Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Eastern province experiencing massive development - President

Today the Eastern province is experiencing a massive development as a result of the "Negenahira Navodaya" programme (New Dawn in the East) and the establishment of the Provincial Councils protected the democratic rights of the people in the East, said President Mahinda Rajapaksa while stressing that protecting this victory over terrorism as an obligation of all citizens in this country.

The President pointed out this today (20) at the inauguration ceremony of the Kinniya bridge which is the longest bridge constructed in Sri Lanka across a lagoon linking Trincomalee with Kinniya, enabling civilians to cross the Kinniya lagoon to reach Kinniya and Muttur areas.

President Rajapaksa further said that there is no need to engage in communal politics in this country in the future and it is the responsibility of everyone to take intelligent decisions on behalf of the motherland.
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