Friday, December 4, 2009


If not for the current President there wont be any one called General Sarath Fonseka that of course everyone knows for sure. First of all he should thank the President for keep him in the services and appoint him as the army commander and giving him all the necessary support and equipment to fight the war on terror.After the war the President make him a Four star General for his valuable services for ending three decades of dirty war. President and the whole country appreciated what he did and commended for his leadership but unfortunately this Hero cum traitor didnt appreciate what the president or the Goverment did to him instead he resigned from his valuable high ranking post and join with the enemies of the land and the President. Now he is a hero to the traitors and losers of the political arena of Sri Lanka. They told him that he is not fit to lead the salvation army but beacuse of greed for power and money even with the devil they will sit and do monkey business. He is an amateur in politics but shrewed and cunning tactician who did everything behind the back of the President and his government while on duty. He is master crook who helped his son in law to make millions of dollars through defence contracts as per the Indian news papers.This shameless General should taught a lesson for the first time and for the last time.

Our peoples are not fools to bring this man to power at any cost. Army men have nor ruled our country and it wont be for ever.This is not Pakistan or Burma.This our homeland and we are not fools to listen or give our valubale vote for such a individual who has joined with the man who has lost fourteen times in the past elections. Be rasonable my country men and think hard for the future of your childrens. Stopping the war is enough to give this President your valuable vote to carry on his good work further more. Every Sri Lankan who was born and bread in my country from south to north and east to west can walk tall in freedom and dignity whether he is a Sinhalese,Muslim,Tamil,Burgher,or Malay because of the current Presidents strong will power and his good governace. He is the poor man’s leader not for the rich like Wickremesinghe clan.He is from the village and he understand the poor peoples grievances and needs that’s why he is going to have elections before two years of his Presidency. If he wants to cling to power and greedy for power he can easily stay another two years and come forward after finishing all the big big projects which he startrd like Hambantota harbour,Roads,Airport, etc. I dont think our masses will forget by that time what he did to this country how he finished the dirty war after 30 years with the help of all mighty and the citizens of Mother Lanka. Our country has been visted by Lord Buddha three times and no harm will come to this land as long as we protect our religion and places of worship and live a decent good life without harming or destroying others. Can this General who wants to take all the pride for himself for finishing the war can be a President of my homeland as the current President? Is he have the quality and the quantity to govern this land of gems? After all can you trust him as he is the Podu Apeshkaya for all those funny charcters like white masters pet Ranil,Awamangalaya,Jumping fish Hakeem,Three stooges Somawansa, Herath, Silva and the LTTE garbages who tried their best to take our leaders to International courts with the help of their white Masters. What is his qualifications to become the President Of Sri Lanka? Is he know anything about politics? What he will give to the masses HAND GRENADES, T 56, LAND MINES etc? He is a retired disgraced Army General who has come forward to destroy our newly got Freedom and our democracy. He dosent have a good heart.He is a revengful person with greed for power and money like those past political traitors. So please use your brains before you chose the right person for the right job to govern our Peaceful,beautiful Motherland Sri Lanka.

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