Monday, November 30, 2009

Is Fonseka the agent of the Assembly of God cult at The Sunday Leader?

Ajit Randeniya
One positive consequence of the illegal US invasion of Iraq is that many intelligence agents and analysts these days do what they can to prevent any repetition of such dastardly acts ever again. They pass on information freely these days to friends and even to acquaintances so that the lies and conspiracies are exposed in time.

According to a former US intelligence officer stationed in Colombo between 2005 and 2009, the codename for Sarath Fonseka in their secret communications was ‘FOF’. The business of codenames is generally interesting but in Fonseka’s case it is particularly so.

You see, ‘FOF’ denotes ‘Fresh Over the Fence’, a derogatory nickname the US border guards use to refer to Mexicans who illegally cross the southern border. The reason for Fonseka earning this moniker was his Spanish sounding surname and that he held a US Green Card!

Our much decorated ‘Common Candidate’ however, appears blissfully oblivious to such put downs by the Masters of the Universe. In fact, he met US Ambassador Patricia Butenis while the last acts of the drama of his ‘common candidacy’ were being played out. These days Butenis would be doing her nails with more care than usual!

The dishonorable game Fonseka is playing raises many issues about the man’s character that were previously obscured by the enormous sacrifices of the soldiers he led. Now it appears that he is an ace ‘whinger’. His haranguing over the privileges he lost since retirement shows that he unreasonably expects the state to sustain him forever.

There is more disturbing evidence that Fonseka developed a close clandestine relationship with Robert O. Blake well before the final phase of the war. He may well have agreed to hand over Prabhakaran to ‘a third country’ if not for the strong stance taken by the government. Many Sri Lankans will be shocked to hear that the purpose of his recent ‘troubled’ trip to the US was really for finlising Blake’s arrangements for campaign financing. Solid evidence of Fonseka’s duplicity will reach the appropriate authorities in the coming months, hopefully before January 26, 2010.

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