Thursday, November 5, 2009

General Fonseka’s representative meets Mano Ganeshan

Democratic Peoples Front leader Mano Ganeshan at a Press briefing at the Parliamentary complex today (5)said, a representative of General Sarath Fonseka met him on the Colombo.

The M.P. stated this when answering a question posed by the media on his stance after signing the agreement of the UNF alliance viz a viz his statements made before in connection with Sarath Fonseka.

The Govt. is keeping the IDPs in internment, the JVP is alleging, to which view we too are subscribing, Ganeshan said.

The UNF objective is to abolish the Executive Presidency while the JVP too agrees with it. Ganeshan said, he inquired from the representative of Gen. Fonseka and wished to know his response in this regard.

Ganeshan stated that right along under all Governments there had been corruption and thefts. But this Govt. has been most corrupt and thieving. The whole Treasury has been transferred to the Temple Trees under this Govt. He had asked Fonseka’s representative whether he would join with them to destroy this system, Ganeshan added.

The Tamil population is confronted with the ethnic problem .While every Govt. that came to power signed agreements to solve this issue, even after the war has ended the ethnic issue has still not been resolved. Ganeshan said, he asked the representative whether the General would accept that all communities, the Tamils, Muslims and minorities shall live amicably in this country.

Ganeshan asserted, he has no personal antagonism against Gen. Fonseka or Mahinda Rajapakse.

We are prepared to face any election. The Tamils in the North and east are ready to cast their votes for the Presidential candidate we appoint. Last Presidential elections the voters could not cast their votes freely. This time they are waiting to cast their votes 100 % to our candidate. We have made plans and programs for this already. But, we will not reveal those plans now.

Ganeshan did not however give a direct answer to the question asked by the media whether the representative told, Sarath Fonseka will field as a common candidate. Ganeshan asked in return, is n’t there an answer in the question itself?

When the leader of the opposition and of the UNF Ranil Wickremesinghe was asked whether he would agree to the common candidate being fielded by the Alliance, he said the UNF was ready to face any elections, though it is still not announced whether it is the General or Presidential elections which will be held first. If the Presidential elections is held first, the President will have to forego two years of his tenure of office. After the Presidential elections is announced, we will on the basis of the policies of the Alliance present a single candidate. If there are other candidates going to enter the fray from the Opposition, that will not matter to us, he noted.

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