Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Nadesan, Pulidevan and Ramesh were terrorists

by Malin Abeyatunge
Sarath Fonseka's most devastating statement saying that Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa illegally ordered Major-General Shavendra Silva to kill LTTE cadres who wished to surrender, has given ample ammunition to the western block of the international community.

Following it, the UN has already started to probe his statement seeking clarification from SLUN Representative in Geneva.

According to latest reports in the media (The Island, 22/12/2009) quote "The UN Special Rapporteur on Extra-judicial, Summary and Arbitrary Executions, Philip Aston, has asked the government to provide explanations with regard to the circumstances leading to the deaths of three senior LTTE cadres and their families during the final stages of military operations against the LTTE". unquote.

Let me remind the UN Special Rapporteur Philip Aston what George E Bush quite rightly said in relation to Al Qaeda quote "Terrorist is always a terrorist. We have no business with terrorists unquote".

The same applies to LTTE terrorists as well.

We had no business with them.

The only terrorist one can trust is a dead terrorist or a terrorist in a picture.

Those three top LTTE cadres Pulidevan (Head of LTTE Peace Secretariat), Nadesan (‘police chief’ who boasted the LTTE will fight till the last to achieve Eelam) and Ramesh who were killed by our valiant soldiers were no saints. Neither were they guardian angels of the Tamils but a gang of Satans who had blood in their hands.

Major-General Shavendra Silva, the commander, has been accused by his own boss Sarath Fonseka for giving orders to kill these three and family members while carrying a white piece of cloth and attempting to surrender.

Have we got any proof that they were advancing with a white piece of cloth or at least a piece of soiled underpants (Amude)?

Or will they try another Channel 4 stunt and make a fake video?

What if the top three LTTE Tigers were camouflaging as an attempt to surrender (one of their skills) but start shooting the soldiers in the frontline?

Let me quote two recent incidents among many where one cannot trust a LTTE terrorist.

A suicide woman bomber camouflaged as a pregnant woman (using the symbol of motherhood) attempted to kill then Army Commander General Sarath Fonseka, killing many army officers and injuring the then Army Commander.

The second incident was when the ordinary poor Tamil civilians were fleeing from the LTTE tyranny during rescue operations.

There was a woman suicide bomber hiding among them, who blew herself up killing 26 civilians and army personnel at a checkpoint. This is the extent one can trust LTTE cadres.

Leave aside Sarath Fonseka's completely inaccurate hearsay statement, these three hardcore terrorists were not angels but would have come on a suicide mission with intention of shooting the army in the front line and getting killed themselves.

It's a pity that the UN has failed to probe into the killings of thousands of innocent civilians in the Iraq and Afghanistan war but investigating an incident where Sri Lanka army had to kill the three hardcore terrorists Pulidevan, Nadesan and Ramesh in self-defence.

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