Sunday, November 29, 2009

Midnight 'storm' a Mange-Fonseka' propaganda production

The alleged "midnight storm" at the residence of the former Chief of Defence Staff (CDS) on Tuesday (25), has come-to-light as a bizarre display of cheap propaganda.

"The entire scene, a "staged-drama" for public consumption was aimed at tunnelling general sympathy towards the UNF Presidential candidate, Sarath Fonseka, a reliable source with affiliations to the "12million" Reid Aveneu office said.

It was a "midnight raid" in paper and well timed, coinciding with the former's display of ire against his very own establishment and authorities. The former CDS- well know both in the military circles and contemporary school mates for his poor intellectual ability has become Mange's latest poster 'boy', the source said. It's just simple. He (Fonseka) is now unable to flex his muscles and grind people as he wants and this; the former is not comfortable with. Now, one can see the lying cause for the general's callous outburst, the source further said.

According to our source who wishes to remain anonymous on grounds of security, said that Sarath Fonseka is just reading scripts provided by Mange and Co., making a halle boloo of his misfortunes. "No wonder the former general's intellectual capacity prompts him to think same of the public conscience", a retired military official said.

Despite being thrown into the Presidential race against the prowess of Mahinda Rajapaksa, uncertainty of luck has lured the former general to shun his military attire and take a "baby's day-out" .Await more revelations on 'Mange- Fonseka' productions.

>> Full Story: Times of Lanka