive, and to reconcile the good citizens of our small country who have been the victims of the terror of armed conflict. The LTTE used innocent people as a shield, brainwashing them and taking advantage of their talents.

But now, this is becoming a thing of the past, and we need to deal appropriately with the present so that all citizens in Sri Lanka will have a bright future. We need to deal with it not as a Sinhalese, a Tamil, a Muslim, a Burgher, or a Malay, but as a Sri Lankan. We need a new way of thinking, an “adjustment in perspective.”

The Sinhalese and Tamils have so much in common. We have similar customs and traditions which can be traced directly back to our common roots in India. Our religions, Buddhism and Hinduism, share many common traditions and customs, and even some dhamma and philosophy.

There were prominent figures in the history of Buddhism in Sri Lanka that were Tamils, including the most famous commentators, Buddhaghosa of the 4th century and Anuruddha (Manual of Abhidhamma) of the 11th century. In ancient times it was often the case that Sri Lankan Buddhist monks who ran into trouble with the current kings would take refuge at the Danakattaka Temple in India receiving help from the Tamils. In fact, one of the earliest promoters of Buddhism in the United States was a Tamil, Ananda Coomaraswamy, who was at Harvard University in the 1930’s.

Prior to the beginning of the terrorist activities, there were many good friendships between Tamils and Sinhalese. There were many Tamil doctors, lawyers, administrators and politicians who contributed greatly to the development of this small country we call home. It wasn’t at all uncommon for Tamils to visit Buddhist temples while Sinhalese visited Hindu kovils.

The time has come to rebuild those close relationships. In order to do this requires, above all, mutual respect, requires seeing through the eyes of kindness and patience that we, all of us, are Sri Lankans first and as such we have a duty to care for the welfare of our country. Regretfully we must admit, as people we all have some weaknesses, one of which is common to us as a nation: we love to talk much more than we love to listen. But now it’s time to listen; to listen to each other, to learn others’ languages so that we can fully understanding one another.

Let us remember that everything is impermanent, subject to change; therefore it is possible to overcome the problems of the past with changes made in the present. A multitude of problems are caused by thinking focused only on “my” and “I”; if we can eliminate that kind of thinking, we can eliminate our difficulties. Everybody needs to focus on one nation, one land, one sovereign Sri Lanka and equality for all.

Let’s not surrender to foreign influences trying to create divisions among us in order to prosper from our disunity. They are not concerned with what is best for our country, but only their own self-interest. The only people who had benefitted from this war are the arms dealers and NGO’s.

Our President Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa can be compared to Emperor Asoka in that he practices these three principles: 1) treats all citizens of his country as his own children; 2) while following his own religion, he respects all other religions; and 3) lives a simple life, satisfied with the basic needs. Our President also follows these same principles.

Being concerned for the citizens who were involved in this conflict, he is reaching out to the LTTE cadres with peace, offering those who surrender their weapons a safe haven. He has already started rehabilitating the people who have surrendered with training at vocational centers, helping them to return home to build peaceful lives. He is also helping the innocent Tamil civilians temporarily displaced by the war to return to re-establish their homes. At this crucial moment it is the responsibility of the Opposition Parties to support the government and give all their help to heal and unify Sri Lanka.

We don’t need peacemakers from Norway or any other country that doesn’t understand our culture: we can talk and listen directly to one another. And we can count on the support of our great Asian neighbors, India and China, whose cultural traditions enable them to understand us.

Let us make the most of this opportunity. Let us move forward as one nation. With peace and mutual understanding we can have the prosperity which is achievable by such talented people as ours. The future starts today. I appeal to all Sri Lankans to work together, for “Unity is Strength.”

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Lanka bourse hits new six-month high on war gains

(Reuters) Sri Lanka’s imminent military victory over the LTTE drove the stock market .CSE to a second consecutive six-month high today led by bluechips, traders said.

Provisional data at 0845 GMT showed the Colombo All-Share index .CSE had risen 1.37 percent or 25.52 points firmer to 1,894.17, to its highest since Nov. 7.

“The shrinking rebel area is moving the market with investors expecting the war to end soon,” said Mohandas Thangarajah, a stockbroker at First Guardian Equities.

Analysts and traders say investor confidence has been peaking with the military’s progress, which has given hope the investment environment will stabilise after the end of a conventional war that has raged off and on since 1983.

Top conglomerate John Keells Holdings JKH.CM, which was heavily traded in terms of volume and turnover had gained 1.99 percent to 77 rupees, bourse data showed.

Ranawiru wrist band to mark war hero’s month

The first commemorative bracelet to mark the war hero’s month will be presented to the President Mahinda Rajapakse tomorrow (07) at Temple Trees.

The bracelet will be sold for Rs. 100 the expected income from the sales is Rs. 100 Billion. The income earned from the sale will be deposited in "Api Wenuwen Api" fund launched for the welfare of war heroes Director General Media Centre for National Security Lakshman Hulugalle said.

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Tamils reap what they sowed

The conflict between the Sri Lankan government and the Tamil Tigers has deep, tangled roots. But to a rough order of magnitude, the moral stakes can be reduced to a single act of terrorist savagery that took place on July 29, 1999 - the day Neelan Tiruchelvam was blown out the side of his Nissan sedan by a female suicide bomber riding a moped.

Tiruchelvam was a Sri Lankan Tamil, but not the kind that makes excuses for terrorism, or for the nihilistic death cult led by Tigers chief Velupillai Pirapaharan. Instead, he sought to bring justice and self-determination for Sri Lanka's Tamil minority through negotiation and constitutional reform. In Sri Lanka, he was an elected parliamentarian and the founder of two major think tanks. In the United States, he taught at Harvard University, enlightening Western students about human-rights abuses committed in Sri Lanka - by the nation's military and the Tigers alike.

He was a moderate, in other words - the Tamils' answer to Yitzhak Rabin or Nelson Mandela. And that's why he was assassinated: The Tigers despise any Tamil who does not share their commitment to war and terrorism. Tiger propaganda - including the terrorist group's own "poet laureate" - spent years vilifying Tiruchelvam as a traitor prior to his assassination. Muzhakkam, a Tiger-controlled newspaper here in Canada joined in the campaign.

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'I realised we would never win'

Karuna says: "Prabhakaran will never surrender to the army because he knows his crimes. Or he will be killed by the army, and for the future peace of Sri Lanka, that would definitely be a good thing."

For more than 20 years, Colonel Karuna Amman was one of the most feared men in Sri Lanka.
Karuna's defection damaged the Tamil Tigers, or LTTE As the military commander of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) or the Tamil Tigers, Karuna - perhaps more than any other man - established the Tigers as one of the most formidable fighting machines in Asia.

At one time, in the late 1980s, he fought both the armies of India and Sri Lanka. It was Karuna's defection from the LTTE in 2004 which largely destroyed the Tigers as a serious fighting force and brought them to the brink of destruction today.

When we met Karuna at his offices in Colombo, it was hard to imagine that this smiling and quietly reserved 42-year-old man was number two in the LTTE and the military commander who had organised his 30,000 cadres into platoons, companies and regiments.

"I won 60% of my battles," he says, matter of fact.

His story and his growing disaffection with the LTTE, both its strategy and tactics, explains largely how the Tigers went from one of the most powerful and wealthiest proscribed terror groups in the world with around 30% of Sri Lanka under its control - and the capability to murder prime ministers and presidents both home and abroad - to a rump of desperadoes now staging a last stand on a tiny strip of land in northern Sri Lanka.

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Canadians plead guilty in terror trial - Face 25 Years; Plotted to buy missiles for Tamil Tigers

By Stewart Bell And Adrian Humphreys, National PostJanuary 28, 2009

The trial of three Canadians accused of travelling to New York in 2006 to buy anti-aircraft missiles and assault rifles for the Tamil Tigers guerrillas ended yesterday following two more guilty pleas.

Sahilal Sabaratnam, 29, and Thiruthanikan Thanigasalam, 41, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to support a foreign terrorist group and conspiracy to buy missiles.

Their co-accused, Sathajhan Sarachandran, 29, had already pleaded guilty on Monday.

They each face a minimum sentence of 25 years with a maximum of life imprisonment after admitting they were part of a Canadian-based arms procurement cell of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam rebels, also known as the LTTE.

"With these convictions we have sent a clear message that the LTTE and its supporters cannot use the United States as a source of supply for deadly weapons and technology, and that all terrorists who attempt to do so will be met

with the full resources of law enforcement," U. S. Attorney Benton Campbell said.

The case was the product of an undercover investigation, called Project O-Needle, conducted jointly by the FBI and the RCMP. The investigation began when the suspects made contact with a man they thought was a U. S. arms dealer but who was actually a confidential police informant.

The FBI launched an undercover sting operation that caught the defendants on tape negotiating to purchase 10 Russian SA-18 missiles and 500 AK-47 assault rifles for US$900,000.

The cell was working under the direction of Pottu Aman, the intelligence and procurement chief of the Tamil Tigers and right-hand man to guerrilla boss Velupillai Prabhakaran, the U. S. Attorney's office said in a statement.

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Sri Lankan President Urges UK Delegation Not To Be Fooled By LTTE

Hilary Rajakarunanayake, Asian Tribune Editor in Sri Lanka

Colombo, 06 May, ( President of Sri Lanka, Mahinda Rajapaksa told a visiting cross-party Parliamentary Delegation from the United Kingdom , that they should not be misled by the false propaganda of the LTTE, and instead carry out a careful assessment of the actual situation in Sri Lanka.

The LTTE that was facing defeat was using the media to spread falsehoods about how Sri Lanka was treating Tamil civilians, to win a propaganda war when it was losing the actual battle with the Sri Lankan armed forces.

Parliament of the United Kingdom cross-party members MP Mr.Desmond Henry Browne and delegation call on President Mahinda Rajapaksa at Temple Trees on 05th May. Also seen in the picture Basil Rajapaksa – Senior Advisor to Sri Lanka President
Countries that had identified the LTTE as an international organization should be aware of its record of terror in assessing its new propaganda war against Sri Lanka, he said, adding that the nearly 200,000 Tamil civilians who had come over to government held areas despite many threats and dangers from the LTTE was the best proof of the LTTE’s record and practice of terror even today.

He urged them to travel to Vavuniya, for which arrangements had been made, to see for themselves the conditions of the Internally Displaced Persons ( IDPs) there, and the steps being taken to constantly improve their conditions.

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Tigers’ Sinhala Language Trg Center Traced

MULLAITTIVU: LTTE terrorists-run Sinhala Language Training center cum Sinhala cultural center inside the eastern PUTHUKUDIYIRUPPU jungles, used very much for training of LTTE suicide cadres, has been found by 57 Division troops while they were expanding their search operations further deep into the area.

Sinhala Language books for primary learning, photos from ANURADHAPURA, POLONNARUWA, MATARA, HAMBANTOTA, MAHIYANGANAYA and COLOMBO areas, copy writing and exercise books, and a stock of Sinhala audio cassettes with two blackboards containing Sinhala letters were collected from this complex during this search.

On one side of the center was a large stock of war materials that had been kept stacked and partly buried for safe-keeping as the troops started digging further in.

There were seventeen claymore mines, large stocks of 17 mm and 23 mm ammunition rounds, hand grenades, parcels of C-4 explosives, electric detonators, nineteen suicide jackets, two hundred and sixty claymore covers, two suicide bombs, tethered to under-wears and some parts of 76 mm weapons.

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Wanni Operation Vs Americal and Israeli Operations A Comparison

Time for a more vibrant public sector

President Mahinda Rajapaksa is reported to have expressed his disappointment over the services rendered by the Graduates that were incorporated into the Public Service as a fulfilment of a pledge given by him during the presidential campaign. On that occasion keeping with a popular mandate this administration offered thousands of unemployed graduates positions in the public sector, often creating new titles for the newcomers even though they were mainly doing clerical work previously done by less qualified personnel. This policy of the government was a deviation from the policies of the UNF government between 2001-2004, which sought to shrink the Public Service, mostly driven by the advice of the World Bank and the IMF.

With the International Monetary Fund coming up with a loan to strengthen Sri Lanka’s reserves, the time is ripe to revisit the possibility of reforming this dinosaur that we call the Public Sector.

Sri Lanka boasts of one of the largest public sectors in the world considering the ratio of public servants to the population. By recent calculations, there is one public servant to every 17 citizens in Sri Lanka, far more than the required number to serve a population of some 20 million people.

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Jonathan Kay on the legacy of Neelan Tiruchelvam: The Tamil Tigers have reaped what they've sown

The conflict between the Sri Lankan government and the Tamil Tigers has deep, tangled roots. But to a rough order of magnitude, the moral stakes can be reduced to a single act of terrorist savagery that took place on July 29, 1999 — the day Neelan Tiruchelvam was blown out the side of his Nissan sedan by a female suicide bomber riding a moped.

Tiruchelvam was a Sri Lankan Tamil, but not the kind that makes excuses for terrorism, or for the nihilistic death cult led by Tigers chief Velupillai Pirapaharan. Instead, he sought to bring justice and self-determination for Sri Lanka’s Tamil minority through negotiation and constitutional reform. In Sri Lanka, he was an elected parliamentarian and the founder of two major think tanks. In the United States, he taught at Harvard University, enlightening Western students about human-rights abuses committed in Sri Lanka — by the nation’s military and the Tigers alike.

He was a moderate, in other words — the Tamils’ answer to Yitzhak Rabin or Nelson Mandela. And that’s why he was assassinated: The Tigers despise any Tamil who does not share their commitment to war and terrorism. Tiger propaganda — including the terrorist group’s own “poet laureate” — spent years vilifying Tiruchelvam as a traitor prior to his assassination. Muzhakkam, a Tiger-controlled newspaper here in Canada joined in the campaign.

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Wanni Operation - 5 May 2009


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Large Stocks of LTTE arms and ammunition Recovered from Liberated Areas


Troops close in on last LTTE hideout, amidst stiff LTTE resistance

Security forces have now cornered the remaining LTTE cadre including its most wanted terror chiefs into a mere land South of Rektavaikkaland surging in three frontal ground maneuvers to rescue civilian hostages held at gunpoint, says the Ministry of Defence .

According to ground information received, troops are advancing with utmost restraint into the remaining swathe of the NFZ, avoiding any form of civilian casualties despite continuous and provocative LTTE mortar and direct roll artillery barrages.

58 and 53 Division infantrymen advancing from North and West of Mullivaikkal met with stiff LTTE resistance throughout yesterday (04), while the 59 Division troops commenced advancing Northwards from the initial forward defences at Wadduvakal.

Terrorists have suffered heavy beating from the security forces and now left in total disarray with successive loses of both ground and cadre, mentioned the Ministry of Defence.

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