Monday, December 28, 2009

Radar- Gate: Kickbacks to Foneska’s Danuna in China Radar Deal: Eight Questions To The General

By K.T.Rajasingham
Colombo, 27 December, (

The China Radar deal punctures the claim.

In fact, the deal also raises several serious questions, which the former army chief alone can reply.

1. What was the rationale to reject the Raytheon offer to refurbish the existing radars?
2. Did any technical committee evaluate the Raytheon offer? If so, was the offer found technically sound?
3. Did Raytheon guarantee that after refurbishment the ANTPQ -36 radars would get fresh lease of effectiveness?
4. What was the justification to go in for China radars?
5. Was there any technical evaluation before the government signed a deal with the Chinese supplier?
6. Was the army or government aware of the presence of middleman, Hicorp, a company of army chief’s son-in-law?
7. Did the Chinese radars function effectively during the Wanni War?
8. Did the CID question Danuna Tilakaratne in connection with radar and other deals where in he and Hicorp figure

General Fonseka - has to answer our questionsBy now it has become a set routine for Presidential candidate Sarath Fonseka to deny any wrong doing as army commander.

But his every denial prompts Asian Tribune to dig deep into his past and unearth something to unsettle him. Yet, instead of offering his side, the retired general goes into an overdrive to run down Asian Tribune in interviews to various Sinhala publications.

Why he is not coming forward to articulate his denial in the Asian Tribune itself remains a puzzle. Is it because politicians don’t generally like to send a rebuttal to publications as the editors have the inherent right to put each sentence of the denial under a microscope and juxtapose the denials with the original allegations.

Media pundits and commentators aver that the former army chief is not serving his own cause by not using AT columns to put forth his side.

The non-denial through Asian Tribune is not a disincentive to AT though.

We have just come across a Radar Gate -kickbacks in a radar deal

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