Saturday, October 3, 2009

Rape - Hillary said!

Fury of a woman knows no bounds. Worse, when she is powerful and arrogant but yet failed to achieve her goals. Such is Hilary Clinton. The mighty Secretary of State failed to tame Sri Lanka. The failed Presidential aspirant, knowingly or unknowingly, received terrorist funding for her election campaign and was compelled to return the cash to comply with the law. Notwithstanding her strenuous efforts she could not save the lives of the terrorists, to whom she is obliged. Therein lays the story.

The anger is intensified because Sri Lanka in its drive to dismantle terrorism, did not heed to the pleas and pressures of Hillary Clinton to save the terrorists. Her pride is wounded but the country rid itself of terrorism. Having to hang her head in shame, she is hell bent to damage and destroy the country that defeated terrorism comprehensively, which her country has failed to achieve and continue to unsuccessfully grapple with forces of terrorism. Green Eyes, Madam? Understandably, a jealous woman is an angry woman.
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