Tuesday, December 29, 2009

There is no credible war crimes case against Sri Lanka

Professor Rohan Gunaratna is Head of the International Centre for Political Violence and Terrorism Research at the Nanyang Technological University in Singapore and the author of several books on the Sri Lankan conflict reiterates that the LTTE international itself is under mounting pressure, which should be capitalized by the government and the opposition coming together to dismantaling the outfit completely. He also notes however that while pragmatic LTTE leaders overseas are keen to handover the LTTE assets to the Sri Lankan government, the faction led by Nediyawan are fighting to continue subversion, destabilization, and terrorism. “It is paramount for the Sri Lankan government and the people to work closely with LTTE leaders willing to reject violence and embrace co-existence. In the larger interest of reconciliation, the Sri Lankan government should provide immunity to those leaders willing to help Sri Lanka to recover from three decades of conflict.”

Professor Rohan Gunaratna

•What did the UN do when LTTE ethnically cleansed tens of thousands of Muslims, repeatedly massacred thousands of poor Sinhala and Muslim villagers?

•The process of mapping LTTE assets by the international intelligence community is nearing completion and the process of acquisition will continue in the next few years.

•Merchant Vessel (MV) Princess Christanta was acquired from an Asian country by a special team dispatched by Secretary Defence Gotabhaya Rajapaksa.

•The government and the parliamentary opposition must unite to dismantle the LTTE international network.

•To sustain peace in Sri Lanka, Ponniah Anadarajah, a double accountant needs to be tracked and detained.

Q:UNP MP Palitha Range Bandara last week challenged the government to provide proof about the vessel “Princess Christanta,” to confirm whether it was really an LTTE vessel or belonged to a private company. He claims that he had information about the vessel as one that had been purchased in Jakarta, Indonesia, through the mediation of a Sri Lankan Naval Officer. How do you compare these allegations with information available to you?

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