Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The steely hand behind demise of Tamil Tigers

Under the firm guidance of Defense Secretary Rajapaksa, the Sri Lankan military did what the Tamil Tiger leadership least expected it to do—double its manpower and bring the fight direct to the enemy and inflict decisive psychological wounds. This was all-flanks engaged warfare based on common-sense and strategic insight. It was brilliant as it was simple, making many wonder why it hadn’t been instituted before.

So states the Manila Times of Aug 31, 09 in its regular column "Open Notebook" by Random Jottings, written by a senior correspondent of the MT who was in Sri Lanka recently.

When asked if he felt his work was now done, the Defense Secretary (whose all encompassing brief also includes public security and law and order) notes: “To a certain extent it has. But now we have to put in place a good intelligence network to ensure that the security of our country is never again compromised by internal fighting forces.
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