Saturday, January 17, 2009

Indian Foreign Secretary meets President

Indian Foreign Secretary Shiwa Shankar Menon met President Mahinda Rajapakse at President's house Kandy today morning (Jan 17).

The discussion focused on multi lateral relationships between two countries and the prevailing political situation and economical issues of concern to both countries.

The President explained about the facilities provided by the Government to refugees fleeing LTTE terror in the Northern Province. He also mentioned about the scheduled development plans in the Northern Province aimed at improving living standards of people in the war affected region.

The Indian High Commissioner Alok Prasad and President's Secretary Lalith Weeratunga were also present at the meeting.

India provides more humanitarian assistance

India provides more assistance to meet the humanitarian needs of the civilian population in the North experiencing hardships due to terrorist activities.

India has decided to provide a second installment of assistance worth 40 million rupees. Accordingly, visiting Indian Foreign Secretary Shivshankar Menon handed over a consignment of medicine to Senior Presidential Advisor and Parliamentarian Basil Rajapaksa at a simple ceremony today. India, as a goodwill gesture agreed to send humanitarian assistance to the Northern civilians in October last year. Its first consignment of approximately 1700 funds containing food, clothing and personal hygiene items has already been distributed to those in need with assistance via the Sri Lankan Government.


Live video from Chundikulam, last LTTE held area in Jaffna

Video 1

Video 2

Video of SLAF jets destroying two moving artillery guns in Chundikulam

Massive LTTE bunker captured from west of Puthukudiyiruppu, Mullaitivu

The troops engaged in humanitarian operations in the Wanni have succeeded in seizing a massive underground bunker. It is considered to be the largest bunker detected so far.

Troops have already detected ten massive tiger training camps in Mullaitivu. Large underground bunker was detected from an area West of Puthukudiyiruppu. Task force four captured this underground bunker.

This is the largest and the strongest bunker captured so far. It is believed that the LTTE leaders had sought shelter in this bunker which was inundated with water at the time of its seizure. The 14th Sinha Regiment carried out the operation to seize the bunker which was used as a luxurious camp with electricity and pipe borne water. Another training camp was recovered close to this bunker. It was fortified with a barb wire fence. Due to the water tanks that were found, it is believed that many tiger cadres had received training at this camp. This is the 10th training camp found in the Mullaitivu jungles.

National Software Exhibition begins today

Sri Lanka's first ever national software exhibition and conference 'Java Sri Lanka 2009' began yesterday (Jan 16) at the BMICH. 'Java Technology to build the Nation for the Knowledge Economy' is the theme of the exhibition which concludes on January 18.

Java technology is the most powerfully advanced and widely used technology which is used for high tech innovation such as E-Commerce (Electronic Commerce), M- Commerce (Mobile Commerce), electronics, robotics automation, space and aircraft technology etc.

Boost for Java Programming

President, Chamber of Chartered Java Professionals Dr. Ishantha Siribaddana said, “Today, Sri Lankan youth depend on traditional jobs and we have a labour-based economy. In Sri Lanka a large number of A/L students are unable to qualify for university entrance.”

The open source Java technology is the most powerful advance and widely used technology which is used for high tech innovation such as e-Commerce, m-Commerce, electronics, robotics automation, space and aircraft technology. Java technology will help these students to contribute immensely to the national economy.

It could develop students from the middle class and lower middle class are not aware of this career path as highly qualified professionals in the ICT industry without entering the universities, he said.

The development of the technology and rapid infrastructure development could produce Java professionals around the country, he added.

The Java Sri Lanka 2009 - National Computer Software Education and Trade Exhibition will be the ideal platform to promote Java technology as a career path and exploit the talents of local Java programmers.

(Courtesy: Government Information Department)

ITN Vimasuma

Friday, January 16, 2009

6th LTTE Airstrip Captured in Iranamadu

Forward domination troops of the 57 Division now operating East of Iranamadu Tank bund have located the 6th LTTE 'air strip', this morning (Jan 16).

According to ground troops the air strip, 300m long and 15-20m wide is located Southeast of the Iranamadu tank bund, which is also said to be an extension of the existing road that runs parallel to the tank bund.

"What we see here is more less than a conventional air strip but adequate for a shorter lift off", a military official said. According to available information, LTTE has used this mainly for training proposes of its 'rudimentary air wing' and hardcore fighters. Possibilities also exist that terrorists might have used this as an alternative landing pad, the sources further said.

Troops are further engaged in clearing operations in the area, the sources said.


1069 civilians seek protection with the security forces

JAFFNA/VAVUNIYA/KILINOCHCHI: A total of 1069 internally displaced civilians from uncleared areas sought protection with the security forces in JAFFNA, VAVUNIYA and KILINOCHCHI throughout the day yesterday (15). They have escaped LTTE control unable to with stand their harassments.

234 internally displaced persons from uncleared areas sought protection with the security forces in KOKELIYA, JAFFNA from the 14th to the 15th of January 2009. Among them are 70 males, 80 females, 80 boys and 44 girls.

Another 190 civilians displaced form their homes in uncleared areas reported to the security forces in KEVIL, JAFFNA around 8.30am yesterday (15). Among these civilians were 47 males, 51 females, 53 boys and 39 girls.

483 internally displaced civilians sought protection with the security forces at the OMANTHAI entry-exit point in VAVUNIYA around 3.30pm yesterday (15). These civilians comprised of 178 males, 124 females, 89 boys and 92 girls.

26 more civilians arrived form uncleared areas, seeking protection in PULIYANPOKKARAI in KILINOCHCHI around 1.45pm on the same day. Reports state that they comprised of 18 males 04 females, 03 boys and 01 girl.

Meanwhile in RAMANATHANPURAM, KILINOCHCHI 46 civilians reported to the security forces having escaped from the brutal terrorists around 8.30am yesterday (15). Among the escapees are 11 males, 10 females, 15 boys and 13 girls.

Once again 09 civilians comprising of 06 males and 03 females sought protection with the security forces in PULIYAB, POKKARAI around 9.00am and 9.30am yesterday (15). Another 78 displaced persons sought protection at the same area around 1.00pm. Among these civilians are 24 males, 19 females, 20 boys and 15 females.

(Media Centre for National Security)

Defeating Terrorists

From today's Wall Street Journal Asia

For all those who argue that there's no military solution for terrorism, we have two words: Sri Lanka.

This week, the Sri Lankan army said it had captured the last piece of the northern Jaffna Peninsula, one of the few remaining strongholds of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam, a terrorist organization that has waged a 26-year civil war that's claimed tens of thousands of lives, including those of a Sri Lankan President and an Indian Prime Minister.

That's a huge turnaround from only three years ago, when the Tigers effectively controlled the bulk of the Northern and Eastern Provinces and were perpetrating suicide bombings in the country's capital, Colombo.

Credit goes to the government of President Mahinda Rajapaksa, who has made eliminating the Tigers a priority and invested resources to make it happen. Military spending has surged to $1.7 billion for fiscal 2009, roughly 5% of GDP and nearly 20% of the government's budget.

>> Follow full story here (Wall Street Journal)

403 Civilians seek protection in government control areas

VAVUNIYA: 403 Civilians fled the uncleared KILINOCHCHI and MULLAITTIVU areas and reported to OMANTHAI Entry Exit point around 11.30am yesterday (Jan 15).

The number of Tamil civilians escaping the uncleared areas and seeking refugee with security forces is increasing day by day due to LTTE terrorists' harassments and forcible recruitments.

The escapees are arranged to be sent to IDP centers after fulfilling their needs. The civilians who were reported to the Security forces are mostly residents of KILINOCHCHI and MULLAITTIVU districts.

(Media Centre for National Security)

Video of Fifth LTTE Runway Captured in West of Iranamadu

The Security Forces have taken full control of the fifth air strip of the LTTE. The 18th Vijayaba Regiment and the 20th Sinha Regiment of the 632nd Brigade succeeded in capturing the runway, located in West of the Iranamadu Tank, last evening (January 14).

It is 50 metres wide and 1000 metres long. A massive bunker line and a trench had been built surrounding the runway and the vicinity. A security zone rife in landmines and booby traps had been established to bolster security. There was also a hanger. Defence forces claimed that the LTTE escapees had damaged and destroyed everything. The Defence Ministry website said search operations will further continue.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Sri Lankans MUST WATCH: Gotabhaya Interview - talks about Sirasa and certain so-called media

Sri Lanka Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa participates in a live interview (14 January 2009). Watch and YOU decided the motives...

More Clips from the Interview

Sri Lanka Defence Secretary - 1:

Sri Lanka Defence Secretary - 2:

Sri Lanka Defence Secretary - 3:

Misc. Clip

Gota says best Military Commanders now in Sri Lanka:

Do NOT Attempt to Give Another Lease of Life to Terrorist/Racist LTTE

For the attention of :
His Excellency the President of France
Rt Hon Gorden Brown -Prime Minister of the UK
The Hon Secretary-Foreign Affairs-UK

Your Excellencies,

We wish to refer to the Rt Hon Gordon Brown's recent remarks regarding Sri Lankan Government's and people's determination to defeat the LTTE. The LTTE had been a major obstacle to peace in Sri Lanka affecting its development plans etc.

The British in 19th century and early 20th century are responsible for creating a privileged Tamil class as per divide and rule English policy and even after the Independence the privileged Tamil 'class' had been agitating for "autonomy" for some areas in the Island against all historical or demographical factors. Some Tamil groups like the LTTE was fighting to carve a separate state from Sri Lankan territory. Unfortunately, LTTE received funding from their fronts in countries like the UK, France to purchase military equipment which were used to kill tens of thousands of Sri Lankans. The LTTE's international head office was in London and their leaders including late Anton Balasingham lived in London. In short, with or without the knowledge of the British PM and others, the LTTE received UK funding and propaganda to kill Sri Lankan civilians. When the UK and the other European nations encouraged the armed LTTE, some countries like China, Pakistan, Iran etc helped Sri Lanka to fight the LTTE.

Today , the Sri Lankan people have proved that the LTTE can be beaten and they are restricted to an area of 40 Sq miles. In this area 90% of the people are LTTE hard core fighters and the statements made in the British parliament that innocent civilians are affected is far from the truth. Genuine democratic nations should be happy that Sri Lanka has driven away the world's most brutal terrorist organizations so that the Sinhalese, Tamils .Muslins and others living in the liberated areas in Sri Lanka can have a democratic option rather than living under a terrorist outfit.

We trust the UK will evolve a new policy towards Sri Lanka rather than acting as a center for destabilization for Sri Lanka. It is unfortunate to mention that for last 25 years the UK has covertly or overtly helped the LTTE and their fronts to cause immeasurable damage to Sri Lanka and the Sri Lankan people.

We request that the British Government to stop the immoral attempt to help the LTTE again while being a active Nation in the fight against international terrorism .

Ranjith Soysa
Spokesperson - SPUR


British premier wants ceasefire in Sri Lanka

[TamilNet, Wednesday, 14 January 2009, 20:24 GMT]

Prime Minister Gordon Brown, while responding to a question by Keith Vaz MP about the plight of Tamil civilians in Sri Lanka and the killing of Sunday Leader editor, said Britain’s Parliament Wednesday that there is a need for a ceasefire in Sri Lanka and that he would be raising the matter with French President Nikolas Sakorzy and German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Mr. Brown was speaking during the first Prime Minister’s Questions of 2009.

“Hundreds of thousand of innocent Tamil civilians are currently under siege in Sri Lanka because of aerial bombardment by the Sri Lankan government,” Mr. Vaz told Parliament. “Last Sunday (sic) the editor of a leading newspaper was assassinated. He said in an [editorial] written before he was killed that this was due to the forces of the government,”

“Will the Prime Minister please use his good offices, either unilaterally or through the European Union, to call for a ceasefire, so that all those involved in this conflict stop their violence, so that peace can return to this beautiful island?”

Premier Brown responded: “I agree with [Mr. Vaz] about the terrible violence happening there, I also agree with him about the need for a ceasefire, I will be talking to President Sakorzy and Chancellor Merkal and this will be one of the issues I shall be raising with them.”

My experience with Mr. Ranil Wickramasingha...

“During one of the meetings with Mr. Ranil Wickramasingha I told him that one of the terrorists apprehended on 14 April 1985 informed me that they were trained by R&AW of the Indian Government. Mr. Wickramasingha laughed at me.”

(January 14, Melbourne) Please read my experience with Mr. Ranil Wickramasingha when he was the minister of education in Sri Lanka to prove how he looked after servicemen in the past.

My name is PBS Hemachandra. I am a retired (compelled to) Lieutenant Commander of the Sri Lanka Navy. In 1985 I was working as the Commanding Officer of SLNS Jayasagara, which was deployed as task group commander 4.3 in the Surveillance Zone between India and Sri Lanka to prevent Gun running, smuggling and movement of terrorist traffic between the two countries. Then the navy was very small.

My family was living in Naval Married quarters Summit flats Keppetipola Mawatha Colombo 7. My son became eligible for schooling in 1985. I applied to 5 schools in Colombo for admission. Royal College was the closet to our naval married quarters. Only Royal College interviewed my son for admission. But we were one month short of two years residency at Summit flats. Therefore my son was not given a school. I joined the navy in 1971 and by 1985 I already had 16 transfers to different locations mostly in North and East.

As the Commanding Officer SLNS Jayasagara, I used to go out to sea to work in the northern surveillance zone for about 5 to 6 weeks and come home for about 7 days cramped in a rackety old Air Force plane. For the first six months of 1985 when ever I came on leave to Colombo I went behind every administrative and political avenue to find a school for my son armed with letters from the Navy Commander, the Defence force commander and the Deputy Minister of Defence Mr. Werapitiya. When I was waiting in my uniform to meet Education secretaries and directors I have seen a man coming to the ministry going straight to offices of the Minister, secretaries and directors. I also have seen secretaries and Directors of education stand up when they spoke to him. I thought this guy must be another minister or MP. But later I came to know that he was a convicted rapist named Gonawala Sunil who was Mr. Ranil Wickramasingha’s best friend.

I met Mr. Ranil Wickramasingha 3 times, Mr Werapitiya and Mr. Lalith Atulathmudali four times each to find a school for my son. I kept my son at home without a school for six months in 1985. Crime I committed was to tell Additional Secretary of education Mr. Dumbukola to inform the Minister of Education Mr. Ranil Wickamasingha that we servicemen working in the north and east prize very much if minister could solve our problems like school admissions than him attending to arms giving of dead servicemen which I saw in the TV.

Finally I met the only lawyer I knew Mr. Nimal Siripala de Silva (before he became a MP and a Minister) and ask him whether I could get the help of the law to find a school for my son. He introduced me to Mr. Raja Gunasekara who filed a fundamental human right case in the Supreme Court of Sri Lanka citing Royal principle, director of education and Minister of education Mr. Ranil Wicramsingha to find a school for my son. Case was published in the news papers next day. (Reference Island, Daily News, Sun newspapers dated 27 June 1985)

This case did not violate good order and/or naval discipline. But when I flew back to Trincomalee very next day to sail my ship back to the surveillance zone, I was summoned by the Naval Officer in Charge Trincomalee and told me that I have been placed on compulsory leave. I was asked to hand over my identity card and then I was escorted out of the navy camp without giving any reasons. I had to catch a fish lorry to come to Colombo.

Because I was barred from entering naval establishments I phoned the Commander of the Navy to find out reasons for sending me on compulsory leave. The Commander of the Navy asked me to speak to then Secretary Defence General Sepala Artigala. When I met General Artigala with the Commander of the Navy, he told me unofficially (off the records) if I withdraw the case I can come back to the navy and the case will not be taken against me. He further told me to come back and meet him when I decided to withdraw the case.

Thereafter, I was more determined to proceed with the case because I had evidence of a child admitted to Royal College from Kiribathgoda who did not have two years residence even in Kiribatgoda, which details I submitted to the Supreme Court.

After this submission unfortunately I had a visit from Mr. Ranil Wickramasaingha’s criminal friend who wanted me to withdraw the case. In no uncertain terms, I understood his demand as a threat to my or my son’s life. Although I wanted to go ahead with the case my wife, my parents and my wife’s parents wanted me to withdraw the case. Due to pressure from then Secretary Defence, then Navy Command, and from criminal elements close to Mr. Ranil Wickramasingha I decided to withdraw the case under duress.

Then I told my lawyers and General Sepala Artigala that if a school is given to my son I will withdraw the case. I was told to wait at home for a letter from the education ministry and was further advised to accept any school for the time being and promised to move my son to Royal College later. Further General Artigala advised me to go and meet additional solicitor general Sunil Silva and tell him that I am withdrawing the case. A letter was delivered to my naval married quarters admitting my son to Mahanama College and then I met Mr. Sunil Silva and told him that I am withdrawing the case under duress.

Very next day after withdrawal of the case I was taken back to the navy. But my command was not given. I was appointed to a junior position not keeping with my rank or seniority as a punishment. I thought that everything would end there. But that was only the beginning. A few weeks later a few officer junior to me were promoted over me there by compelling me to retire from the Navy after 15 years of service.

My request to grant my pension under political victimization was not approved. I was not given medals given to the service men worked in the north and east. My name was not forwarded for Customs reward money for apprehensions done in the North. I was not given my CDC (Crew Discharge Certificate) for me to find a job in the merchant navy. Therefore I had to study and start a new career. My family was continually harassed by criminal elements close to Mt Ranil Wickramasingha. Thank god Australian government allowed my family to migrate to Australia.

During one of the meetings with Mr. Ranil Wickramasingha I told him that one of the terrorists apprehended on 14 April 1985 informed me that they were trained by RAW of the Indian Government. Mr. Wickramasingha laughed at me. Further I have told both Mr. Wickamasingha and Mr. Lalith Athulatmudali that the efficiency of the surveillance zone is less that 3% and if the government did not provide the navy with suitable crafts and weapons to increase the efficiency of the surveillance Zone, Sri Lanka is going to have a massive terrorist problem. Efficiency of the surveillance zone was calculated by taking the percentage of number of boats apprehended and destroyed divided by number of boats sighted crossing between India and Sri Lanka taken from situation reports from all units deployed in the surveillance zone.

All the UNP government in power and navy command had to do was to provide the navy with suitable crafts to increase the efficiency or the KPIs of the surveillance zone there by cutting off the enemy supply line, simple war strategy any child would understand. I tried to publish how UNP government in power purchased useless ships to the navy taking commissions in all news papers but only Ravaya published my information on 25th August 1991.

UNP governments in power in Sri Lanka could have easily resolved the terrorist problem from 1977 to 1987, which destroyed many lives and completely destroyed the economy of the country. Unfortunately the UNP government where Ranil was a senior Minister allowed LTTE to become the most powerful terrorist organization in the world.

1. The UNP governments allowed LTTE to smuggle arms and ammunition and bring in advanced communication, electronic equipments and air crafts to establish illegal LTTE navy and air force with the help of Norway by not providing Sri Lanka navy with suitable crafts, detection and destruction capabilities.

2. The UNP government handed over a massive stock of arms and ammunition to LTTE during Mr. Premadasa’s time. Many Indian and Sri Lankan soldiers were killed using them.

3. The UNP government gave LTTE terrorists world recognition by Mr. Ranil Wickramasingha signing a Cease Fire Agreement.

Therefore how can Mr. Ranil Wickramasingha open his mouth and say current government has no regards for Soldiers.

My humble experience is that criminal elements close to Mr. Ranil Wickramasingha are very capable of discrediting opponent. Therefore Investigators should have a very close look at these criminals when they investigate incidents that directly discredit Mr. Wickramasingha’s opponents like burning down TV stations and murdering journalists.

By PBS Hemachandra

3 LTTE Cadres surrendered to Army - Wanni Operation - 14 Jan 2009

One of LTTE leader Prabhakaran's security guards included...

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Troops capture Chundikulam - Entire Jaffna Peninsula liberated

A senior LTTE sea tiger leader identified as "Lieutenant Colonel Thiru" was killed along with several others in this attack.

Today (Jan 14) evening, troops of 55 division gained control of Chundikulam area in Jaffna. With the liberation of Chundikulam, troops have gained control of the entire Jaffna peninsula.

A senior LTTE Sea Tiger leader identified only as 'Thiru' was killed during the battle to takeover the Chundikulam area while troops also captured 100 boats, a number of vehicles, 400 anti-personnel mines and 40 anti-tank mines, military spokesman Uday Nanayakkara said.

"With this, the last land on Jaffna has been liberated from the LTTE," he told. The northern peninsula is strategically located and has long been a prize catch for both the warring sides in the island's decades-old ethnic strife. "We believe the rebels have suffered heavy casualties but the bodies must have been removed by other LTTE cadres. The Army has suffered no casualty," Nanayakkara said.

(Media Centre for National Security)

Troops reach Dharmapuram

Sri Lanka Army 58 Division sweeping down the A-35 road (Paranthan - Mullaittivu) on the West- East axis has reached the outskirts of Dharmapuram today (Jan 14), reveal defence sources.

Troops had several confrontations with LTTE fighters ingeneral area of Dharmapuram, the officials said. Later, the security forces found three bodies of LTTE fighters killed during the clashes in the area along with three T-56 riffles, the Defence Ministry said. Security forces also found four bodies of LTTE cadres from Murasumudai near Kilinochchi.

Three LTTE cadres manning defence line in Dharmapuram area have surrendered to the security forces, the army said.

Separately, Sri Lankan authorities said they have buried 41 unclaimed bodies of suspected Tamil Tigers killed by troops in the island's north, media reports said. T

Now OPEN: Treasury bill and Treasury bond Market for Sri Lankan Diaspora

Treasury bills and Treasury bonds are issued by the Government of Sri Lanka to Sri Lankan Diaspora and Migrant Workforce since January 6th, 2009.

Through this scheme, it is expected to widen the investor base, diversify the Government Securities market, make it more convenient for Sri Lankans living abroad to access Government Securities, and to create a more stable Government securities market.

This scheme will also provide a safe and highly liquid investment opportunity for Sri Lankans living abroad, while providing them with an attractive return on their investments.

To facilitate this endeavour, which is expected to cover almost the entire globe, six Joint Lead Managers, namely, Bank of Ceylon, Commercial Bank of Ceylon PLC, National Savings Bank, NatWealth Securities Ltd., People’s Bank and Sampath Bank have been appointed.

Investments in Treasury bills or Treasury bonds could be channelled through any one of the Joint Lead Managers, using the Treasury bill/bond Investment External Rupee Account-D (TIERA-D) to be opened by the investor for that purpose.Remittances into and out of TIERA-D accounts would be free from exchange controls.This scheme will benefit, Sri Lankans living abroad, including Sri Lankans who have made their permanent residence overseas (Non-residents), citizens of Sri Lanka who have taken up overseas employment or set up business abroad, citizens of Sri Lanka with dual citizenship living in Sri Lanka or abroad, and Sri Lankan professionals living in Sri Lanka or abroad who earn income in foreign currency.

Extract from an email from NatWealth Securities Ltd:

We forward herewith the Account Opening Forms for your Investment in Government Securities and also for Your FCY account (TIERA- D).

The Interest rates based on the Auction held today at Central Bank:

3 Months - 15.25%
6 Months - 16 00%
1 Year - 17.25%

We trust that the above rates quoted by us would be of interest to you and we attach herewith our Company Mandate for completion by you in the event of you deciding to invest funds with us.

Chandra J Dias
Chief Executive Officer
NatWealth Securities Ltd.
17A, Barnes Place
Colombo – 7.
TEL: + 9411 4716274 / +94 712779867
Fax: +9411 4716275

Challenging Western perceptions of the Sri Lankan conflict

Western press coverage of the conflict in Sri Lanka often demonstrates the ignorance of the journalists sent or usually just assigned to write on it from the comfort of their offices. A recent piece in a British newspaper was particularly ridiculous, and we carry below a reply sent in by the Peace Secretariat. It has not been published, as is so often the case in the Western media.

The Editor
Daily Telegraph

Dear Sir

I was saddened by your January 6th article on Sri Lanka. I will ignore the misrepresentations, except to note that the violence of July 1983 was not the work of Sinhala Buddhists. The government at the time, which included Tamils and Muslims as well as Christian Sinhalese, is considered to have been responsible. The President was J R Jayewardene, beloved of the West and especially Margaret Thatcher, who supported his attempts to invoke our Defence Treaty with Britain against an imagined Indian threat.

More serious are the twists your correspondent uses to orientalize the conflict. You talk of President Rajapaksa salivating at the prospect of final victory. Have you ever referred to Western leaders warring for whatever reason, acceptable to you or not, salivating when they thought themselves close to victory?

You refer to the government’s ‘final solution’, a concept based on Western precedents. The government has made it clear that military victory is not the solution to the political problems we face, problems exacerbated by the authoritarianism of the Jayewardene government, which destroyed democracy, an action hailed by the Times, trumpeting that ‘Capitalism tasted sweeter’. This government is determined on a democratic pluralistic solution, which it discusses with other Tamil groups ignored by the dichotomizing tendencies of the West, that help the LTTE claim to be the sole representatives of the Tamils.

You talk of the President’s triumphalist claims, in reference to his remarks about government efforts to care for Tamil civilians. That is not triumphalism. Your failure to credit those claims is also sad, since the worst case scenario, the allegations on websites supportive of the LTTE, make it clear that casualties have been minimal, and that our armed forces are more civilized than most now engaging in struggles against terror. That government continues to supply food and health and education facilities to areas under LTTE control is something I suspect a more confrontational othering Western approach to terror cannot appreciate.

That, perhaps, is what the clash of civilizations you refer to is about, the determination to use different standards for the actions of people from different backgrounds. You know what Aristotle said about injustice: perceptions of injustice and unfair demonizing go far to explain the resentments that in the end cost all of us so dearly.

Yours sincerely,

Rajiva Wijesinha
Secretary General
Secretariat for Coordinating the Peace Process

LTTE suspect arrested at Waterloo University in Canada

The Canadian Police have apprehended an LTTE international leader. The Canadian Police nabbed him on allegations of supplying weapons to the LTTE.

The suspect Mylvaganam was taken into custody while pursuing his studies at the Waterloo University in Canada. He had gone to Canada in 1992. It is revealed that he had maintained links with a North American terrorist organization. The arrest has been made based on the 22nd of August 2006 on a request by the United States. However, he was enlarged on bail after one month. But this LTTE leader was rearrested on a court order on allegations of supplying weapons to the LTTE. International news agencies said that he is due to be deported to the United States.


An LTTE hideout rife with illegal activities seized in Mullaitivu

The Security Forces have captured a tiger hideout rife with illegal activities located within the LTTE high security zone in Mullaitivu. Troops of the 59th Division advancing in the battlefront achieved this success after heavy fighting with the terrorists.

High security zone is located close to the air strip captured by the troops in Mullativu. The tigers had been engaged in many illegal activities in the area situated within the thick jungles, West of Mullaitivu. The 15th Infantry Regiment seized the location after heavy fighting raged with the terrorists. The LTTE had fled unable to confront the attacks. There are four large buildings within this zone. One building is 50 metres long and 70 metres wide. In addition there were many temporary buildings. However, the terrorists had removed them. There is evidence that the LTTE had used aid granted to the civilians who were impacted by the tsunami. There were also secret vehicle parking sites. The Army said many LTTE leaders may have frequented the place. There was also a road network to access the area. Meanwhile, the 15th Infantry troops captured a major tiger training camp in the location.


Army Commander visits Jaffna - Northern War Front - 13 Jan 2009

Army Commander Lt. General Sarath Fonseka visited Jaffna yesterday (Jan 13). Its aim was to salute the war heroes who had achieved consequent successes in humanitarian operations in the past few days.

On arrival at the Palali Airport this morning, the Army Commander was welcomed by Jaffna Commanding Officer Major General Mendaka Samarasinghe. Thereafter, addressing Army officers of all ranks at the indoor stadium, he apprised them of the future operations and the plans. Former Security Forces Commanding Officer of Jaffna Major Genral G.A. Chandrasiri and many Army Officers were present. The Army Commander seized the opportunity to extend his gratitude to the war heroes who risked their lives in achieving many victories in the past few days.


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Air strikes on Prabhakaran's hide out in Puthukudiyirippu forest

The Air Force has carried out a raid on a location in the Puthukudiyirippu forest, where LTTE leader Velupillai Prabhakaran is reported to be hiding.

Air Force Spokesman Wing Commander Janaka Nanayakkara said fighter jets carried out the attack at around 6.00 pm yesterday (Jan 12). After continuous monitoring, information was received that Prabhakaran had been hiding in the location in the Puthukudiyirippu forest. Accordingly, Air Force has undertaken the raid. Air pilots confirmed that the target was precise.


Troops take control of Mullaitivu Hospital

Troops of the 59th Division have been able to establish their control in the Mullaitivu Base Hospital and the vicinity. It is located close to the A-34 Highway. It is a fully fledged Hospital. But the LTTE terrorists had destroyed the Hospital and taken away all valuable equipment before the arrival of the troops.

Troops of the 1st Sinha Regiment under the guidance of Colonel Aruna Ariyasinghe of the 591st Brigade and Brigadier Nandana Udawatte, Head of the 59th Division achieved this success. The LTTE had built a massive earth bund opposite the Hospital. However, the troops managed to enter the Hospital premises breaching this bund.

The Mullaitivu Hospital complex comprised many buildings including a two storied building. The LTTE had destroyed the children’s park within the hospital premises. The terrorists had destroyed the doors, windows, fans and air-conditioners before they fled the area. The Army had not launched a single attack on the hospital. It is clear as the roof of the Hospital was not damaged. Injured cadres of the outfit had been treated there. The LTTE had been using all facilities granted by the Government to the civilians by itself.


A Song by Soldiers from the Battlefield


LTTE mine manufacturing center found in Palai - 12 Jan 2009


Nugegoda flyover opens on January 23

The flyover under construction at the Nugegoda junction to ease traffic congestion will be opened on January 23, Highways and Road Development Ministry Sources said.

The flyover will consist of four lanes. The first two lane’s each eight metres wide are being constructed under the First Phase and the other two lanes will be constructed in the second phase of the project. The length of the flyover is 261 metres. Sources added.

The project which is estimated to the cost of Rs. 620 million is funded by UK.

(Government Information Department)

Monday, January 12, 2009

Bharti Airtel to launch mobile services in Sri Lanka on January 12

Bharti Airtel will launch services in Sri Lanka on January 12, becoming the fifth cellular player in the country.

Airtel, India's largest telecom player, will simultaneously roll out 2G and 3G services in Sri Lanka.

The company on Monday announced its Lanka launch with ads in local newspapers. Ahead of Airtel's entry, other operators have slashed tariff rates and are offering discounts with cellular connections.

Airtel is investing $200 million in the Sri Lankan operations and is replicating the outsourcing model in the island country. "It is an extension of the same business model. The company is leveraging its Indian partnerships," said an analyst.

Airtel has outsoured IT operations to IBM while Huawei is rolling out networks. Bharti Telesoft, a part of the Bharti group, will offer value added services.

Airtel will compete wtih Telekom Malaysia's Dialog Telekom, Tigo, a part of Millicom International Cellular, Hutchison Telecom's Hutch and Mobitel of Sri Lanka Telecom.

Video of largest LTTE Airstrip and Hangers captured in Mullaitivu

Troops of the 59th Division had been able to take control of the fourth air strip of the LTTE terrorists on January 10th. It is the first airfield found in Mullaitivu. It is two and half kilometres long and the width is 100 metres. The air strip is located within the thick jungles, West of Mullaitivu. Troops of the 9th Sinha regiment under the guidance of Colonel Jayantha Gunaratne of the 593rd Brigade and Brigadier Nandana Udawatte, heading the 59th Division, succeeded in taking control of the air strip, the largest to be recovered so far. The LTTE had operated their light air planes from this location. It was a tarred air strip.

Northern War Front - 11 Jan 2008

SPUR: Time to Defend the Nation’s Gains and Reject Lawlessness

SPUR (Society for Peace, Unity and Human Rights for Sri Lanka Inc)
Reg: A003 0777 M
P.O. Box 4066, Mulgrave VIC 3170, Australia
Phone: (03) 9795 7143 Fax: (03) 9795 7142

10 January 2009

Media Release

Time to Defend the Nation’s Gains and Reject Lawlessness

The Society for Peace Unity and Human Rights for Sri Lanka (SPUR) unreservedly condemns the killing of Mr Lasantha Wickramatunga, Editor of the Sunday Leader Newspaper and the attack on the Maharaja Sirasa Television Station.

SPUR earnestly hopes that the Government of Sri Lanka will leave no stone unturned in apprehending the culprits and taking legal action to punish them using the full force of the law. We also urge the Government to take immediate steps to prevent further incidents of this nature or any other form of lawlessness which can only destabilise the country and tarnish its image in the eyes of the world.

SPUR does not agree with the editorial lines taken by the Sunday Leader and Maharajah TV Stations in relation to the struggle of Sri Lankan nation to preserve its territorial integrity in the face of Tamil Tiger terrorism. We also feel that the political philosophies of these institutions were at odds with the aspirations of the majority of the Sri Lankan people. However, we do not in any way condone the attempts to silence the democratic right to express their opinion. The Sri Lankan people are more than capable of making their own conclusions based on the information available to them from a variety of sources.

Sri Lanka’s ongoing victorious drive against the LTTE is being accomplished by the tenacity of President Mahinda Rajapakse and his team, the heroism of the Defence Forces and the will of the Sri Lankan People. We therefore urge utmost vigilance by the Sri Lankan Government and all patriotic forces to prevent unscrupulous elements including LTTE fronts, local and international subversive forces or plain ‘political goons’ to create any social or political instability at a time when Sri Lanka is emerging victoriously from one of the dark phases of its history.

At a time like this, SPUR strongly believes that the freedom of responsible expression can be used to further strengthen the country’s democratic framework.

Ranjith Soysa
SPUR Spokesperson
Melbourne, Australia

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Air strikes against retreating rebels in Jaffna

JAFFNA: Sri Lanka Air Force fighter jet aircraft destroyed a large boatload of LTTE terrorists in the CHUNDIKULAM Lagoon, Jaffna this morning (Jan 11) at 11.20.

JAFFNA: Sri Lanka Air Force fighter jet aircraft successfully targeted retreating LTTE terrorist cadres in the area of CHUNDIKULAM, Jaffna today (Jan 11) in the afternoon at 1.00.

(Media Centre for National Security)

What motives behind Sirasa/MTV attack and Sunday Leader editor killing?

There is something very fishy about the killing of Sunday Leader Editor Lasantha Wickrematunga and the arson attack on the MTV Broadcasting Station. Both incidents occurred within few days after the fall of Kilinochchi to Sri Lankan Forces.

The government should forthwith launch a thorough inquiry into both cases and leave no stones unturned since the offences are bound to reflect negatively on the Rajapaksa regime although the Leader Publications and MTV/ Sirasa were both operating as UNP media organs and showing veiled sympathy for the LTTE cause.

There's pithy Sinhala saying that the fools who are angry with their faces try to cut off their noses ("moonath ekka tharahata nahaya kapagannawa"). Such was the media policy of the Leader Publications and MTV / Sirasa. Merely because they hated the Rajapaksa regime they did not mind indirectly serving the Tiger agenda. It is a small wonder that most readers and viewers who have been addicted to the news reporting of these two media organizations think that Sri Lanka's real enemy is not the LTTE (which has been trying to bisect this island for the past 30 years) but the Rajapaksa government which has been in power for only three years.

Clearly both criminal acts were aimed at diverting the world's attention from the devastating blow dealt to the LTTE by Sri Lankan troops. Obviously no sane government would resort to any action that would tarnish its image at the height of a resounding military victory.

If however the opposite had happened – a humiliating defeat for the Sri Lankan Army in the Wanni – we may assume that certain frustrated elements justifiably angered by the anti-national stance of the victims would have perhaps committed the offences. But why should it happen now?

Who would benefit by casting a shadow over the success that our soldiers have achieved in the Wanni? Needless to say, the only ones who stand to gain are not only the LTTE, sections of the UNP and the NGO 'peaceniks' but also the so-called international community which has been conspiring to impose its own 'political solutions' on this country.

(by Janaka Perera)

Threats to Media: Be patient, Minister tells public

Media Minister Laksman Yapa Abeywardana told the media yesterday at the Information Department that during the last few days as media came under attack and threat, the Government was blamed by various parties.

Minister Abeywardana also said the late Lasantha Wickramatunga was a good friend of the President and they have met at Temple Trees on several occasions. The President was invited by Wickramatunga to attend his wedding reception recently.

As the President could not attend the reception, President had invited the new couple - Wickramatunga and his co-editor Sonali Samarasinghe - for dinner which was scheduled for this week.

“The President advised his private physician to treat Wickramatunga, his son, and his brother when they were sick on their request. Later, they sent a letter appreciating the President’s generosity,” he added.

He observed that the President had instructed the IGP, CID and Military Intelligence to launch an exclusive investigation into the assassination of the Editor and the MTV attack.

“The situation is critical and the investigations should be carried out in deep and in detail. Therefore, to launch a full scale investigation, we need opportunity and time. We request the public and the media to understand the situation and bear with us until we bring the culprit before justice,” he added.

(Source: Lake House)

Abstract from Divaina Political Column on 2009/01/11: (in Sinhala)

lsn~w vQkYmwOAgt @qhQvlqW @vdQ w#bR pRvw jn`{QpwQvry`t a`rAcQ vR@N~ oy al~lpnl~@l~y.

jn`{QpwQvry` @m a`rAcQy nQs` mhw~ k#LBQl~lt h` pWd`vt pw~vR@y~y.

@m @m`nvq @vn~@n~... kQlQ@n`ccQy jy ar@gn e~@k pYWwQy jnw`v xOk~wQ vQ[QmQn~ mRlwQv qQh` bl`@gn in~n @vl`@v hrQm pRqEm @q~vl~ wmyQ sQq~{ @vn~@n~. eq` sQrst @b`~mb g#hRv` kQyl a`rAcQy a`v`. aq @m lsn~wt @vdQ wQbb` kQyl ahnv`. @m`kk~ hrQ bl@vgyk~ @b`@h`m qr#NR vQqQyt kQYy`w~mk @vnv`.

@m @m`@h`@w~m jn`{QpwQvry` vh`m @s_K& @l~kmvry`t kw` k@L~y. @@vq& awOl kh[ lQyn@g~t kw`kL ohR @@vq& kN~d`ymk~

rF@gn @g`s~ @k@s~ @h`~ lsn~w@g~ jWvQwy @br` gn~n#yQ kW@vy.

in~psRv @k`LB mh @r`~h@l~ a{&k;vry`tq kw` @k`t avX& pYwQk`r ktyRwO s[h` sh`y vn~n#yQ nQym k@L~y.

jn`{QpwQ mhQn~q r`jpk~; sn~@d lWdr\ kr\w^ lsn~w vQkYmwOAg smg m$wqW q#dQ mQwYw~vyk~ a#wQ kr@gn wQbQNQ. e~ mQwYw~vy s[h` p`r k#pR@v @@vq& elQyn~w nm a@ykQ. jn`{QpwQvry` ILMt kw` k@L~ ohRty. kw`@k`t vW a#wQ a#b#q~qQy g#n vQn`dQ kQhQpyk~ aqhs~ hRvm`r# kr gw~@w~y.

oy elQyn~w wmyQ lsn~wv @m p`r m@g~ LMt @gn`@v. a#w~wtm mQnQh` hrQm hQwvw~ vRN`. psRgQy qvsk lsn~w klQn~ vyQf~@gn~ dQ@v`~s~ @vl` a`@yw~ vQv`h vRN`@n~, ar @sn`lQ smrsQAh ek~k. e~ vQv`hyt shx`gQ @vn~n kQyl lsn~w psRgQy qvsk oy elQyn~w ek~k mMOl~ kQyn~nw~ a`v`.

mm kQvv` mt @vdQn~ ekt en~n b#h#. h#b#yQ mm oy @qn~nt k$m @vlk~ l$s~wQ krn~nm. eq`t e~kt en~n kQyl`. It ekM@vl` wmyQ lsn~w gQ@y~. mQnQh` apt wqQn~ g#hRv` wmyQ pw~w@rn~. nmRw~ ps~@s k`@lk m`w~ ek~k @h`[ av@b`~{yk~ @g`dnM` gw~w`. lsn~w m`w~ ek~k hQwvw~ vRNR ek ivsn~n b#rQ pQrQskOw~ hQtQy`. mt qEk m`w~ ek~k mQwY vRNR nQs` mQnQh`t @m irNmt mRhRN @qn~n vRN`q kQyn ekyQ.

Click on image below if Sinhala fonts are not readable:

See Divaina for full story

All citizens are to be registered

The Defence Ministry has decided to register citizens for the security of all Sri Lankans.

Registration of all civilians is a sine qua non of the hour. The Media Centre for National Security announced that a special procedure had been prepared as registration can be done from the house or office. Civilians can register easily by giving information proving their identity, in the website The Defence Ministry calls for the support of all civilians since the objective of this process is to ensure the security of all nationalities and the country.

Pottu Amman not in custody

Military spokesman Brigadier Udaya Nanayakkara yesterday denied rumours that Pottu Amman, head of LTTE intelligence wing, had turned himself in and been taken into custody by the security forces.

On Friday, it was reported that Pottu Amman had handed himself over to the Special Forces at an undisclosed location. Since joining the LTTE in 1981, Amman had masterminded many attacks against the government and civilians.

With the capture of Killinochchi and Elephant Pass LTTE controlled territory has now been limited to only a 40 square km area. Brigadier Udaya Nanayakkara added that only 10 LTTE cardres have been captured from the Killinochchi area. He stated that no cardres have been captured from Elephant Pass so far.

Note: Mawbima Lanka News regrets the unconfirmed report on Pottu Amman yesterday, which was, however, clarified minutes later. Our Apologies!