Friday, October 2, 2009

Clinton says Rape used as weapon of war in Sri Lanka. Government says “far from truth”

US Secretary of State Clinton made statement at the UN Security Council saying that rape had been used as a war weapon in Sri Lanka, the Balkans, Burma and elsewhere.
She made this statement last Wednesday that in too many countries and in too many cases, the perpetrators of this violence were not punished, and this impunity encourages further attacks.
The United Nations Security Council yesterday unanimously adopted a resolution creating new tools to combat sexual violence against women and children in conflict situations. Ms. Clinton chaired Wednesday's meeting, which came on the last day of the United States' presidency of the council.

Sri Lankan government yesterday strongly denied Hilary clinton’s allegations that rape had been used as a weapon in Sri Lanka’s successful war against the LTTE. Speaking to the media military Spokesman Brigadier Udaya Nanayakkara said what Clinton said was far from the truth and was absolutely no basis whatsoever even to suggest Sri Lankan forces had raped anyone during the three-year campaign.
Clinton’s attack came close on the heels of Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa meeting Robert Blake in the US where he explained the situation in Sri Lanka, particularly ongoing efforts to resettle the war displaced.

It is reported in the Sri Lankan media that defence secretary Gotabhaya Rajapakse has stated that he was taken completely by surprise by this statement.

He also said that at a time when all the details of the role played by the army at the humanitarian operations that took place in Sri Lanka was clearly explained to under secretary of state Robert Blake, it is questionable as to how Ms. Hilary Clinton could make such a statement. Incidentally the defence secretary during his recent tour of New York has explained the situation in Sri Lanka to Mr. Robert Blake.
Speaking to “Ade Derara” TV in Sri Lanka Secretary to the Ministry of Disaster Management and Human Rights Rajiva Wijesinha said “To my knowledge, this is not true and I have not come across such an allegation.”

He further said Mrs. Clinton “tends to make generalized statements, it is clear as she did the same during her campaign for Presidency against Barack Obama and we should take a leaf out of Obama’s book and forgive her for this statement”.
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