Saturday, December 19, 2009


Malin Abeyatunge

Sarath Fonseka (SF) is not the only hero in the defeat of LTTE as he claimed. He was only one among the others like Chiefs of Navy, Air force, STF, Police and Hasalaka Gamini and all personnel from the tri forces who fought gallantly and valiantly. It is sad to see the war hero Sarath Fonseka gradually turning out to be the biggest betrayer of the nation .He pointed out at Gotabaya Rajapaksa and said in an interview with Leader paper that Gotabaya has given orders to kill the Tiger leaders who surrendered with a white flag during his absence from the war scene. At another press conference he was trying to white wash his comments on Gotabaya saying that he has been misquoted by the editor Frederica Janz which she totally rejected that claim. He follows western media like BBC and CNN, ABC who broadcast inaccurate and false information on hearsay about Sri Lanka and then try to make excuses. Even if they apologize, the damage is already done and cannot be reversed and this is a tactic used by the western media. Likewise, Sarath Fonseka also made some inaccurate and false statements to Leader paper and then tried to hide behind a statement saying that he has been misquoted. By that time the damage is done and cannot be mended as the International Community (western block) who is all out to bring Sri Lanka into War crimes has got ammunition from the horses mouth to play around.

There are two important matters which concerns the Sri Lankan voters. SF has made such a bold and grave destructive statement against our Defense Secretary Gotabaya on HEARSAY. The second important matter is can the Sri Lankan voters trust a na├»ve person like SF to run the country who contradicts his own statements later on. Are we going to entrust the trustee of the country to a double tongued SF? Yesterday’s press conference (DM-15/12/2009) he says now that he takes the full responsibility of the war during his period as the Army Commander until the date LTTE was militarily defeated. How can we trust person like SF to be the leader of the country when he does not have a vision (vision borrowed from UNP & JVP) and every turn he makes contradictory statements.

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