Friday, November 27, 2009

Fonseka was scared to accompany Rajapaksa to Kilinochchi: Website

presidential elections, a campaign to run down former Army Chief and war hero Sarath Fonseka appears to have begun with allegations made that he dithered to accompany President Mahinda Rajapaksa on a visit to Kilinochchi frontlines in the thick of war.

As Sri Lanka braces for a tough fight in the upcoming. An official website claimed that after Lankan troops had cleared Tamil Tigers from Kilinochchi, Rajapaksa wanted to tour the city and asked Fonseka to accompany him. But Fonseka showed reluctance saying that the war with the LTTE was still on and no risks should be taken. The website construed that Fonseka did not have the courage to go to the frontline.

The website quoting unnamed defence circles said it was Rajapaksa who had declared war on the LTTE after the Mavil-Aru incident. It claimed that Fonseka was “nowhere in the scene”. “Even during the final days of the LTTE war, Fonseka had not visited the battlefront they claimed,” the website claimed.

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