Thursday, November 26, 2009

United National Party warned on committing political "hara-kiri"

tweet bundle from the twitter pages by D.B.S. Jeyaraj

United National Party warned that it could commit political "hara-kiri" by not contesting presidential elections with own party candidate

Sarath Fonseka now says he will announce decision on contesting on Nov 26th. He has been postponing D-day for several days .

retd Gen Fonseka wants more soldiers, vehicles, patrol, riders, commandos, medical staff as enhanced security on par with other service chiefs

Sarath Fonseka wants courts to order Def secy Gota to hand over the deed for 25 perches of land allocated to him by state after retirement

Sarath Fonseka filing fundamental rights petition seeking more security evokes sense of dejavu. Parakrama Pannipitiya did the same against SF

Cabinet ministers Maithripala Sirisena & Susil Premajayantha say at press briefing that ex-army chief Sarath Fonseka is unfit to be President

President Mahinda Rajapaksa rules out future re-merger of Northern & Eastern provinces & asks Tamils not to raise issue again

Rising discontent within Democratic Peoples Front on supporting Sarath Fonseka as common candidate. Final Decision on November 26th

Negotiations on with Siritunga Jayasuriya to get his United Socialist party symbol "Trishaw"for Sarath Fonseka in Presidential elections

Somwansa Amerasinghe & Tilvin Silva "silent" so far on JVP supporting Sarath Fonseka as common candidate for presidency. Are they "unhappy"?

Nava Sinhala Urumaya (Bow & arrow) & Ruhunu Janatha Peramuna (motor car) invite Sarath Fonseka to contest prez polls on their party symbols

Tamil& Muslim
Dr Vickramabahu Karunaratne to contest Presidential elections under "Table" symbol of Left Front. Comrade Bahu expects Tami l& Muslim support

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