Monday, December 7, 2009

Adigar ‘Pawnseka’ is faltering under the influence of supporters with vested interests

Ajit Randeniya
General (retd.) Sarath Fonseka is conforming to the shameful tradition of past Sri Lankan kings and adigars who have been ‘eveready’ to sell out to foreigners. This tradition, starting with Buvanekabahu of Kotte was kept alive by many other kings and adigars that followed him. Ranil Wickremesinghe whom many consider to be the reincarnation of Don Juan Dharmapala has been the personification of this shameful practice in recent times. Now that the baton has been passed on to Sarath Fonseka, he deserves to be referred to as Adigar ‘Pawnseka’.

Sadly for him, things do not seem to be going well at all for Adigar Pawnseka. His identity as ‘Robert Blake’s common candidate’ seems to be coming to light along every step of the election campaign.

He has also been ‘dropping bricks’; even his puppet master Blake will agree that Pawnseka proved his ‘jackass’ credentials by calling President Rajapakse a ‘tin pot dictator’. It is obvious that he did not know the meaning, context of origin, or the inappropriateness of this expression to what he wanted to say but used it impulsively, showing that he is not fit to be president even in a ‘tin pot’.

The expression ‘tin pot dictator’ was a pejorative term coined in the days of the colonial British plundering of the world (under the euphemism ‘Empire’). The label was designed to denigrate strong patriotic and incorruptible leaders of countries they wanted to invade. The ‘tin pot’ reference was to the then new invention of the cheap metal container.

Pawnseka’s use of the expression, in addition to being linguistically inaccurate, is simply stupid contextually because dictators are those who stay in power without holding elections! However, the conspiracy behind Pawnseka’s candidature is such that his masters would have been extremely pleased.

Compared to such relatively insignificant ‘brick-dropping’, Fonseka’s hush-hush trip to India last week was a monumental cock-up; the trip was announced as another ‘private’ trip, much like the last one to the US. But speculation was rife in both India and Sri Lanka about the purpose of the trip. Disappointingly for Pawnseka, he failed to meet up with any significant figures in New Delhi. Those in the know believe that he was ‘crawling’ to the Indians for approval and possibly to seek domicile in India after the election.

Whatever the objective, Pawnseka’s failed Indian trip seems to have got his puppet master Robert ‘Oh!’ Blake worried; Blake is coming to Colombo early this week under the ridiculous pretence of ‘encouraging reconciliation’! He will meet with unnamed “government officials, political leaders (Milinda Moragoda!) and civil society (INGOs)” the State Department announced.

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