Monday, December 14, 2009

Why I can’t vote for you, dear General...

You were one of our heroes, a ‘Knight in Shining Armour’, who rose up to the challenge of taking on the dragon. When you won, we won, the whole country won, sans a few. The dragon was elusive, but its evil-hearted offshoot was freely wandering and quite vocal out in the open, denigrating and insulting you and every move you made to defeat their master. When they did, they also denigrated and insulted our people and all patriotic forces, who stood by you and what you stood for, in the name of our country. Despite all their attempts, the country was saved due to your leadership and your men’s valour, dedication and sacrifice. In contrast, the nature of the villains of the nation became all too clear and we could see the depths that they could stoop down to, in order to stall the progress of our nation and attain their own ends.

Thus, when the traitors of the nation sneered in jealousy at our heroes, we were angered and compelled to speak against them and speak in support of our heroes in whatever way we could and we did that with so much pride and a feeling of oneness. We did not do that to bet on the winning horse but out of love for our motherland. We, as a people, prayed to see you silence them with your actions; actions that we knew for certain would free our country.

We wanted to see you win. They wanted to see you fail. We had faith in you. They had faith in all unpatriotic forces to stall you in your advance. We supported you in your every move. They criticised it. We held you in the utmost esteem. They disparaged you as a misfit. We celebrated the elimination of the dragon, at last feeling the feel of real freedom as a proud nation. They faded into darkness, hiding their faces for a while. We knew we had beaten the dragon and its offshoots and we knew it would not have been possible without you. They knew they had been fairly and squarely defeated and would have no future. It was clearly a battle between those who wanted to see the country freed and those who wanted it to suffer to make a living out of the country’s ailments. When all the victory celebrations were over, we wanted you to be safe and serve the country for many years to come. They wanted to destroy you at the earliest, one way or the other, for their own greed and survival.

We are quite perplexed to see the same enemies of our nation, who ridiculed you, now singing hosannas to you and we are feeling dejected as they say that you will be leaving us to join them. We would not know what to believe until we hear from you, but we hope it is not true.

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