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Hillary Clinton's Remarks Cause Outrage in Sri Lankan Community

Many are outraged over Secretary of State Clinton's allegation that 'untold suffering has resulted from Sri Lanka's military action against the LTTE terrorists

United States of America (Press Release) April 22, 2009 --
Los Angeles, CA - A Sri Lankan activist group has written to US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton expressing outrage at her remarks that military action against the brutal Tamil Tigers of Tamil Eelam by Sri Lankan forces has caused 'untold suffering.'

Sri Lankan Patriots (SLP) in a letter reminded Clinton that many Sri Lankan soldiers have sacrificed their lives to free Tamil civilians from the stranglehold of a 'Pol Pot type regime' run by the LTTE.

Clinton told lawmakers on Wednesday. "I think that the Sri Lankan government knows that the entire world is very disappointed that in its efforts to end what it sees as 25 years of conflict, it is causing such untold suffering.

Full text of the SLP letter to Clinton:

Dear Madam Secretary:

We refer to a statement made earlier today that the Sri Lankan military campaign against the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) has caused ‘untold suffering.’
source: FPR

Your censure of Sri Lanka is shocking !

Sri Lankan soldiers have sacrificed their lives to save Tamil civilians held hostage by the brutal Tamil Tigers. On April 20, facing stiff resistance, Sri Lankan troops brought down a bund that the Tigers had built to imprison civilians and prevent them from escaping. Twenty young soldiers lost their lives, but thanks to their sacrifice, over 70,000 Tamils were able to get to the safe areas maintained by Sri Lankan troops. Your harsh and unwarranted words will, no doubt, cause great pain to the families of these and other young Sri Lankan men and women who have died so that their Tamil brothers and sisters may find freedom.

Sri Lanka’s current attempt to defeat the LTTE is just and warranted by any standards. There is overwhelming evidence that while claiming to be the ‘representative of the Tamil people,’ theLTTE has run a Pol-Pot type regime in the Wanni, subjecting Tamil residents to untold misery, using very young children as fighters, depriving residents of food and essentials (which are regularly shipped by the Sri Lankan government). As the whole world is well aware, the Tigers are the masters of suicide bombings which deliberately target civilian.

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Prabhakaran's Golden Key and investors

Those who pinned their hopes on Prabhakaran are in the same predicament as the Golden Key depositors. Prabhakaran has ruined his enterprise in which they had invested heavily, through his sheer mismanagement, temerariouness and hubris. However, he and his family must be having no regrets. They have lived in clover.
Nothing has exposed the LTTE and its backers more than the army's successful rescue mission on Monday. Prabhakaran, the self-styled messiah, had no qualms about unleashing unbridled terror against the very people he once promised to liberate.

While his supporters were engaged in aggressive protests overseas to mislead the world into belief that the Sri Lanka military was committing genocide, Prabhakaran let loose his brainwashed suicide cadres on fleeing civilians by way of punishment. He also trained his big guns on those miserable people. The whole world saw those acts of craven terrorism thanks to real time pictures from a UAV above the civilian safe zone.

It is not only Prabhakaran and his fellow criminals on the battlefield who must be condemned for violence against civilians. His collaborators staging protests in foreign capitals and foreign diplomats running riot in Colombo together with their INGO/NGO hirelings all out to derail Sri Lanka's war on terror must also be held answerable for those crimes as it is they who keep the LTTE going by giving Prabhakaran false hope that if he could hold out, they would be able to have the war halted. All of them therefore have on their hands the blood of the innocent men, women and children perishing at the hands of LTTE death squads. But for their anti-Sri Lanka campaign, Prabhakaran would have come to terms with his fate and given up fighting months ago. Or, not to put too fine a point on it, he would have shuffled off his mortal coil leaving others in peace.

Imminent as the end of Prabhakaran and his band of terrorists may be, they will go down in history as the most internationally recognised terrorist outfit in the world. The LTTE which India once created to frighten Sri Lanka into submission as the latter gravitated towards the US in a bipolar world at that time has today qualified for a bail-out package of sorts from the US, which is all out to put the kibosh on final operation to decapitate the outfit. That is the reward Sri Lank has got for being 'pro-American'! It was only a few weeks ago that a former US ambassador to Sri Lanka suggested to a Senate Sub Committee in Washington that foreign aid be used as a bludgeon to make Sri Lanka toe the US line where the war against the LTTE was concerned. Now it is reported that the IMF has come under pressure not to grant a much needed loan facility to Sri Lanka, unless its war on terror is brought to an abrupt end. However, the government is confident that it will get the loan.

The UK wants Sri Lanka to stop war and so does the whole of EU. Ironically, those countries are giving life support to an outfit they have banned as a ruthless terrorist organisation on their soil!

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Upon learning there were complaints of people defecating in the World Exchange Plaza's parking garage over the weekend, a spokesman for the Tamil protesters on Wellington St. went on a speaker yesterday and reminded demonstrators to respect local businesses.

It's not known exactly who was defecating in the garage, or if it was a protester, but a plaza employee said it's not common.

"It's not against any rules but it's breaking a moral code," said the employee, who didn't want to be identified.

He also said protesters were sleeping in their cars in the garage.

Other garages in the immediate area said they've had no problems.

The protest has created some problems for businesses in the area.

A sign at the Tim Hortons at Metcalfe and Sparks streets yesterday advised customers the washrooms were out of order.

Meanwhile, the protest carried on through its seventh day on Wellington St. in the shadow of Parliament Hill.

Paramedics were called to check on one of the five people on a hunger strike shortly before noon after he complained of stomach pains.

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Upon learning there were complaints of people defecating in the World Exchange Plaza's parking garage over the weekend, a spokesman for the Tamil protesters on Wellington St. went on a speaker yesterday and reminded demonstrators to respect local businesses.

It's not known exactly who was defecating in the garage, or if it was a protester, but a plaza employee said it's not common.

"It's not against any rules but it's breaking a moral code," said the employee, who didn't want to be identified.

Unhealthy civil act

Business cries foul over public defecation; health of hunger-striking Tamils begins to slip

Upon learning there were complaints of people defecating in the World Exchange Plaza's parking garage over the weekend, a spokesman for the Tamil protesters on Wellington St. went on a speaker yesterday and reminded demonstrators to respect local businesses.

It's not known exactly who was defecating in the garage, or if it was a protester, but a plaza employee said it's not common. "It's not against any rules but it's breaking a moral code," said the employee, who didn't want to be identified.

He also said protesters were sleeping in their cars in the garage. Other garages in the immediate area said they've had no problems. The protest has created some problems for businesses in the area. A sign at the Tim Hortons at Metcalfe and Sparks streets yesterday advised customers the washrooms were out of order.

Meanwhile, the protest carried on through its seventh day on Wellington St. in the shadow of Parliament Hill. Paramedics were called to check on one of the five people on a hunger strike shortly before noon after he complained of stomach pains.

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Is US State’s Boucher violating Patriot Act initiating dialogue with Sri Lanka’s LTTE?

Washington, D.C. 14 April ( A media note issued by Washington’s Sri Lanka Embassy following a meeting at the State Department between Sri Lanka foreign secretary Dr. Palitha Kohona and US assistant secretary of state Richard Boucher states that the latter’s intention to meet with the LTTE leaders.

The embassy media note stated: "The assistant secretary of state also raised the possibility of having an individual meet with LTTE leaders to discuss a surrender under which the LTTE would lay down their weapons."

The State Department has so far not denied this vital paragraph of the media note.

Former American Ambassador to Sri Lanka (2003-06) Jeffrey Lunstead in his often quoted research paper of May 2007 to Asia Foundation titled The United States Role In Sri Lanka’s Peace Process 2002 – 2006 while encouraging the United States to maintain a rapport with the Tamil Tigers says that it is not a legal impediment but a policy decision not to have any contact with the outfit which was designated a Foreign Terrorist Organization (FTO) under federal laws.

However contradicting his own previous observation Jeffrey Lunstead’s following observations very clearly indicate that the United States regretted the legal impediments that prevented direct contacts with the Tamil Tigers.

Lunstead clearly laments the legal impediments the U.S. had in dealing with the LTTE:

"The legal restrictions were clear: the U.S. government could not provide material assistance to the LTTE, and had to block LTTE funds. LTTE officials could not obtain visas to visit the U.S. unless a waiver was granted by the Attorney General based on a recommendation by the Secretary of State. It should be noted that there is no legal proscription against meeting with LTTE officials. A decision not to meet with LTTE officials is a policy decision, not a legal one."

He further states:

"U.S. policy was nuanced in other ways. On the most basic level, the U.S. supported the process as constructed, which involved the acceptance of the LTTE as a negotiating partner of the government. The U.S. also made no objection to, and indeed generally supported, the direct engagement of other parties with the LTTE. When the GSL indicated that it was uncomfortable with a high-level visitor (such as European Commissioner for Foreign Relations Chris Patten) visiting the LTTE headquarters in Kilinocchi meet LTTE leader Prabhakaran, the U.S. strongly supported the proposed visit."

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Humanitarian operations continued

Humanitarian operations conducted by Sri Lankan Armed forces have reached its final stage; with troops are poised to rescue thousands of civilians in the No Fire Zone [NFZ] held hostage by the LTTE terrorists. Sri Lanka Army has almost swept away all terrorists strongholds in the northern anterior of the 12 kilometres long NFZ demarcated for the civilians and now limited their mop up operations to the southern anterior.

Sri Lanka Army 58 Division soldiers are spearheading the rescue operations as they have established their positions closest to the NFZ border, West of Ampalavanpkkanai and South of Puthumathalam. Troops have identified the best accessible routes for the civilians to come out of the NFZ and established rescue points there. According to the defence sources, some of these rescue points are located just 150 metres short of the LTTE built earth bund on the NFZ border.

" Troops continuously keep the civilians informed about the safe routes to the cleared areas as they open up more escape routes to the civilians by removing terrorists blockades", said the sources.

"Public address systems have been a positioned at several locations closest to the NFZ to convey these information to the civilians", the sources added.

Meanwhile, troops of 58 Division rescued 386 hostages including 157 children, 98 women and 137 men during the daytime yesterday (Apr 9). The civilians so rescued have told the correspondent that the LTTE has been committing horrendous crimes to prevent civilians leaving their hold.

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Wanni Operation 10 th April 2009


Sri Lanka Diaspora Blog

Making peace is more difficult than making war. But a start has to be made somewhere. It is hoped that this dialogue will be one of many endevours leading to a road map for all communities in Sri Lanka to co-exit in a non-violent environment.
The primary Mission is to engage the Sri Lankan Government in realizing the vision as outlined above. The way forward lies in a two pronged approach, namely on the economic and political fronts.

Australian editor leads Tamil diaspora team for Lanka talks:
The Sri Lankan government has begun what it calls a dialogue with the large Sri Lankan Tamil communities living overseas, hoping they will help to rebuild the war-shattered northern parts of the country.

Senior government ministers and other officials have held talks in Colombo with a delegation comprising members of the Tamil diaspora communities in Australia, Britain, Canada, France, Germany, Norway and Switzerland.

The talks came amid what the government has described as the final stage of a major military offensive to crush a decades-old separatist campaign by the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam.

The diaspora delegation was led by an Australian Tamil newspaper editor, Dr. Noel Nadesan who told Lindsey Arkley he’s already angered some Tamils in Australia by publishing anti-LTTE remarks.

Listen to Audio Clip:

Bridge the trust deficit, a Tamil diaspora leader tells President Rajapaksa

My eldest brother must pave the way for the Tamils living abroad to come back and work for Sri Lanka’, Mathi Kumaraturai (38), a leader of the Tamil Diaspora from Denmark, told the Asian Tribune, saying ‘For me Sri Lanka President is my eldest brother. He must remove the trust deficit that is responsible for the ethnic divide in the country’.

‘It was the Sri Lankan Tamils who were the live-nerves of the war for Tamil Eelam. And if Sri Lanka Government wanted the support of the Tamils living abroad, they should come forward to embrace the Tamils as their own brothers and sisters and allow them to live in Sri Lanka with honor and dignity’, said Mathi Kumaraturai.

A nephew of Late A. Thangathurai MP and a veteran TULF leader, Mathi Kumaraturai was in Colombo on March 28 and 29 to attend a dialogue the Sri Lankan government held with the Tamil diaspora. He and 20 other leaders of the Overseas Sri Lankan Tamils community from nine countries attended the brainstorming session hosted at Mount Lavania Hotel.

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Tamils live abroad say LTTE destroyed Wanni Tamils

Mrs. Rajeswari Balasubramaniam , a member of the team of Sri Lankan Tamils living abroad that arrived in Sri Lanka told The Island, though the LTTE designated themselves representatives of the Lankan Tamils they had only destroyed the life of the Wanni based Tamils.

The team expressed their views to the Foreign Ministry officials a few days after their arrival in Sri Lanka.

Mrs Balasubramaniam arrived from London to join team.

"I totally reject the LTTE's stance that the Government in the guise of running welfare camps in Vavuniya is resorting to slavery. I visited these camps and realized they were better maintained than such welfare camps in South India", she said.

An old woman whom Balasubramaniam had met in one welfare camp had told her that in 1991 she gave food to the LTTE while she was in Jaffna but when she and her family attempted to escape from Tiger controlled areas she was attacked.

She described the vessel Vanagaman due to arrive from the UK as a political ruse by the LTTE. The representatives of the Tamil diaspora also placed several suggestions before Presidential Advisor and MP Basil Rajapaksa to improve the living conditions of the residents of the welfare camps.

She also warned government authorities that there could be LTTE cadres among those who live in welfare camps and therefore it is the duty of the government to prevent any recurrence of events of the past.

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Here are Top-Rung Tiger Leaders Perished

MULLAITTIVU: THE cream of the LTTE organization appears to be fast dying off, unable to meet the resistance of the troops who have now shown up at the doorstep to the No Fire Zone where Tigers are holding hundreds of Tamil civilians captive, barring them from moving into government-held areas.

Over a dozen of top-rung Tiger leaders, including PUTHUKKUDIYIRUPPU area leader, THAVABALASINGHAM alias THEEPAN alias TANGOPAPA alias THEEBAN, special women’s leader VIDUSHA, Leader for “MALATHI Regiment”, KEERTHI, PUTHUKKUDIYIRUPPU Military Leader, SUNDARAM alias NAGESH, Military Leader for PUTHUKKUDIYIRUPPU area NADARASA alias GOPAL, Leader for “KUTTI Sri Mortar Regiment”, DURUGA, special leader for LTTE “SODIYA Regiment”, GADAFFI alias VIDUTHALAI alias AMUDAN, Leader for LTTE Special Training School, MANIWANNAN, Leader for LTTE “Artillery Regiment”, and MOHAN, Senior Leader for “SODIYA Regiment” were among the senior Tigers to have died in the confrontations that led to the complete fall of PUTHUKKUDIYIRUPPU.

Descriptive details, pertaining to some of those dead top LTTE leaders are as follows;

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LTTE shooting fleeing civilians

UN Under Secretary General Sir John Holmes said that although the LTTE leadership says that the Tamil civilians accompanied them into the war zone voluntarily and they do not want to leave, there are continuing reports of shooting at fleeing civilians, destroying boats to prevent them leaving and forcing them to fight against their will by the LTTE.

He said it is clear that the LTTE is refusing to let people flee, though many are managing to escape somehow. He added: ' I fear the combatants may be gearing up for a final confrontation. This is a very grave situation.'

Sir John Holmes writing in the London'? Guardian newspaper of April 8 said they have told the terrorist group that civilians trapped by the fighting in the North must be allowed a free choice of whether to leave or stay.

The Under Secretary General for Humanitarian Affairs of the United Nations said, the LTTE's leadership claims the civilians in the conflict zone do not want to leave because they accompanied the LTTE voluntarily in the first place and are afraid of government reprisals. Yet there are continuing reports that the group's fighters are shooting at fleeing civilians, limiting fishing and sabotaging boats that might be used to escape, and forcing people to fight against their will.

Holmes further added, civilians trapped by the fighting must be allowed a free choice of whether to leave or stay, as we have made clear to the LTTE. If the LTTE truly has the best interests of the Tamil people at heart, they should contribute to ending this unnecessary civilian suffering.

There have been many hundreds of civilian deaths caused by firing from both sides, though exact numbers and who fired what and when are impossible to verify. It is clear that the LTTE is refusing to let people flee, though many are managing to escape somehow, and I fear the combatants may be gearing up for a final confrontation. This is a very grave situation. As a full-scale, long-term ceasefire is unlikely to be agreed now, the only way to get the civilians out of harm's way is a temporary humanitarian lull, during which aid workers and relief supplies must be allowed into the conflict zone, and those who want to leave must be given the chance to do so.

He also wrote: Both sides have a duty to bring this about. The LTTE's leadership claims the civilians in the conflict zone do not want to leave because they accompanied the LTTE voluntarily in the first place and are afraid of government reprisals. Yet there are continuing reports that the group's fighters are shooting at fleeing civilians, limiting fishing and sabotaging boats that might be used to escape, and forcing people to fight against their will. Civilians trapped by the fighting must be allowed a free choice of whether to leave or stay, as we have made clear to the LTTE. If the LTTE truly has the best interests of the Tamil people at heart, they should contribute to ending this unnecessary civilian suffering.

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Wanni Operation LTTE Get Hammered 09 04 2009


Wanni Operation Northern War front 09 04 2009


Another massive LTTE armoury recovered 09/04/2009


LTTE armoury blasted 09/04/2009


Wanni Operation 2008.04.09



The eradication of LTTE carders from last ditches of Vanni region is about to finish off. Since their armed struggle started in early eighties, the military powers of Tamil Tigers have gone from strength to strength until the present government took over the control of governance in 2006. Some of our past political leaders who ruined the country over last few decades since independence especially after 1977 have blatantly described LTTE as an undefeatable military outfit. Our heroic forces have given an unforgettable historical lesson to those traitors of the motherland.

Fourth Eelam war is heading to a disastrous end to LTTE leadership and its military formation. Government forces are now marching towards the greatest victory not only by eliminating the Tamil Tiger terrorism but also liberating the innocent Tamil civilians from the clutches of Tiger brutality. The damage so far that Tamil Tigers have done against their own Diaspora is irreparable. When LTTE launched their first guerilla style attack against Sri Lankan government forces in early eighties and later gradually converted its military capability to a conventional warfare, the youngest population of Tamil youths was pushed to their war chest. This is the most productive age of a population that any community maintains their sustainable growth. Males and females belong to Tamil community of the age between 18-30 years were initially drawn to so called “freedom struggle”. As the carders continued getting killed and disabled as the results of confrontations between rival forces, tigers turned their eye on recruiting under-aged males and females to fill the vacant spots of on going war. Finally, they ended up with conscripting child solders to replace dead and disabled combatants to maintain the expanded territory. During the same period, LTTE brutally massacred young members of other Tamil militant groups of TELO, PLOTE, EPRLF and EPDP to crown as the sole representatives of Tamil Diaspora in north and east.

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Tamil voices in the net rise against LTTE

(April 09, Atlanta, Sri Lnaka Guardian) As the Tigers are receiving deadly blows in Northern Sri Lanka, several Tamils have reacted strongly against the Tiger leadership. The unprecedented number of anti- LTTE sentiments in the internet can be observed especially from blog responses in website such as

One Tamil blogger writes:

“Untold suffering, genocide are all the lot of the Tamils in the N&EP – more so in the Northern Province now, particularly in the Wanni. Imposed by the Sinhala army and Sinhala Govts. But your account looks highly exaggerated – more to catch the international eye. It is not only the army that is keeping Tamils as hostages. It is not only the army that shot fleeing civilians in the back. I am inclined to believe much of the horrors against Tamils were engineered and brutally committed by the Tigers. Our frontline able and respected political leadership was totally destroyed – in the name of liberation. The lives of an entire generation of innocent Tamils is totally ruined by Tiger miscalculations – although the sacrifices and the resolve of the tigers, particularly in the initial stages, will never be forgotten by Tamils today and in the future – globally as well. But let us do some self-criticism. Tamils would have been better off if the struggle was continued under the democratic Parliamentary path lead by those enlightened men who spoke for us in Parliament.

Sampanthan is the only voice of moderation in that vintage that is now left. Wise Thondaman (Snr) carrying a huge and older burden lead his people along the right path – their present and future is assured; their homes, villages and lives intact. His people are less suspect than we are in a country and with the majority we must continue to live in We have lost all – due to the fascistic control of the autocratic Tigers who plundered (blundered as well) the Tamil political leadership. It is time for the Tamils to think afresh – even after the coming of Eelam that seems inevitable. The essential plural and democratic environment for this is necessary,” according to this blogger.

The blogger who continues in the name of Ilaya Seran Senguttuvan further claims that,
“Tigers must now voluntarily give away to a political formation of a civilian leadership of mature politicians, Hindu, Christian and Muslin religious leaders, academics – including women and the youth. Enabling conditions for the return of our Muslim and Sinhala brethren must be created in the new society. If this is accomplished the necessary Sinhala popular assent to this will immediately flow together with acceptance and aid from the world community and the more successful Tamils in the diaspora – all waiting to help an entire generation of Tamils under the gun.”

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Army fears clashes between LTTE, civilians

COLOMBO: The Sri Lankan military on Thursday said serious disturbances had been observed in the “No-Fire Zone” (NFZ) on Wednesday afternoon.

According to the military, LTTE cadre and leaders, including its chief Velupillai Prabakaran, have taken shelter in the NFZ. The Defence Ministry said loud explosions and machinegun fire were heard in the Ampalawanpokkanai area and attributed them to a possible clash between LTTE cadre and civilians stranded in the NFZ.

“Sri Lanka Army units deployed just 500-400 metres short of the LTTE-built earth bund on the border of the NFZ in Ampalawanpokkanai west reported sighting of a large group of people gathering in the NFZ during the afternoon hours before the explosions and shooting began. The sources suspect a serious clash between the LTTE terrorists and their civilian hostages held in the zone,” said the Ministry.

It said troops had observed something similar to organised gathering of people in the area in front of them following an announcement by the military asking the LTTE to release the civilian hostages and to lay down their arms.

The Ministry said Ampalawanpokkanai was the area closest to the Army’s forward position to which the civilians had access via the causeway, if allowed through by the Tigers. It said troops were manning their defences a few hundred meters short of NFZ border there to provide maximum protection to escaping civilians.

The military further said troops deployed in the area rescued a group 118 civilians and maintained that the LTTE had been busy building command bunkers and other fortifications, to pre-empt escape by civilians.

“It is likely that LTTE is going to concentrate all its remaining field leaders and best fighting cadre in this area,” said the Ministry. Citing intelligence sources, it said Pottu Amman had ordered newly-appointed police chief Ilango to send his entire cadre to the frontline.

Separately, the military said soldiers now advancing beyond the eastern limits of Puthukkudiyiruppu clashed with the LTTE. “The soldiers withstood stiff resistance from the terrorists desperately trying to hold their positions on tactically vital northern bank of the Nanthikadal lagoon and inflicted heavy damages to the enemy,” it said.

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Restrain Vaiko

Vaiko's admiration for the LTTE is well known. And his party's concern for the beleaguered Tamils in Sri Lanka is understandable. But his recent
outbursts on the issue are alarming and a threat to social peace. On Wednesday, he warned of a bloodbath in Tamil Nadu if any harm was done to the LTTE leader Prabhakaran. His party Marumalarchi Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (MDMK) even passed a resolution seeking a removal of the ban on the LTTE in India.

The tragic plight of Sri Lankan Tamils is an emotional issue for people of Tamil Nadu. Political parties across ideologies support the legitimate concerns of Tamils in Sri Lanka. Most of them, despite the rhetoric, seem to recognise the limitations of intervening in the affairs of a sovereign country. Much of the political mainstream so far has been careful not to confuse the rights of the Tamil minority with the political goals of the LTTE. However, fringe politicians see these as inseparable and want the rest of us to see things their way. They are free to argue their cause but to threaten violence if the rest of the world doesn't heed them is to abuse the right to free speech. Incitement to violence, however justified the cause may be, is a crime and has no place in democratic discourse. Vaiko should know that sedition and threat to violence are serious crimes since his current ally, AIADMK chief Jayalalithaa, had jailed him under POTA in 2002 on similar charges. Jayalalithaa and other Third Front partners must caution Vaiko that his threats are unacceptable and liable to prosecution.

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Gaddafi appreciative of Sri Lanka’s success in defeating the ruthless terrorist organization

Tripoli, 10 April, ( The strengthening Sri Lanka President Mahinda Rajapaksa warmly received by Libyan Leader Muammar Gaddafi ibya at Serfi, Libya - April 09. (pix Sudath Silva)economic and trade ties between Libya and Sri Lanka featured prominently in bilateral talks held on Friday between Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa and the Libyan Head of State Colonel Muammar Gaddafi at the special venue for meetings with distinguished visitors at Sheri, Libya.

President Rajapaksa who is the first Sri Lankan Head of State to visit Libya apprised the Libyan leader of steps being taken to free the people of Sri Lanka from terrorism, and ensure the provision of humanitarian needs of the people of the North of Sri Lanka.

The Libyan leader was appreciative of the success and experience of Sri Lanka in defeating the world's most ruthless terrorist organization, which he considered an example to the entire world in the battle against terrorism.

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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Wanni Operation - 08.04.2009


Navy Beefs Up Security At Northern Naval FDL


Stipulate a maximum retail price of essential food items with effect from midnight

The Government has decided to stipulate a maximum retail price of essential food items gazetted with effect from today midnight to prevent the unfair trading of errant traders, Minister of Trade, Marketing Development, Co-operatives and Consumer Services Bandula Gunawardena said at the special conference held at the Government information Department today (08).

According to the special gazetted a maximum retail price of white sugar Rs.73 per kilo, dhal Rs.175 per kilo, Milk Powder Rs.637 per kilo and chicken Rs.320 per kilo with effect from today midnight.

The Consumer Affairs Authority (CAA) has been instructed to carry out islandwide raids to nab the errant traders who sell essential food items at higher prices violating the stipulating maximum retail prices.

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Allow Civilians their own choice – John Holmes

"It is clear that the LTTE is refusing to let people flee, though many are managing to escape somehow, and I fear the combatants may be gearing up for a final confrontation. This is a very grave situation," the UN Under Secretary General Sir John Holmes said.

Sir John Holmes further said that though the LTTE claims that the Tamil civilians accompanied them voluntarily into the war zone, there are continuing reports of shooting at fleeing civilians. Moreover, destroying boats to prevent the civilians from leaving by sea and forcing them to take up arms against their will are also unacceptable. Sir John Holmes appealed, in an article written to London Guardian on April 8, that civilians must be allowed a free choice of whether to leave or stay.

"As a full-scale, long-term ceasefire is unlikely to be agreed now, the only way to get the civilians out of harm's way is a temporary humanitarian lull, during which aid workers and relief supplies must be allowed into the conflict zone, and those who want to leave must be given the chance to do so,” Sir John Holmes said.

"For its part, the government of Sri Lanka must stick to its promise of not using heavy weapons while the fighting lasts, and hold off from any final attack in the conflict zone while the pause is negotiated. With so many people packed into such a small area, further military action not only risks more civilian deaths and injuries but also threatens to undermine the government's credibility with the international community and the national groups with whom it must soon seek reconciliation.

"At this critical juncture independent aid workers must be allowed to bring in more aid, assess the situation and help civilians to decide their own fate. Indeed, unless better access for supplies and aid workers is urgently secured, the ravages of disease, untreated wounds and hunger will kill many more people.

"The government must also show flexibility by recognizing that many of the civilians in the conflict zone have genuine fears about possible mistreatment, whether the government deems them well-founded or not. It must also make clear that the safety of all civilians will be guaranteed, and that all those laying down their arms will be treated in accordance with the rule of law.

"A vital part of this is ensuring that treatment of internally displaced people is in line with international standards - including the need for transparent screening and registration processes, guaranteed freedom of movement, and commitments to ensure speedy return to their places of origin. If the UN can play a role in bringing this about and monitoring it with other international groups, it is fully ready to do so."

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How Puthukkudiyiruppu Achievement Acquired

MULLAITTIVU: THE TRIUMPHANT end of the military onslaught that bagged the whole of PUTHUKKUDIYIRUPPU LTTE stronghold sans the remaining No Fire Zone (NFZ) strip, to which the LTTE has now crept in with heavy weapons was meticulously planned and effectively executed under the direct and able command of Lt. Gen. Sarath Fonseka, Commander of the Army.

Troops of the Sri Lanka Army reaching almost the end of the month long humanitarian operation in VANNI finally closed in on PUTHUKKUDIYIRUPPU, the northeastern most coconut and jungle-infested area in MULLAITTIVU district, where no soldier had even dared to tread in. Sunday (5) morning’s completion of most of head-on collisions with terrorists and capture of the entire PUTHUKKUDIYIRUPPU area, other than the NFZ strip marked the closure of a chapter for War for Peace.

Tigers who have been fighting a futile war for the utopian “Eelam”, wanted only by a handful of Diaspora Tamils at the expense of their own civilians were reduced to the plight of a band of ruthless terrorists as the violence used by them intensified day by day.

As the innocent lives of political, religious and community leaders, ordinary civilians and even small children, turned exposed to LTTE threats the government finally requested them to move into the No Fire Zone in PUTHUMATTALAN, as the military thrust was on the increase.

Troops of the 53, 55 and 58 Divisions and Task Force VIII finally encircled the PUTHUMATTALAN “No Fire Zone” after reaching from the north, west and southern directions. With surviving LTTE leaders, including VELUPILLAI PRABHAKARAN are now cornered to the walls of the remaining areas in the NFZ, bordered to the Indian ocean from the east and NANTHIKADAL lagoon from the western side. It restricted all narrow accesses from the north, west and also the south. All military offensives were coordinated under the supervision of Major General Jagath Jayasuriya, Commander, Security Forces Vanni.

The 53 Division commenced its operations to liberate NAGARKOVIL in JAFFNA and successfully completed its mission on under the able command of Major General (then Brigadier) KAMAL GUNARATNE before they were inducted to the south of VISUAMADU. The movement of the 53 Division, turned towards PUTHUKUDIYIRIPPU to assist the 58 Division which joined the VANNI operation as the Task Force-I with Brigadier SHAVENDRA SILVA as its commander. By the time, 53 Division troops deployed more troops in the south of A-35 PARANTHAN-MULLAITTIVU road while the 58 Division was leading its troops from the PARANTHAN junction along the A-35 main road, crushing all LTTE strongholds on either side of the road.

Meanwhile, Task Force – VIII subsequently deployed in gave to give flank support to the troops, engaged in the operations to liberate PUTHUKKUDIYIRUPPU. The LTTE based its all resources, both men and materials in this strategically vital area, which was considered their bastion of power in their search for liberation through violence.

Troops of the 58 Division in the meantime entered the west of PUTHUKKUDIYIRUPPU on 27th February and captured the PUTHUKKUDIYIRUPPU junction on 3rd March confining terrorists only to a limited landscape of a few square kilometers. Heavy confrontations that have been raging in the east and north of PUTHUKKUDIYIRUPPU since then offered a string of setbacks and humiliating blows on the terrorists. Those professional attacks deprived them of more and more leaders and infrastructure used for terrorist activities and the 58 Division troops finally captured ANANTHAPURAM after the 53 and 55 Divisions sealed off that area, the previous day before the intrusion.

However, terrorists were compelled to abandon their air conditioned mansions, makeshift camps, weapon-producing factories and all communication bases, luxurious vehicles and mounds of their sophisticated arms and ammunition and creep into the “No Fire Zone” which has been in use since then as an oasis to launch artillery fire on advancing troops outside perimeters of the “No Fire Zone”.

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LTTE threat to Sonia Gandhi and children

Home Ministry issues alert

Worries are mounting in New Delhi about intelligence reports of the strong prospect of at attack on the Congress Party leader Sonia Gandhi, her children, and other top political leaders of India by the LTTE, during the current election time in India.

The Indian Home Ministry has issued an alert urging the tightening of security when Sonia Gandhi and her two children Rahul and Priyanka, already among the most highly most highly protected public figures in India, canvass for support for the Congress party and its allies in the current campaign for elections to the Lo-----K Sabha.

Although the alert was not specific on the nature of the threat, security analysts in India see a major threat from the LTTE as the intelligence warnings say that Sonia Gandhi and her two children could be attacked because of India not pressuring Colombo to implement a ceasefire with the LTTE. The threat also covers other prominent Congress leaders.

It will be recalled that in May 1991, former Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi, husband of Sonia and father of Rahul and Priyanka, was assassinated by a suicide killer of the LTTE when canvassing for the Lok Sabha polls in Sriperimpudur, Tamil Nadu. The LTTTE used a woman suicide killer for the assassination. The LTTE leader Velupillai Prabhakaran and its Intelligence Chief Pottu Amman are still wanted by the Indian Courts in connection with this assassination.

Indian intelligence sources are also concerned by the inflammatory language being used by key LTTE supporters and secessionists in Tamil Nadu, as the LTTE faces defeat from Sri Lankan troops fast advancing on the narrow strip of land where it continues to hold Tamil civilians hostage.

The "Hindu" has reported, April 09, in a speech delivered on Wednesday (08), Marumalarchi Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (MDMK) leader V. Gopalswamy, also known as Vaiko, warned of large-scale secessionist violence if Sri Lankan forces killed LTTE chief V. Prabhakaran.

He also made a reference to the assassination of Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi in Sriperumbudur, and warned India of a secessionist movement if it did not push for an end to Sri Lanka's anti-LTTE campaign.

The Hindu states the MDMK polemic isn't the sole cause for concern among the intelligence services. Facing annihilation in Sri Lanka, many analysts fear, the LTTE could unleash violence within India to coerce its political leadership and create conditions where it could set up safe havens in Tamil Nadu.

In recent weeks, the LTTE has succeeded in slowing down the offensive Sri Lankan military operations by using the civilian population in the Mullaitivu region as human shields, the Hindu states. (PRIU)

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Miliband: Congenital Idiot Or Pretending To Be One?

By S. L. Gunasekara
David Miliband, the Foreign Secretary of what once was "Great" Britian, having accepted the self-evident fact that the LTTE is a terrorist organization which our Government is compelled to root out, has then proceeded to "urge" our Government to declare a "humanitarian ceasefire" to enable the civilians being held captive by the LTTE as "human shields" to flee to sanctuary in Government controlled areas !!! How does Milliband expect our Government to root out the LTTE while ceasing fire. Any fool can see that the LTTE will not surrender. Thus, the only way to root out those terrorist scum is by `firing’ and not by `ceasing to fire’. Surely even Milliband cannot be so blind as not to see this. If Milliband truly believes that terrorists can be rooted out by `ceasing to fire’, it is inexplicable why he does not call for `cesefires’ in Afghanitan and Iraq as well. Milliband has also deplored the fact that the LTTE has used civilians as "human shields" and urged them to let the civilians go. How sweet !!. Does Milliband seriously think that the LTTE will let the civilians go merely because Milliband urges them to do so ??? Even he cannot be that stupid.
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A look at the No Fire Zone from the defence front lines - ITN News


Wanni Operation 08 April 2009 ITN


chemical attack claims

(April 09, Chennai, Sri Lanka Guardian) Top Indian military analyst Col R Hariharan has scoffed at the LTTE's claims that Sri Lankan troops had used chemical weapons in the ongoing conflict.

The former head of intelligence to IPKF in Sri Lanka also described the latest LTTE allegations against the military as false propaganda.

His remarks came as the LTTE, facing a major and historic debacle, accused the government of using chemical weapons against their cadres who were killed in action.

In an interview with Sri Lanka Guardian, he added: “According to the photographs, which has been published by media, the injuries do not necessarily prove that chemical weapons were used

"I don't think the army has any compulsion to use such controversial ammunition when they are in the final stages of war. Actually, the LTTE needs such stories to fuel its propaganda.”

A statement released by the army, meanwhile, said: “Pro-LTTE mouthpieces worldwide, unable to digest the humiliating defeat in the hands of Sri Lankan security forces, have been once again trying to tarnish the Sri Lanka Army image saying that it has ‘extensively used chemical weapons’ against Tigers in Puthukudirippu, the last bastion of Tiger terrorists.”

The statement added: “The Sri Lanka Army categorically denies the LTTE’s baseless allegations outright and strongly affirms that the Army, as a professional military unit has no need whatsoever to use such weapons when they were so close to the last leg of the war and the No Fire Zone. Had that been used as alleged, neither Army troops in Puthukudirippu, nor trapped civilians in the No Fire Zone would have escaped unhurt, needless to note.”

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TNA MP trapped

TNA MP for the Wanni district S. Kanagaratnam has reportedly been trapped in the safe zone along with the civilians for several months now, and he has had no communication with the party leadership for a long time.Mr. Kangaratnam went to his electorate towards the end of last year, after his colleague MP K. Thurairatnasingham obtained leave for him from Parliament in January for a three-month period.
Asked whether Mr. Kanagaratnam went on leave with the permission of the party leadership, TNA General Secretary MP Mavai Senathirajah said that there was no need to obtain permission for any MP to his constituency.

“This MP has been there for several months now. We have not had any communication with him since then. He is hailing from the Mullaitivu area. His family members are there,” he said.

Meanwhile, there are still more than 1000 persons among the displaced civilians in Vavuniya, who have found their family members missing upon arrival in the area from the Wanni during the last few weeks. A Government official based in the area told the Daily Mirror yesterday that earlier it was possible to reunite 1180 persons with their families in Vavuniya.

“Still, we believe that there are more than 1000 such persons to be reunited with their families,” he said.

Besides, he said around 1500 old persons who arrived from the uncleared areas had been allowed to leave the welfare camps in Vavuniya and stay with their relatives outside.

“In the future, we also allow the relatives of the IDPs to visit the welfare villages and camps. We have now provided even telecommunication facilities to these people,” he said.

So far, around 56,000 IDPs have come into Vavuniya, and 21,000 of them have been accommodated at the welfare villages. The other IDPs still stay at 13 transit camps. At the Kadirgamar welfare village, 6000 persons have been provided with basic facilities and 15,000 at the Arunachalam village. The Government is presently constructing two more welfare villages for the accommodation of the remaining IDPs.

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IDP - Return to Mannar

The Government is planning to begin the resettlement of civilians displaced by LTTE atrocities from Silavathurai in the Mannar district next month.

According to Resettlement and Relief Services Minister Rishard Badhiudeen, the Ministry is making arrangements to resettle these civilians in par with the international standards.

He said all civilians in 15 welfare camps in the Vavuniya district would be resettled in their original places of residence after the mine clearance process is completed.

The Government has the experience of resettling more than 170,000 civilians in the Eastern province and the same strategy is being followed to resettle Northern IDPs from Silvathurai.

He said the Ministry is fully prepared to provide accommodation to any number of civilians fleeing from the uncleared areas.

“We are fully prepared to face the sudden influx of civilians from the uncleared area. Schools and public places in the Vavuniya district have been kept ready to provide accommodation to them,” he said.

Minister Badhiudeen said cadjan roofed houses would also be set up in the Vavuniya district after civilians’ influx to the cleared area gets doubled.

“We hope more civilians will flee the no fire zone to which the LTTE terrorists have retreated within next few months.

For the past four days, more than 2,000 civilians arrived in the Government controlled area. This number will get doubled soon as civilians are facing immense hardships and obstacles from the LTTE terrorists who have sought refuge in the no fire zone.

The Minister said World Food Program’s Country Director appreciated the Government’s mission to ensure that IDPs are provided all basic amenities including food without any discrimination.

“The WFP Country Director met me today and expressed his complete satisfaction over what the Government is doing for the welfare of civilians in the welfare camps and the people in the uncleared area,” he said.

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Mexico assures support for Sri Lanka

Mexico has reassured Sri Lanka of its firm support at international fora, including the UN Security Council. Mexico is holding the presidency of the Security Council in April.

Mexico confirmed that they do not have any intention of permitting the Sri Lankan situation to be placed on the Security Council agenda, as it does not pose a threat to international peace and security.

This is a sequel to talks in Mexcio City between Foreign Secretary, Dr. Palitha Kohona and senior Mexican government officials, including Vice Minister Gomez-Robledo. A press release issued by the Foreign Affairs Ministry in Colombo yesterday said:

“Dr. Kohana explained how the LTTE had cleverly ‘herded’ thousands of civilians into the tiny no-fire-zone in the North East of Sri Lanka, while pulling back its combatants and weapons also into it with the intention of sheltering behind this human shield and using these thousands of human hostages to save itself.

“He repeated the call of the Government to the LTTE to let these hostages go (which will automatically result in a cessation of hostilities) and lay down their weapons for the sake of the civilians.

“The Mexican authorities expressed their understanding of the dilemma confronting Sri Lanka in view the fiendish circumstances deliberately manipulated by the LTTE and offered to do everything possible to bring the civilians out to safety.

“Mexico also expressed its appreciation of the large quantities of food and medical relief supplies being sent by the Government to the people held hostage by the LTTE with the assistance of the UN and the ICRC.

Dr. Kohona also provided a detailed briefing on the processing procedures for IDPS escaping from the LTTE, the raft of relief measures being undertaken to make their lives easier in the relief villages the access provide to NGOs and INGOs, the continuing engagement with UN officials, the advanced planning for the early return of IDPs to their own village sand towns, including demining and the ongoing work to re-establish inclusive democracy in the North.

“The Mexican authorities saw the parallels between their own experience in Chiapas and the negative impact of a cleverly manipulated propaganda machine. They also expressed hope for deepening and strengthening the bilateral relationship, including through the exchange of thigh levels visits”.

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Pottu Amman in command: Army ? - The Hindu

B. Muralidhar Reddy

Prabakaran’s mental health deteriorating, it says


“Pottu Amman has appointed Velawan as military chief”

“Cadre ordered to kill escaping civilians”


COLOMBO: The head of the intelligence wing of the LTTE, Pottu Amman, has taken overall command of the terror outfit owing to “fast deteriorating mental health condition” of Velupillai Prabakaran, said the Sri Lankan Defence Ministry on Wednesday.

The Ministry said the government-designated “No-Fire Zone” (NFZ), meant for the civilians held hostage by the LTTE in Wanni, had now become a sanctuary for top LTTE leaders including Prabakaran. Estimates of the number of civilians in the NFZ vary from 50,000 to 1,00,000.

Asked about the report on Pottu Amman taking overall command of the LTTE, military spokesperson Udaya Nanayakkara told The Hindu that the information was based on intelligence intercepts and the military was not in a position to confirm the veracity of the report.

The Defence Ministry said Pottu Amman, having no battlefield experience, reportedly appointed Velawan, the last of LTTE’s battle-hardened cadre, as the outfit’s new military chief.

It quoted civilians seeking refuge with the Army as saying that Pottu Amman had issued strict orders to the cadre manning the borders of the NFZ to kill any civilian, irrespective of their age or gender, who tried to escape from the NFZ.

“The orders have been given following the outfit’s recent debacle in Puthukkudiyiruppu east. According the civilians, the infamous LTTE intelligence leader has convinced the LTTE cadre that the civilians are their last hope for survival,” said the Ministry.

It quoted an unnamed senior defence observer as saying: “It is nothing new, he knows that he can easily mislead international community using LTTE agents abroad and the outfit’s hired hands in international media and NGOs. He knows that continued and sustained sufferings of the Tamil civilians in the NFZ are the only thing that can save his life.”

The Military further said security forces had several confrontations with the Tiger cadre manning the last LTTE earth bund situated outside the NFZ, west of Ampalavanpkkanai.

It said snipers deployed in the forward areas confirmed acquisition of 11 LTTE targets.

The military also said several loud explosions were heard in the NFZ soon after Army made the “final announcement” asking the LTTE to release the civilians held hostage by them in the afternoon.

“The Army has made announcement using loudspeakers positioned [a] few hundred metres short of the western border of the NFZ. Army suspects that the terrorists have launched some sort of an attack at the civilians who tried to escape their rule,” it said. Meanwhile, the military said soldiers poised to liberate the northern banks of the Nanthikandal lagoon, which is still under the LTTE hold, were now manoeuvring out of the Puthukkudiyiruppu east area.

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Were LTTE suicide pilots Tamil Canadians?

Intelligence services and other agencies are probing whether Canadian pilots flying for the Tamil Tigers carried out the recent abortive suicide attacks on Colombo during which their aircrafts were destroyed by the Sri Lanka Air Force.

The probe follows strong indications that the two pilots could very well be Canadian nationals of Sri Lankan origin who gained entry to Canada as refugees and obtained citizenship. Suspicions of the authorities were aroused following photographs published in the Tiger media of an elaborate ceremony in Canada to mark the deaths of the two men.

An unprecedented event, it showed grieving relatives of the two men at the event, apparently organized by a Tamil Tiger front organization. It was also believed to be a subtle move by the LTTE to recruit gullible youth from among the Tamil Diaspora in Canada. The failed mission of the two cadres touted as a success by the Tamil Tigers and some media personnel was aimed at glorifying the Tiger cadres in order to rope in the youth from among the Diaspora to flesh the fast dwindling number of Tiger cadres.

The event however did not have the desired effect with less than 500 people attending the ceremony, according to Mr. John C Thompson, President of the McKenzie Institute, a leading research organization in Toronto, Canada. According to him, this was a clear comedown from the 2500 witnessed attending another event in -20 C weather over a month ago. Writing about the recent event Thomson expressed his unease about the recital of the suicide notes of the two Air Tigers and said one was a clear call for young Canadian Tamils to join the Tigers immediately. Pondering the attempted recruitment in Canada he questioned whether the Tigers are hoping to recruit and train terrorists to operate internationally?

Meanwhile the existence of a `phantom army ’ of Tamil Tigers comprising Sri Lankans domiciled abroad was known to the Sri Lankan intelligence organizations for some time. The members of this 'army' comprised both willing and unwilling participants to military training who were put through their paces in groups of about 15-30 during holiday visits to Sri Lanka.

According to information, the participants who had once fled the island claiming refugee status in western countries returned to Sri Lanka on holidays on passports provided by their new country of domicile. It was during these visits that they underwent several weeks of military training in LTTE held areas.

According to information, these people arrived from several European and other countries with a large and active Tamil Diaspora. However, if the LTTE expected it’s `phantom army’ to rush in like the cavalry and lay down their lives at this crucial juncture when the Tigers are cornered by the government forces, they appear to be mistaken. For, other than fund raising, organizing and attending anti-Sri Lankan government rallies and lobbying to halt the current government offensive and save their beleaguered brethren’s skins , the `phantom soldiers’ seem to value their own lives more.

The use of Canadian aviators by the Tigers was recorded at the time of the visit by LTTE negotiator and theoretician Anton Balasingham to the Vanni to meet Tiger leader Prabhakaran on 25 March 2002. Two pilots of Canadian nationality flew a Maldivian Air Taxi Sea plane carrying the Balasinghams and the first secretary of the Norwegian Embassy in Colombo, Tomas Strangland from the Maldivian capital of Male to the Iranamadhu tank in the Vanni during a ceasefire between the LTTE and the Sri Lankan government of then Prime Minster Mr. Ranil Wickremasnghe.

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Rebellion crushed in the NFZ?

Serious disturbances have been observed in the NFZ since last afternoon (Apr 8) with loud explosions and machine gun fire have been heard in the Ampalawanpokkanai area, special correspondent on the field reveal.

Sri Lanka Army units deployed just 500- 400 m short of the LTTE built earth bund on the border of the NFZ in Ampalavanpokkanai West, reported sighting of a large group of people gathering in the NFZ during the afternoon hours before the explosions and shooting began. The sources suspect a serious clash between the LTTE terrorists and their civilian hostages held in the zone.

" Troops have observed something similar to organized gathering of people in the area in front of them following an announcement made to the LTTE terrorists to release the civilian hostages and to lay down their arms", said our correspondent .

"Then, they have heard gunshots and explosions in the NFZ, following which they too have been kept on full alert", he added.

Ampalavanpokkanai is the closest area to the Army forward boundary to which the civilians can access via the causeway, if allowed by the terrorists. Troops have been manning their defences few hundred meters short of NFZ border there, in order to provide the maximum protection to the civilians escaping the terror clutches.

Meanwhile, troops deployed in the area rescued a group 118 civilians from the LTTE clutches during the morning hours yesterday. The group included 51 children, 36 women and 31 men.

According to our correspondent, LTTE has been busy with building command bunkers and other fortifications on the NFZ border close to the causeway, knowing the possibility that civilians may escape their rule in large numbers from this area.

"It is likely that LTTE is going to concentrate all its remaining field leaders and best fighting cadre in this area", he said.

Meanwhile, intelligence sources revealed that Pottu Amman has ordered his so-called police chief Ilango send all his cadre to the frontline.

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Countdown to the end begins...

Loud explosions were heard by the Army from inside the NFZ today. Sources told DefenceWire that the explosions could possibly be weapons and explosives dumps blasted by the LTTE prior to an impending Military Assault on the LTTE.

The exact nature of the assault is still unknown. Since the final warning to surrender was given today, the operation can be expected any moment now. All units of the Army are on standby awaiting the Commander's orders and are on high morale.

Ground Commanders told DefenceWire that they are ready to face any enemy and that they don't mind high casualties since it is to finish the LTTE once and for all. Although the Army's elite units might be used extensively, there is a high likelihood of regular units, specially units like the Mechanized Infantry from the 55 and 53 Divisions taking on much of the responsibility. The involvement of the Navy and possibly the Air Force cannot be ruled out either.

Remaining small groups of Tigers from Charles Anthony, Ratha, Imran Pandian, Jeyanthan, Malathi, Soothiya etc. who escaped the box-in attempt are now without their more illustrious Commanders. Returning civilians claim their morale is at the lowest ebb and are in mortal fear. Any rapid incursion into the NFZ whereby a channel is opened-up for civilians to retreat could begin the isolation and subsequent annihilation of these remaining cadres.

The desire of the trapped cadres to escape the LTTE cannot be ruled-out. Rasiah Ilanthirayan, formerly of the LTTE political wing (a.k.a. Marshall) was a high-profile cadre who attempted to flee the LTTE but was apprehended, beaten and redeployed in the NFZ.

Many of the Political Wing cadres have also been deployed, among them was Elilan- former political wing head for Trincomalee District who was last seen in Mathalang. The Army was able to reestablish the identity of all the dead LTTE Leaders thanks to an LTTE doctor who surrendered over the weekend.

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Lankan inventors shine in Geneva

Sri Lanka won the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) Award, the International Press Prize, three Gold medals, one Silver medal and two Bronze medals for the seven inventions the country presented at the 37th International Exhibition of Inventions, Techniques and Products of Geneva at Geneva Palexpo (Hall 7) in Switzerland from April 1 to 5.

Two of the four most prestigious special awards of the inventors’ exhibition were won by two Sri Lankan inventors. Dammika Sujith from Chilaw was awarded the WIPO Award (the only cash price awarded at this competition) for his coir fibre extracting machine and Chandrasena from Mawathagama, Kurunegala, whose head and mouth operated computer mouse attracted a lot of media coverage, received the International Press Prize.

Winning two of the four special awards by one country is rare at this exhibition and this is the first time Sri Lanka has been honoured with such recognition.

This exhibition, which was held under the patronage of the Swiss Confederation, is considered to be the world’s largest market place for inventions. It hosts annually about 750 exhibitors from around 45 countries and displays about 1,000 new exhibits.

During this event, industrial and commercial companies, inventors, researchers, associations, private and State agencies and institutes present their inventions, the result of their research and their new products.

Sri Lanka has been participating in this prestigious event held in Switzerland since 1994 with last year’s three Sri Lankan inventors also winning awards including the Genius Award, a special prize awarded by the Hungarian Inventors Association. This year, seven Sri Lankan inventors presented their inventions at the exhibition:

Coir fibre extracting machine by Dammika Sujith of Chilaw won the Prize of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and Merit Gold with special commendation by the Judges.

Head and mouth operated computer mouse for the disabled by M.A. Prince Chandrasena of Mawathagama, Kurunegala won the International Press Prize and Merit Gold with special commendation by the Judges. Low cost drying system for food and agro products by Kapila Weeratunga Arachchi of Heerassagala, Kandy won the Merit Gold with special commendation by the Judges

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Sri Lanka civilians tell of war ordeal

Civilians fleeing the area in north-east Sri Lanka where Tamil Tiger rebels and government forces are in fierce conflict have been telling the BBC of the ordeal of life under almost constant gunfire.

Added to the intense shelling there is an acute shortage of water, food and medicine.

The civilians also confirmed the long-levelled accusations by human rights groups that the Tigers are forcefully recruiting young children and are stopping people from moving out to government-controlled areas.

Some of the injured civilians from Wanni have been brought to Pulmoddai hospital in Trincomalee district on a ship under the supervision of the Red Cross.

After receiving initial treatment in a medical facility manned by a medical team from India, patients are sent to various hospitals in the north for further treatment.

Child recruitment

The BBC Tamil service secured rare access to some of the civilians who had arrived at Pulmoddai hospital, accompanying injured relatives.

Sridharan is one of more than 800 civilians who have arrived in the past few days on the ship. He is hoping to get medical treatment for his three-year-old son Vidushan.

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LTTE exerting pressure on civilians 08/04/2009


LTTE totally routed Minister Muralitharan 08/04/2009


Wanni Operation 8 th April 2009


Army Refutes Tiger Propaganda on Chemical Weapons

PRO-TIGER (LTTE) mouthpieces worldwide, unable to digest the humiliating defeat in the hands of Sri Lankan Security Forces, have been once again trying to tarnish the Sri Lanka Army image saying that it has ‘extensively used chemical weapons’ against Tigers in Puthukudirippu, the last bastion of Tiger terrorists.

he Sri Lanka Army categorically denies LTTE’s baseless allegations outright and strongly affirms that the Army, as a professional military unit has no need whatsoever to use such weapons when they were so close to the last leg of the war and the No Fire Zone. Had that been used as alleged, neither Army troops in Puthukudirippu, nor trapped civilians in the No Fire Zone would have escaped unhurt, needless to note.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

End of War - Vanni Operations update from Derana TV - April 8th, 2009


Army uses loudspeakers to announce Prabha

(Colombo-Lankapuvath-April 08) –Sri Lanka Army has made a final announcement to LTTE leader Velupillai Prabhakaran today.

Speaking to Lankapuvath Brigadier Udaya Nanayakkara said that army had made this final announce through loudspeakers which were directed to the safe zone to surrender and to release the civilians.
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Is 'Selvaraj Padmanathan' behind LTTE's SAM procurements?

Alarms were rung among international defence circles as information kept flowing of constant LTTE attempts for arms procurement including acquiring of surface-to-air missiles SAMs) through its' international terrorist enterprise recently. The information received was based on reports, of key discussion rounds held between one of the INTERPOL's most wanted terror agent Kumaran Pathmanadan alias KP, and a group of high-tech weapon smugglers. KP has recently guised himself under the name 'Selvaraj Pathmanathan', LTTE's 'chief negotiator' and 'international spokesperson' evading arrest.

According to defence sources, KP has received direct orders from its overseas based terror cells to speed-up the deal following its Puthukkudiyirippu debacle. Weeks before its humiliating defeat at Puthukkudiyirippu, terrorists fired two surface to air missiles at Sri Lankan Air Force Bell-212 casualty evacuation helicopters

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I can't cause miracles: Erik Solheim

"I can understand the level of desperation among the Tamils in Norway. But, I can't cause miracles," said Erik Solheim, the Norwegian international development minister and the topmost representative of the Norwegian facilitation to the peace process in the island of Sri Lanka, on Tuesday.
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Loud explosions heard in NFZ, after the final announcements made to LTTE to release civilians

Several loud explosions have been heard in the NFZ soon after army made the final announcement for the LTTE terrorists to release the civilians held hostage by them this afternoon (Apr 8). The army has made announcement using loudspeakers positioned few hundred meters short of the western border of the NFZ.

Army suspects that the terrorists have launched some sort of an attack at the civilians who tried to escape their rule.

More information will follow...

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SL Snipers causes severe losses to LTTE

(Colombo Lankapuvath April 08) Snipers deployed in the Ampalavanpokkanai area in Mullaittivu yesterday (07) launched an attack on a group of LTTE terrorists in the area.

The attacks which were launched by Snipers of the 58 Division from 08.00am to 10.30am have caused severe losses to the LTTE terrorists said the Media Centre for National Security (MCNS).

Meanwhile troops attached to the 53 division of the SL army recovered 05 bodies of LTTE terrorists in search operation conducted in the Puthukuduirippu area the same day.

Troops also uncovered 14 T 56 weapons, an R P G weapon and a communication set from the area reported the MCNS.
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Raththi and Anchor proved of removed milk fat and added with other animal fat

(Lanka-e-News, April 06, 2009, 12.00 PM) President's Counsel Wijedasa Rajapakse said in Colombo district court that the reports obtained from world renowned laboratories had proved that Nestle and Fonterra companies had removed 23% of milk fat and added palm oil and other animal fat in it. They import the milk powder sold under the brands Anchor and Raththi.

The counsel made this representation on behalf of his clients Heladiva newspaper and Mawbima Lanka Foundation seeking withdrawal of the injunction issued by the court against them.

The court had ordered to refrain from publishing articles and holding press conferences that tarnish the good name of the Fonterra Company.

Counsel Rajapakse pointed out that there are mo provisions in the constitution to prevent media from the social responsibility of making aware the public about harms to them. He said that the companies could not be warranted making the people eat poisons.

Mr. Rajapakse pointed to the fact that Fonterra Company owning 42% of the stakes of the Chinese Company that was punished by the authorities for the deaths of children in China due to containing melamine in milk powder.

Fonterra Company has obtained the injunctions against Heladiva newspaper under No. 1725 and against Mawbima Lanka Foundation under No. 1765.

Fonterra Company has obtained the injunctions against Heladiva newspaper under No. 1933 and against Mawbima Lanka Foundation under No. 1978.

District judge Sampath Wijerathna postponed the hearing until April 07 with the consent of both parties.

President's Counsel Romesh de Silva appears on behalf of the companies under the instructions of Sudath Perera Legal Company. President's Counsel Wijedasa Rajapakse and Counsel Rasika Disanayaka appeared for the Heladiva newspaper and the Mawbima Lanka Foundation under the instructions of Counsel Savani Nisansala Pathirana.

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RCMP targets Tamil funding

Graeme Hamilton and Stewart Bell, National Post
Published: Tuesday, April 07, 2009

A non-profit organization shut down last year for financing terrorism paid three fundraisers in Montreal to collect money for the Tamil Tigers guerrillas, according to newly released RCMP documents.

The alleged role played by the "paid activists" is revealed in thousands of pages of documents, photos and video filed in Federal Court this week as part of an effort by counter-terrorism officials to dismantle the World Tamil Movement.

The RCMP says the World Tamil Movement is the Canadian fundraising and propaganda arm of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam, or LTTE, a banned Sri Lankan terrorist group known for its suicide bombings and assassinations.

In an affidavit released by the Federal Court in Montreal, Corporal Steve Dubreuil wrote that the investigation had "revealed that the World Tamil Movement and the LTTE have been demonstrated to utilize pressure tactics to elicit funds and donations as well as to participate in veiled threats."

The stack of evidence filed by Crown prosecutors fills a dozen binders and provides the most detailed picture to date of Project Crible, a national security investigation launched in 2003 into the Quebec fundraising activities of the Tamil Tigers.

The focus of the probe: the World Tamil Movement of Quebec and eight Montreal men.

Among those listed as subjects of the investigation are Thanasegaram Chandrasegaram, Muralee Karan Thurairatnam, Manivannan Karunananthaswamy and Ramani Balendra, president of the Quebec chapter of the Canadian Tamil Congress. A parallel probe is underway in Toronto, the alleged hub of the Tamil Tigers' Canadian fundraising network. The RCMP says the WTM has also collected money in Ottawa and Vancouver.

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Wanni Operation - Snipers 07 April 2009 ITN


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Tamil Intellectuals Appeal Wanni LTTE To Release Civilians In NFZ


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LTTE Woman suicide bomber blows up herself - Ramanathapuram

An LTTE woman suicide bomber has blown herself up immediately after she noticed the troops conducting search and clear operations in general area Ramanathapuram, military sources said.

The incident took place at 2.00 PM yesterday, 6 April, and an army soldier received minor injuries due to the explosion, military sources added.

The attempt of the woman LTTE suicide bomber who had infiltrated into the cleared area to carry out massive destruction was averted as troops deployed in recently liberated areas continuously engaged in clearing operations, military sources further said.

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Navy launches emergency salvage operation on disabled MT Granba to prevent environmental implications off Trincomalee harbour

Sri Lanka Navy has launched an emergency salvage operation to rescue the disabled merchant tanker, MT Granba off Trincomalee Harbour.

MT Granba (IMO No: 8030269; Call Sign: TCSV9 and port of registry: Istanbul, Turkey) had begun sailing from Tuticorin Harbour on the 02nd April 2009 with Sulphuric Acid in an overloaded condition and was heading for its next port of call, Kakinadan, India. On passage, she has developed defects in its cargo tanks and approached Sri Lanka Coast off Trincomalee without any intimation when detected by SLN Coastal Radar. On investigation by SLN vessels, it was revealed that she was communicating with its agents to repair the vessel being in position (08 24.3ø N and 81 29.3ø E) from the 6th of April morning.

Subsequently, Sri Lanka Navy received a distress message from the Main Search and Rescue Coordination Center in Italy indicating MT Granba needed assistance due to acid leakage from cargo tanks to ballast tanks and the ship is in danger.

Sri Lanka Navy vessels having verified the legitimacy of the vessel approached the disabled Tanker and provided assistance to steer the vessel away. However, its crew abandoned their vessel and SLN rescued them. Naval personnel boarded the Tanker and found that its cargo tanks were damaged. Its Sulphuric Acid was leaking into ballast tanks. It has been found that this can lead to environmental implications in Sri Lankan waters and coastline. As such, the Navy has taken measures to tow the Tanker to deep sea with the help of the SLPA tug as it has already begun to list. The salvage operation is still continuing. Agents of the vessel are making arrangement to provide a salvage tug for possible towing.

The Navy has informed the authorities in Turkey of the incident through the Government channels.

Courtesy: SL Navy

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Care for IDPSs: UN welcomes Govt plan

The United Nations advocate for displaced persons today called for urgent measures to save civilians trapped in a tiny pocket of northern Sri Lanka by fighting between the Government and the LTTE.

Following a four-day visit to the island nation Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon's Representative for the Human Rights of Displaced Persons Walter Kalin expressed concern for the lives of civilians trapped in the 14-square kilometre area of the Vanni declared by the Government of Sri Lanka as a no-fire zone and said that a series of humanitarian pauses must be initiated immediately to allow civilians to leave and humanitarian actors to provide life-saving relief to the remaining population.

He also reiterated his appeal to the LTTE and that of Mr. Ban and a raft of other UN officials to allow all civilians under its control to leave the zone, and called on the Government to scrupulously respect the no-fire zone for as long as a civilian population remains within it.

During his visit to Sri Lanka, Mr. K"lin spoke to Government officials concerned with the plight of internally displaced persons (IDPs) and visited transit sites and camps, according to the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR).To

Noting that more than 52,000 IDPs have arrived in the Vavuniya area since November, he welcomed the Government's acknowledgement of its responsibility to protect and assist these persons, and he recognized measures already taken in this regard. He also said that extraordinary efforts will be required of the Government, the UN, non-governmental organizations and donors to meet the needs of this population as well as those of the tens of thousands expected to arrive in the coming weeks and months.

He also welcomed the Government's commitment to create an action plan for screening IPDs for security, registering them and facilitating their return in accordance with international standards, according to OHCHR.

"Such a plan surely will be instrumental in building the confidence among all Sri Lankan citizens and restoring the trust among affected Tamil populations that will be prerequisites to consolidate a lasting peace," OHCHR said.

Courtesy : Daily News
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Government regrets British Foreign Secretary's statement

The Government has regretted the statement of the British Foreign Secretary, David Miliband in the House of Commons recently, expressing disappointment at the continued rejection of the appointment of the British Prime Minister's Special Envoy for Sri Lanka, Des Browne.

Foreign Minister Rohitha Bogollagama reiterated in Parliament today (07 April 2009), the Government's position that the British Government had failed to adhere to the time honoured tradition in diplomatic practice of consultation and following the procedure in making the said appointment. The has been further vindicated by Mr. Browne's participation in a conference in London recently, organized by a front of the LTTE terrorist group, at which it was resolved to establish a sovereign state of Tamil Eelam - the doctrine of the LTTE, proscribed by the UK - and his utterances in that forum.

The Foreign Minister, in a wide ranging and comprehensive statement to the Parliament, saluted the valiant military personnel for their success in clearing all areas in the Vanni from the subjugation of the LTTE, which all peace loving Sri Lankans would welcome as a signal of freedom. Today, the country is poised on the threshold of defeating terrorism and embarking on an era of lasting peace and security for all the people. The Minister further noted that when the history of Sri Lanka is recorded, "Mahinda Rajapaksa's name will be written in golden letters as the 'Great Unifier' of our motherland Sri Lanka".

Referring to the Ministerial statement issued earlier this month by the British Foreign Secretary that "the LTTE is a terrorist organization and that the Government of Sri Lanka has a need to root out the threat of terrorism", however regretted that punitive action on the LTTE by the international community remains largely on paper, where a proscription, though in force, amounts to nothing in terms of its implementation. Elaborating further, the Minister said, "Fund raising by LTTE operatives continues unabated, public demonstrations have now graduated to the blatant use of the terrorist organisation's name, insignia, cut outs of the leader etc., and are held in the proscribed territories with excuses of how legal action cannot be taken. I am only left to question the validity of a proscription. While some countries thankfully have been taking action against such activities, there are those who churn out excuses. For instance it would not be wrong to expect some uniformity of action in relation to the EU proscription being an integrated entity of member states. However, this has not been the case".

Minister Bogollagama assured the House that no one is more concerned than the Government about the civilians trapped as human shields in the safe zone by the LTTE. He rejected the notion that the Government needs to be reminded by anyone of its responsibility towards its own citizens and emphasized that throughout the conflict the Government has followed a strict zero tolerance policy on civilian casualties, notwithstanding the LTTE's modus operandi of using civilians as human shields.

He also categorically rebutted the British Foreign Secretary's contention that the Government has denied access to the welfare villages; the visits of the UN Under Secretary General, Sir John Holmes, some Colombo based Heads of Diplomatic Missions, and EU delegation and most recently the UN Secretary General's Special Representative on Human Rights for IDPs, Dr. Walter Kaelin have all visited these IDP centres and seen for themselves the factual situation. He also pointed out that the UN and the ICRC, together with 14 INGOs who have recommended by the UN are working in these welfare centres.

In conclusion, the Foreign Minister reiterated the Government's commitment to pursue a sustainable solution to the conflict in terms of a Sri Lankan agenda.

Courtesy: Government Information Department

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