Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Every bullet fired at innocent Tamil civilians fetched kickbacks to Gen Fonseka family -

By K.T.Rajasingham

Danuna Tilakaratne (son-in-law of General Sarath Fonseka)
Asian Tribune has found that Hicorp/British Bourne - Companies registered by Danuna Tilakaratne (son-in-law of General Sarath Fonseka and son of retired Brigadier Tilakaratne) in Oklahoma, USA, had submitted false evidence to win tenders they had submitted in Sri Lanka to the Army, Navy, Air force and the police

Danuna registered the business in Oklahoma, as well as in Texas. Also he registered his business in Colombo too.

He registered Hicorp Company in Oklahoma in his name, but suddenly on Nov 16, 2009, he changed the registration in favor of some other person apparently after he got the wind of Asian Tribune’s investigations into his dealings.

In Colombo Danuna registered his business under the name of Lakshman Abeysekara.

Lakshman Abeysekara is just a name. The actual registration was done through a lawyer Mr. A.S.H.A Hanan. This lawyer made some kind of deal with Danuna Thilakaratne as a silent partner of the company in Sri Lanka. Detail of this registration is given in this column

Questions to Gen Fonseka

How about millions of dollars in commission from Tanks deal?

-You asked your Director Plans to work directly with your son-in-law and not with any other party.

How about the commission from satellite deal?

-Your son - in -laws’s Company still supplies satellite images to Sri Lanka army and made millions of dollars in commission

How about the commission from uniforms and boots?

-You awarded the boots and uniform tender to your son- in- law’s company who represented as an agent for Brig Thilakeratne’s company (your son-in-law’s father’s company)

How about the commission from MBR?

How about the commission from your own Mercedes Benz?

How about commissions from MIG deal?

How about communication equipments deals from Brig Bashir and NRTS?

How about the commissions from the compasses your son-in-law supplied to army?

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