Sunday, December 6, 2009

SB going it alone for Presidential elections or will he support Mahinda? –decision tomorrow

Reports say , S B Dissanayake , the UNP National Organizer who did not attend the UNP special convention on the 5th was met by the President Rajapakse at SB’s residence at Hangurakgeta this afternoon.

The President who arrived in a fleet of three helicopters; after attending the religious ceremonies at Galaha , had met Minister CB Ratnayake and gone along with him to meet SB Dissanayake. They had had a three hour secret discussion.

Sources close to SB Dissanayake said, after the discussion, latter has organized a special media briefing tomorrow at the Taj samudra Hotel at 10.00 a.m. where he is going to reveal his plans for the forthcoming Presidential elections.

The sources also added that, it is most likely that he will resign from the UNP, and support Mahinda Rajapkase, or may contest as an independent candidate on his own. Attempts to contact SB Dissanayake by Lanka e news was of no avail.

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