Saturday, December 12, 2009

Why Mahinda - 10 reasons for electing M.R.- R.I. Obeyesekera

1. The Forces under the political leadership of M.R. won the war. There are no more suicide bomb attacks, no more check points. No fear psychosis. People get about freely.

2. The Tamil people were not harassed consequent to the killing of Prabhakaran and elimination of the LTTE as in1983. Mahinda has gone public that Sri Lanka belongs to all who live in it. He has symbolically demonstrated his commitment to a united Sri Lanka by prefacing his speeches at the UN and other formal occasions by speaking in the Tamil language. The climate is favourable for a fair and just settlement of the remaining issues in this field.

3. He has stood up to the foreign pressures to deflect the war effort whilst strengthening his links to China, India, Iran the PLO and N. Korea.

4. Vast infrastructure projects like Harbours/Ports, Airports and an extensive network of roads, which are underway must be steadily completed.

5. Power projects like Kerawalapitiya and the Puttalam Coal Power Project which are sufficient to generate power to provide electricity to our remotest villages and provide for the progressive electrification of our Railway Network.

6. Fisheries development of Deep sea, offshore and Inland fisheries also in the liberated Northern and Eastern Provinces which resumed fishing activities after interruption during the protected war.

7. Speeding up all round Agricultural Development.

8. The ongoing revival of Tourist sector must continue unabated.

9. Development of Organic Agricultural Development with foreign investments for exports on a large scale.

10. All this must continue and Sri Lanka must move forward to next stage of development which belong to us.

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