Thursday, December 17, 2009

The need for standards

W. E. Jayawardena
A main issue that all those contributing to the making of a healthy public opinion, especially the national newspaper groups, have to reckon with, is the need to spare truth falling victim to the acrimony caused by the volume of the heat generated by continued contest of issues like in the case of the present debate on the presidential election.

In its issue of December 7, a national Sinhala newspaper reporting an account on the UNP convention held at Wattala on December 4, gave publicity to the speech of the leader of the UNP. In this report of the speech of the leader, reference was made to the Apollo Hospital being the "Rajje" of the Rajapaksa brothers and also boldly claiming that the Rajapaksa brothers were "rogues" who should be chased out of office. The report, per se, would have stood on its own, if not for a subsequent TV programme on this subject.

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