Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Open letter to Fonseka from Sydney: Use your skills for a worthy cause

Dear Genaral Fonseka

It has come to our attention as members of the Sri Lankan Diaspora in Sydney that your remarks in the “Sunday Leader” regarding the fact that the final stage of the war has created risky situation to the people of Sri Lanka. Although you tried to clarify the remarks, it was too late to correct the facts as detrimental comments spread all over the world within a short period of time by damaging Sri Lanka’s image.

We also noted your claim that the war against the LTTE was won due to your leadership as the Commander of the Army. Although we appreciate your leadership for advancing the army to the wining position, it is our opinion that your commanding position was heavily supported by the Air Force , Navy, Police and other military forces together with other national and international forces which were in place, without your knowledge as the Army Commander.

According to the structure of the Department of Defence in Sri Lanka, it is a known factor that Secretary of the Department has a vital role in co-ordinating all forces under the ministry and providing necessary resources to the relevant areas. We believe that Gotabaya Rajapaksha provided strong co-ordinating leadership at the war providing all necessary resources including aircrafts, ships, vehicles and personals through his department under guidance of President Mahinda Rajapaksa as the Minister for Defence in Sri Lanka. The credit for the victory in defeating terrorism should go to all who worked together at that time including members and leaders of all forces including yourself, secretary, president members of the international community as well.

It is also worthwhile to draw your attention that some foreign parliamentarians gave strong political back up for creating a peaceful situation in Sri Lanka by strongly condemning the LTTE as one of the most notorious terrorist organizations in the world. In this sense I need to remind you that Senator Steve Hutchins in Federal Government of Australia made consistent speeches in federal floor supporting Sri Lanka, to make it a peaceful nation for all kind of people in the world. As an Army commander at the time of the war you should appreciate President Mahinda Rajapaska for leading supporters of the international community towards weakening its

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