Saturday, September 12, 2009

Sri Lanka’s first six star hotel coming up

Work on Sri Lanka’s first six star hotel project has begun. It is the first of its kind ever designed for the tourist trade in the country.

The Ministry of Tourism has declared Kalpitiya as a Tourist Resort. Several projects are planned on the Kalpitiya islets, which is a popular location of tourist attraction. The laying of the foundation stone for Sri Lanka’s first Six Star tourist hotel took place at the Dutch Bay Islandin Kalpitiya and organized under the patronage of Minister Naveen Dissanayake.

This is a joint venture between Sri Lanka and Bahrain. It is expected to cost 130 million US Dollars. This will be an environmental friendly project. There will be 420 suites.

The tourists have the opportunity of viewing the large corals which span about 400 square miles near the islets. The Hotel is expected to accommodate tourist by November 2011.

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